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  1. It's only the new Corpus weapons that are bugged and giving 25 endo when being scrapped, the ship parts and the old weapons you get from the Grineer missions in the video give the correct 225.
  2. The new wreckage still only gives 25 endo instead of 225
  3. Noticed the same thing, my smeeta that almost never died is now constantly super far away from me and dying to random things all the time, feels like the only time it's near me is when it teleports when downed and I revive him.
  4. Yup, noticed the same thing, currently would have to scrap wreckage if I wanted to run more missions, but don't want to waste a good chunk of endo if it's going to be fixed soon.
  5. The new hulls and all other Mk III wreckage gives 225 endo when scrapped, but the new Mk III guns only give 25 endo, is this intended or just a bug?
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