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  1. ❤️ PLS fix Host/Client out of Sync problems pls. The Operator Bug is really really annoying when farming Eidelons.
  2. Same problem keeps being posted, you can scroll back 2-3 years and you will find it constantly. According to a mate from my Alliance this occures when ever Client and Host are out of Sync, which happens constantly when fighting Eidelons for example. Example: You change in and out of operator, but your hosts backend still assumes your are in operator. Bleeding out is the only way to sync it again or being very lucky with spamming everything fixing it accidently in the process.
  3. Same here, friend of mine has this constantly EVERY TIME we do Eidelons, switch from Operator back to Warframe and can't do anything. He refuses todo anymore Eidelon now with us, because he gets incredible angry from it. Only way to solve it, is dying, which with Highrank builds is close to impossible, because the enemies just won't do enough dmg ... pls fix this Or just make the command "/unstuck" more powerful, that REALLY resets your Warframe. --> I read into it, some say it is a problem with Host and Client being out of sync ... at least my problem :x
  4. I repeatedly tried farming Thumper yesterday for Friends, but always only 1 Thumper per Mission was spawning. We even tried one whole Day-Cycle to search for them, none found except for the first one. (I know only one Thumper can be active at a time) Maybe useful information: - we selected the high level Bounty from inside the mission (more ressources) - we always were flying very low or running around - we left the Bounty alone every time, as we only wanted to ramp up the enemey lvl - at somepoint we tried killing enemy troups, we thought they maybe block the Thumper Spawn Not sure since when this is broken, or if we were doing something wrong ... maybe a year ago it was still working xD
  5. Can we pls :3 have these as optional Decoration to buy from the Scarletspear Vendor anywhere, they look so awesome, I'd love having them on my Ship and Dojo ❤️
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