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  1. Clearly it's coin operated lock. ;)
  2. Disagree. Let there be some consequences for player choice.
  3. Yeah, why not? Maybe something like 'Lend a hand to new tenno lobby'. Subsection to questions lobby?
  4. Something like that. Currently /dnd does not work when people try to talk to you without '@you'.
  5. I don't think there is option for squad, clan nor alliance. As Yamazuki mentioned, other people would have notification for that player is muting.
  6. Good day, Could we have option to disable all in-game chats? This information would be also relayed to other players. Maybe a little icon next to name in HUD.
  7. '... Digital Extremes reserves the right to discontinue the Use/Service or to terminate or suspend your account at any time in its sole discretion for any reason, or for no reason.' (Ref: https://www.warframe.com/terms)
  8. Agreed. Inconsistent (20%) and small AOE. Just compare with gas procs and how popular that is. (Also Gas is arguably better than current form.)
  9. Is there any other than Zenurik? After all, energy is king. Another point: Swapping school is behind external menu -> No thx, unless it's worth while.
  10. Agreed. If it's mandatory it should be tested to bug-free state.
  11. I think the boosting is from base-health. pSaryn has 125 base health (https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Saryn/Prime) Out of 25% should be around 31,25 health. That should is around the reported values (1093 - 1062 = 31) That's why Health aura is also... !optimal.
  12. Good day, It seems that there are quite a few bans reported on the forums. Most writers have little to no idea why they have been disbarred from the game. As forums can do little to help the mods instruct to open tickets and close threads. I'm worried. No longer do I write in any in-game chats for fear of doing something wrong. Could we have guidelines what is acceptable and what's not? Or lacking that, discussion what would be?
  13. Sorry. I was unclear. What's the benefit (if any) to player?
  14. I predict that bullet jumps are going to be nerfed. Just count how many times you do that over regulars ones.
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