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  1. I was so excited seeing the old abilities screen again because for a moment I thought you were bringing it back. The issue with the newer UI elements isn't that the info isn't there, sure you can hover over it, and get info like you mentioned, but the issue is that this is not more info than we had before. One of the main good things about the old UI was you could see instantly at a glance how your mod setup affected everything, you don't have to go and look at one thing, then another, and another, and another to see what you just did to your build. We should have the option to have all the info available on the page all open at the same time, because otherwise there is no point in making the UI "cleaner" if in the end it proves less info. This applies to everything really. The new end of mission screen just gives you no info, you have no clue on what you got, or how much of said thing you got. And if possible, I would prefer if we could disable the little quips about what your teammates did or shorten the list of things to things that relate to actual performance, like the crewship kills, and not that they broke some containers. I would prefer a straight worse looking UI if it meant we got more info at once, aesthetics are nice, but function over form please. Also, hold to confirm is pointless. Sure, it's fine for some really critical things, maybe, but not for everything, don't waste people's time. I have done a lot of Railjack, maxed out ship, and I would prefer to just click and craft things, and the hold to refine just made it feel even worse. As some others have said already, please have a "simple" and "advanced" UI. If you want hold, or click, make that an option in the settings too.
  2. Yea, was also attempting Wyrmius today, and can confirm both types of turrets were completely invincible to shots. Ramming them still works but gets you killed. It's practically impossible to get to the final boss without losing lives since especially at the end there are multiple turrets you have to get through to get to the boss and you can't even attempt to ram those since they are so close to each other and keep firing nonstop. The almost guaranteed lives lost on the turrets also mean your weapons are almost always going to be un-upgraded by the time you reach the boss, which makes the fight way harder than it already is.
  3. There's 2 types of slots, Wreckage slots, which are the things you need to repair, those are baseline 30, and you cannot buy more, and then there are Components and Armaments slots, which are for things you have repaired or built from the clan research. You can only buy more slots for the repaired ones.
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