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  1. Savagoth is deluting the Drop-Tables FAAAR too much. Pluto Proxima, Neptune Proxima, Veil Proxima. Remove him from 3 of those Areas OR make only one part drop in each of those areas to lessen the burden of the drop tables ... Getting a Sister/Lich, bringing them to last stage, and finishing them takes LESS time, than getting 40 Holokeys .... why? The Sister/Lich farm is far more fun in comparison on Top of that, especially with RJ bugging out all the time in Multiplayer :(
  2. I played in Co-op (2-Players) and no matter what we did we couldn't manage keeping our Bonus Affinity on Weapons after being back on our Orbiter. - restarting the game didn't help - played a mission and went immidiatly back to drydock - checked on DryDock and Orbiter ... the Bonus Affinity was always gone - Mission rewards were kept, as far as we could tell Railjack "Anomalies" which we encounter on a regular basis on top of this: - Mission Progress only showing for one of us (sometimes Client sometimes Host) - Enemies not spawning even though the Mission Target still needs more ... (we normally "Workaround" it, going to one of the bases and waiting minutes for ever so few Enemy Pods to destroy) - ESC Menu being blocked out, because Host/Client out of sync maybe? This applies for both Client and Host no matter how we switched it around :x Is there a known issue, even fix for this? I'd be super happy, to at least know this is known and worked on. If there is any Data I can provide that would help, I'd gladly do that :)
  3. I am pretty sure its based on the Warframe you use, not the Color scheme on the Warframe. All sisters I made with Octavia are Purplish and all from Khora are Grey-Greenish
  4. The Holokey Droprate and/or general Acquisition is "badly" calculated I think. The "highest reward" farm for 40 Holokeys (1 Weapon) is: - Veil Proxima 6 Keys in 1 out of 3 Missions with 5 Minutes if you are very very fast. Result: 20 Missions * 5 Minutes = 100 Minutes -> This does not include any loading screens, lost rewards because of bugged missions and so on. The upper Version though is not a good example though. Corpus RJ Mission in general takes much longer than 5 Minutes because of Volatile and the "prevent Hack and Kill Drones" Submissions. Resulting in 10min+ runs for the avrg, Player! 3H 20Minutes for one Weapon not including, loadingscreen times and stuff again. On top of that, if you are unlucky like me, you don't get Holokeys for 10 missions straight sometimes ... I think its not an Exaggeration to say, that farming ONE of the Sister weapons on avrg. will take around 4H of gameplay. It would be nice, if farming Corrupted Holokeys would be less RNG Heavy. We have SOOO much RNG that eats time away with no rewards at all on the new Content. - Grinding last Weapons in Lich + Sisters (this being tripple downed with Element % and Ephameras) - new Arcanes - Vendor Rotation for the new Corpus Melee Weapons (not Weapon you want, not the element you want, low Element % ...) Removing some of the RNG on the Vendor and reducing the time to farm the Keys by 50% would be a reasonable change I think :3
  5. In Railjack entering an Enemy Base (Ship, Astroid ... etc.) Should give you ~5 seconds of invulnerability. I tend to play more "squishy" Builds that need a lot of awareness to stay alive, that leads to sudden deaths sometimes, because the animation takes longer than it takes the enemy to fry my Warframe :D
  6. TYPE: User InterfaceDESCRIPTION: ESC Menu / Mission selection is stuck (Random Lobby on Railjack and normal Missions) - Its not possible to open the Menu in any way with ESC or other means.VISUAL: -REPRODUCTION: Occured several times in Random Lobbies, effecting all non Host-Clients EXPECTED RESULT: Open the Menu on ESCOBSERVED RESULT: Can't open the Menu on ESCREPRODUCTION RATE: happens in 2-3 of 5 missions, randomly
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