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  1. Agreed. Pointing out flaws should make it easier to fix the issues. (And it helps if feedback is well structured and on point, which imho is the case.)
  2. Pinegulf


    Dude, not cool.
  3. Region chat is not safe to use. All it takes is single person taking offence and I'm looking down the barrel of the zero tolerance. No thanks.
  4. Good day, As per title. After 1k hours into this, am I wasting my time? Are you, and why? @De Could we have a way to tinker maybe some scripting, coding or development, which would be sanctioned?
  5. Well... I disabled chat in fear of banning. == Doesn't matter to those who don't chat.
  6. Correct, yes it would. Additionally, the current -kickworthy behavior- is an abuse of current system. So, the question is, weather it would be abused more or less than current system? I'd be willing to try it out.
  7. Sorry, no. Best way to do it is to check out a youtube take-down video and follow that to the letter.
  8. I know it's lockdown and all, but someone needs to get out more.
  9. Finnished all nodes yesterday. Valkyr worked like a charm for any 'run fast' missions. Pop 4 and 1 to zip like the wind. Single heavy attack handled any capture targets. LImbo for any grineer defense missions made them trivial. (And booring af, imho) Khora strangledome build worked on all corpus defense-type missions. Saryn for exterminates. Sprore, spin to win and keep running. By the end of the level about 6k ticks do the trick. Loki for spy. 2-run-2-run-2 win. Mesa for disruptions. Zenurik slow and tether mines then keep walzing. Rhino for stealing -what's it called- Bosses were -meh-. Mostly Valkyr/croma/Mesa.
  10. Limbo for defence mission. Valkyr for rest.
  11. Yes. Based on TOS any or no reason is sufficient to ban player. I believe this includes what OP describes.
  12. The one which you happen to have good Riven mod on.
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