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  1. Use a Nxy Build for example, strip defence with her 2 and one shot them with ANY weapon. She makes those runs insanely easy :)
  2. Syncronisation Problems with Host/Clients are occuring once more a lot with Heart of Deimos. (tbh always were a problem especially with Tridelon and Orb runs) For those who don't know what I mean ... ... stuck in Warframe/Operator unable to Jump, use Abilites, interact with stuff or likely? You are probably out of sync with the Host and or Server. That being said, a "/resync" Command would be awesome. Simulating what would happen when we die without the dying part. Because the only 100% fix is dying, as everyone knows who deals with that problems more than once in a while :3 An
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
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