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  1. Just confirmation that they can drop on Cambion Drift is enough for me, I don't need any Steel Essence, it was just extremely odd how we had gotten absolutely none after hundreds of Steel Path bounties.
  2. I'm not sure if it is just extremely unlucky, but I honestly doubt it, after farming hundreds of the Steel Path bounties almost exclusively, me and a friend have seen literally 0 Steel Essence. Anybody actually gotten any Steel Essence from the Cambion Drift? We suspect that Steel Essence is just missing from the drop tables of the Deimos Eximus units, but we aren't 100% sure.
  3. Does the Capstan Pistol Skin only work on single pistols or does it work on dual pistols also?
  4. As others have said, the Necramech should at least have all the benefits that Archwings get, like being able to work with Arcanes, and especially more so benefit from companion vacuum and Animal Instinct since unlike in Archwing where your pet disappears, in the Necramech they actually stay by your side and do need maintenance when they get hurt or go down. For the mods, at the moment they are too rare for how slow it is possible to grind for them, and they should be either added to Loid, or at least have either a special guaranteed mod crate in the Iso Vaults or a chance to drop f
  5. Tested after the patches, the Akarius still has self damage, I tested the Kuva Ayanga too and it also has self damage on ground still.
  6. While the Akarius does have the safety mechanism that prevents the missiles from detonating early, if you are moving quickly you can catch yourself in the explosions and they still do self damage. Shield gate had made it hard to notice since it happens rarely, but suddenly taking massive damage and getting random status procs made me realize something was wrong, I took a video for reference: https://youtu.be/bBD98rZVmIk
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