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  1. I do remember Trench run (or was is rush?). It's the one where you speedrun to the end and you got to blast transporters to loot em. It blew my mind when I begun playing. Damn that was hard back then. I still think it could make pretty good mission with a bit of patching.
  2. This might be a bit beside the point, but you are missing two forma. Paracesis Goes up to 40 mod capacity if you keep form(ing?) it. Also gives mastery.
  3. Studios come and go. Such is the nature of business. I hear Outer worlds is pretty good.
  4. Veil missions have 750 in drop table. Hop to Void hole farming team Gaia Point and in an hour should have quite a bit. Edit: Ofc this does not benefit from booster, but feels faster than free fly farming.
  5. How about: wait for quality than rush to mediocrity.
  6. Well, no, but I do dabble in other things between runs. Edit: The patches will come. Just let DE enjoy their holiday.
  7. Not quite fair imho, yet, how about: Bugs exist. New ones replacing the patched ones.
  8. you have been playing for over 4000 hours. please don't forget to take a break Makes sense to me. The game will be here when/if you decide to come back. Current bugs patched.
  9. DE publishes the Drop tables. You can check them out for the best location. Current pc: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html Then again, you might get one for credits/endo in trade chat.
  10. I think that we do not know the details. For what little is know Quote="Wiki" Gold rings circle and encapsulate the desolate moonscape – lavish architecture signifying the Orokin mastery over all things natural and technological during their reign. The opalescent halls stitching together what the enemy destroyed have been vacated since that era came to an end. /quote Speculation and observation: From the tileset we can observe that Moon is/was built. It houses the the seven trials of principles as well prison. Both for the 'Rejects' as well as other holding cells. We obtain Vitruvian entries from hidden room on Lua so executors or their close agents were present. Clearly moon was greatly utilized. Even by the higher ranks of the Orokin. Yet... The moon is quite intact. At least compared to other places on the origin system. (yes, Orokin towers in void are untouched, but who knows how time flows there? Some time distortion is present even on Lua.) Speculation: Moon was a priority target by the Sentients in the old war. Maybe to cripple the leadership of the opposition or at least distraction from indirect avenues of attack. All life seems to have been eradicated. This maybe as per design or maybe Void is poison to life in general. Makes sense since Zaruman 10-0 wasn't exactly nice place to live after void shields collapsed. What damage we observe is result of both Void transition and sentient attack. Waiting for Starlordd and others to do video about this. 😉
  11. Okay, so the Sentients attacked the Orokin in order to prevent Tau from ruin. As far as I see, they succeeded. Hanhow wanted Natah back. That we can understand. Now she/it is back in the fold. Killing Ropalyst pissed her off, but enough to kill us all? We don't know anything about Erra, so maybe that is the reason to be seen. Origin system is locked in perpetual conflict and there is little to no chance that anyone could pose a threat. Let alone travel to Tau. I mean why bother? Tenno are few in numbers, yet might do something, but we're pretty busy grinding prime parts. ;) Kuva maybe? Yet, isn't that to fix the warp-travel barrenness? So why are they attacking us now?
  12. Suggestion: Could we have Ability to mark targets? Like 'there is a crewship, get it arcwing'. Could we have consumable, which increases vacuum? Looting is still fun, but I think it will get old pretty fast. (Hopefully I'm wrong) Bug reports: Higher priority: Mission where you are disabling ship killer platform. After exposing 1st core, the nav markers are not showing the 2nd console. (Nor can I access it., Tried manually all the consoles. Low priority ) When my solo mission the warframe spawns waist deep in ship. (And after minute or so it gets unstuck.
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