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  1. Good day, So door requiring 2x players to open. I'd imagine that the reason behind these is to group up the team. (If there is something else, then do enlighten me.) Current implementation makes you run into a wall and sitting there. Granted, usually not for that long, yet every now and then an annoying amount of time. (And lets not even get to situations where others do something else instead of main mission.) Suggestion: instead of stopping the fastest player speed up the others. For instance drop speed boost for players behind the 1st player. Longer the range, the larger+longer boost.
  2. Nightwave works for me. Too bad op does not like it, yet you can't please everybody.
  3. Nope. The tubemen are all called Gary and we have been killing 'Gary' all the time.
  4. Sure, I get that, but what/who is Gary?
  5. Banned for not following the rules.
  6. Tim Pool @ youtube. A bit alarmist sometimes, but pretty good overall.
  7. Umm. What? [Old man does not understand modern memes or something]
  8. Good day, Lore-wise: What happened on Europa or why are there so many crushed Corpus ships on Europa? Come to think of it, where are the crushed Grineer ships? Potential solutions: Spot for major battle? Mistake in solar rail alignment? Actually one huge (old war) ship and the only interesting place on the moon? Thoughts/Speculation?
  9. I missed this. 😞 Any chance this would viewable today? (Youtube or somewhere)
  10. Wolfram alpha is pretty handy for these: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=3x2+%2B+15x+-+42+%3D+0
  11. Hello, So why were the Tenno able to massacre the orokin? Ordis Karris was unable to kill them Yet, the Tenno were: Void magic? (Way too booring solution, imho) Also why the !"#!"# were all Orokin in single spot? Decadent and corrupt does not mean stupid. Hmm. Come to think of it... Have the orokin themselves done anything in the lore? Executioners, Dax and Archimedians are seen in action, but I can't recall any 'orokin' doing anything. Maybe it's nothing, but just struck me.
  12. I farmed them from high level Corpus defence missions. They tend to spawn these at the end of every 5th wave.
  13. 😞 Those are some good question. Hopefully @GunRaptor9000 does the formatting.
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