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  1. The fact that the necramech's legs are floating rather than being attached to something really bothers me :/ I didn't want to post this under bug reporting because it's obvious that it's a design decision... but why? Will the other necramech model have the same thing?
  2. Yes please! That's... slightly discouraging. XD After 3 years of EIDOLON BIG, yes, so much yes. That + a grineer yelling "Over Klegra!" before the eidolon falls on him. lol Yup! Anything wrong with that? I always post ideas, I know none will most likely be even noticed but hey, I try to contribute!
  3. So I had this idea while fighting Eidolons. They are big, warframes are small. Now, imagine if each Warframe had it's own "Mega" variant which would be half the size of an eidolon. It would be a deployable "vehicle" that your warframe can enter and exit which can be used in open world maps and some sentient tilesets. Every warframe can enter any Mega variant, but having the correct one makes the Mega variant receive 10% more stats and an extra ability. Aesthetic wise, it is essentially a giant, mechanized (think of that giant worm from that quest) variant of an existing warframe, A
  4. Xaku is sadly just more of the same, also warframe made out of other warframes... how are they gonna make the prime version if the whole point of Xaku is to be a frankenframe?
  5. I was under the impression that these would be the new companions during the devstream... please DE You can even do a one-off and make them unique in a way that you can ride them in any mission
  6. This really isn't a bug but the way the system is designed. I had subtitles off before I installed helminth segment, not realizing that subtitles are a MUST to talk to helminth. When my frame sat in the chair, I had no option but to click on the dialog, I couldn't exit it or restart the dialog or open options menu to enable subtitles while in the helminth chair. I then did ALT-F4 and restarted warframe only to find out that the whole dialog is now skipped and unavailable. I really feel sad about this as I hate to miss lore and now I have no way of ever talking to helminth.
  7. Please tell me that the necramechs won't just be a deimos thing
  8. I think it would be neat if infusing a warframe with another warframe's power gives it an unique cosmetic as long as that ability is on the said frame. Example: When a targeted warframe is infused with Mag's Pull, the targeted warframe gets a cosmetic item along with it which can be optional with a toggle. See the picture below: Now I know that some warframes lack their personal cosmetic, so for those maybe some could be made later? Either way, the opportunity to add fashionframe elements to helminth should not be unnoticed. ^^ Actually, better idea would be when
  9. Gonna get rid of Mirage's Sleight of Hand. I barely use it and it no longer works in disruption to disorient the explosive npcs.
  10. Which cutscene? The helminth one? Non-prime warframes are mass produced types which are pretty much just biomechanical shells. They're meant to be temporary and expendable AFAIK. Prime warframes are the ones you could argue have something going on about them etc.
  11. I don't think that's going to happen, if anything, it's gonna help fix the abilities because they can see which ability is getting replaced by how many players on each frame. With that data, they can improve the "unwanted" ability very easily.
  12. Why would anyone care if I want to replace an ability on MY warframe with another? It's a PVE game tbh.
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