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  1. Recovered missions also have a habit of disappearing now. Have basically all of last week's to do and it keeps giving the Doma one to start off, but when I go to Cetus it disappears. Tried it a day or two ago and I killed the Doma, it didn't complete, checked Nightwave in the Plains and had no recovered missions. Left the plains and went back to Cetus, checked again, boom there it was uncompleted. It's starting to piss me off. S#&$ like this makes completing a season impossible. No missions, no points, no points, no rewards. Fix this SOOOOOOON. And not "DE SOON", ACTUAL soon....
  2. That point's usually over a hour into a mission. And let's be honest, very, VERY, few people even go that long into a match. I've gone a hour and a half farming relics in the void with a friend for unvaulted relics and didn't die. The only time I've actually been oneshotted while using him was from a Toxic Ancient that I didn't see/pay attention to.
  3. Yeah that fat staff slam is ugh. I'd be mowing things down then he'd slam and send them flying away. Actually do hate that bit of the combo lol. New Wukong is actually immortal if you know what you're doing. His new passive is basically 3 free lives and his Defy and Cloud abilities make you immortal when used at the right times. Old Wukong Defy went off energy and was toggled/channeled. I did a 50 min Mot Survival Fissure with a rando in which they got so strong that a single grenade was pumping around 80-130K into his Defy. Enough to instakill the rando every time and enough damage stored to kill everything around me on release. New Wukong is immortal in a pro's hands, and is much, MUCH stronger. Old Wukong sucked a big fat floppy one,
  4. No. Vauban was more useful than Wukong. Never saw a raid group asking for a Wukong. Vauban's 3 and 4 made him useful and still do. His other skills are S#&$ though. 2/4 good skills vs. Wukong's 1/4 good skills. Try again.
  5. Just wanted to say great work guys on Wukong's rework. I got his prime and saw his abilities were changed and I love them. Before the rework I considered Wukong to be the most useless frame in the game with his 1 being the literal equivalent of "poking a bear with a stick", his cloud being useless, his defy being a needless energy drain just waiting for that "you're about to die" moment, and his 4 being, well, his 4. But now he's amazing and I've actually been using him pretty much constantly whether in a group or solo'ing. GG Guys. Great work.
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