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  1. I haven't logged in for two weeks straight. No matter events.
  2. 1)Just don't farm them. DE monitors what people are doing and once they see lack of uptake they will mend the situation. 2) Post to feedback.
  3. The quest needs better intro. Simple 'keep pushing/tap left' instead of 'left'
  4. Banned for hating a hater. Hate-ception?
  5. Banned for sticking to the rules of the thread.
  6. Hm? I just played Limbo on those. 4+2. Just shot nullifier bubbles before they got too close. It was a bit tricky, but not impossible.
  7. What ever the number will be, it should be multiple of 3 (Because each syndicate puts that many out daily. )
  8. One more island to divide playerbase? Sorry, but in my experience it's hard enough to get full teams already. Adding fissures to Steel path invasions.... Maybe?
  9. This is common issue with automated filters. See more on wiki: en.wikipedia.org//SC***horpe_problem
  10. Yeah. Just don't care. Fun for me is in the zen-like grind, not fashion. To each their own, I guess.
  11. The purpose is to keep people coming back day after day. Smaller reason is to prevent new content to be rushed once cheese/bug bypass is found.
  12. Op is not wrong. Just try to get Lunaro match. After 1k logins I've yet to accomplish this. This might be silly idea, but maybe add it to NW list? 'Play x Conclave matches'.
  13. Just ask for it. Tell chat that you are new and if anyone would have extra spare. (And if not, I'll give you one.)
  14. Or you could join the winning side.... The side of Lootficer. \m/
  15. Needs more metal, but you do you.
  16. Find flat enough place. (lakes work) Put something heavy on both W and A keys and go to lunch.
  17. All good my son. Clem forgives.
  18. Lies. Clem is for everyone. All hail Clem!
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