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    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    1. Just making sure here the sacrifice and the venus open wtold won't be the big tennocom reveal right? Because then it wontwas rreally be a reveal per say..... hope it's something big 🙂 2. Are there ever gonna be any improvements to conclave? Like ever? I mean... tbh a lot of people these days play games for pvp and theit's constant not knowing what's gonnathe happen next kind of thing... Warframe is great, so many characters wweapons, but all enemies are too predictable... we need a really good pvp system to make thesure game actually feel alive, for the unpredictable to happen! 🙂 3. Any new content coming for veterans who have really unlocked everything the game has to offer? Anything actually challenging and rewarding (ahem onslaught was not challrnging it rewarding)? Would be great have always loved Warframe but would like something to actually do and enjoy. Thanks!