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  1. This is still going huh?
  2. There is still a week until this is deployed, nothing is changed yet.
  3. Nice to get the "default" stance cleared up, but I still wish they were more common. Also, any word on the Fury nerf to 30%?
  4. Don't use Frost's armor for snowglobe, it still wouldn't solve anything, the way to make it viable and still not godmode would be to make the globe take a set amount of shots before it goes down, instead of a set amount of health, so it will last about the same time in all levels, and wouldn't get instakilled by one high lvl minion. The number should be something like 200/300/400/500 shots, buffable by power strength, and also get rid of the timer, even if you don't change it to number of shots, get rid of the timer, there is no point in it now.
  5. Can't wait to update, doing it now. Edit: So one thing I do have to say is, I liked the previous preference system better, before, you would set it so you would only get notified, and have the sound alerts on specific items, but the other alerts would still show up, now, it just hides any other alerts that are not what you specified, instead of just not making noise and notifying. Meh, I don't want to miss helmet and weapon BP alerts if I can, but I used to reserve notification rights to Potatoes and Forma, now if I can't do that without hiding all other alerts, not sure if this can be changed, but an option at least would be nice. Anyways, besides the rant, I really love the new design and integration of the codex, really nice job. All I could say there is left to do, is let us link accounts and manage our foundries.
  6. This is the thing that bothers me the most, nerfing Frost is not going to make other frames viable, if they were garbage before, they will become even more garbage now. If they weren't good frames, they could still hide behind the globe and be of some use, now, only a very small set of frames can be used in defence to survive, since any weak link would mean failure, and you wouldn't have the same buffer to protect the objective. Lets go with averages, if 3 of the teammates had garbage frames, and a godly frost, at least it would come out as an average of good/decent. Now take the same 3 garbage frames + garbage Frost, now you have a garbage team. Now, all 4 frames need to be amazing, or there is no chance of success.
  7. The issue is not that it's getting nerfed, most people can agree that's fair, the issue is that it's getting uber nerfred into oblivion.
  8. I'm going to repeat this, Snowglobe should take a set amount of shots, not a set amount of health.
  9. The only thing I can see right about Snowglobe having HP is making it get destroyed only after it has taken a certain amount of shots, not HP, so it will be the same everywhere. So something like 100/200/300/400 shots, numbers can be adjusted, but you get the point.
  10. Volt's actually not that bad nowadays, at lower levels, he can wipe out crowds with Overload, and the more people there are, the more it chains, and Shock is a pretty good CC as it stuns 5 enemies at a time and is pretty nice to spam, Electric Shield is meh, but it's still nice to use as a quick wall to hide behind or revive a teammate. Speed is really nice for rushing or getting to a teammate quickly, overall he is not that bad anymore after D2.0. Combined with Fleeting Expertise, Overload goes off very quickly and still goes while you jump down quicker, his 1 becomes extremely spammable, and his 2 and 3 become nice burst utility abilites for a quick sprint to somewhere, or a quick revive. Not something I would bring to high levels, but nice in early, mid, and low end games.
  11. Scott, I see you are viewing the thread, what happened to putting down the Fragor of Nerfing? At least if snowglobe will have an HP cap, make it something like 25-50k HP. Not even joking.
  12. Frost is a Defensive frame, and one of the best ones alongside Vauban, now with this nerf, he is just a horrible sluggish offensive frame. There are other and much better offensive frames out there, even Volt will become better than Frost in my opinion.
  13. This please, this would make so much more sense, it wouldn't be completely immune, and if people wanted to survive, they would have to actually call out enemies.
  14. I meant the video itself could have been recorded today, then edited and posted today to build up hype, if they don't do the update today without announcing a delay, there will be a lot of rage, but it's probably going to be today, and there will be even more rage with the new Update.
  15. That could just be a video recorded from yesterday, I doubt they would go so long without saying that it's delayed.
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