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  1. I'll revive the thread once Lotus in Bloom is finished. I don't really have the time to be heavily involved in two threads.
  2. I won't be able to give it the attention it needs, and even if so, I doubt any participants would come back. If they did, then I might revive it.
  3. Hey this is my dead thread. Quit bickering, please.
  4. Apologies, all: Real Life has made role-playing my least concern as of late. I'll likely be able to resume posting within the week.
  5. Location: Ara Cargo Tower "Well, the Ara tower doesn't dock with vessels, the only hangers are for support crew or supplies entering and exiting." A few moments passed, and a ping alerted Evangeline of a set of coordinates beamed to her. "Go ahead and wait here, and I've cleared any shuttle to approach and dock with your vessel. In respect of your client's anonymity, they won't be required to transmit security codes to approach your vessel, and any goods you exchange must only be recorded on your transport visa as 'private,' and their mass and volume." --- Location: Vallis Incarcer
  6. Location: Ara Cargo Tower "Alright, do you have a location that you're meeting at?" the tower director's tone now bore a hint of irritation, that this back-and-forth had been going on as long as it had. "Where do you need to go, so I can slot you into the departure schedule." --- Location: Low orbit Character: Stork Stork frowned at the request for a 'favor.' She'd dealt in those before, and hadn't been happy with the request. "Well," she decided to just leave it be for the moment. The terms could be negotiated later, or just... forgotten. "We needn't rendezvous at my locat
  7. Oh! Crap! Sorry, missed that entirely, thanks for the reminder! (Note to everyone else; please remind me of things if you think I've forgotten, because of stuff like this) I'll spend tonight getting the scenario ready, and I'll have a post ready for you tomorrow. Sorry about that!
  8. Exoteran, note that the Ara Cargo Tower is an orbital location. It's a space station, the designation 'tower' is in the sense of of a tower at an airport that manages the coming and going of aircraft.
  9. Location: Ara Cargo Tower "That depends on what you're here for," the tower operator suggested formally, "are you here to sell, buy or trade, and what goods?"
  10. Hey, thanks for noticing, Drandko! I like to have my RP's grounded in real astronomy and geography, and imo the extra effort of research pays off. Looks fine, Aruna. It'll be a bit before Stork heads to the surface, so I won't reply to Dustil for a while.
  11. I don't think any of the factions have claimed to be separate species, nor is there any evidence to indicate that. Unless you consider 'rotting clones' separate from 'humans,' which some people in-universe apparently think if New Loka is any indication. Eeeh, I'm not sure if they can't feel pain in-lore. The 'numbers on the hud' explanation doesn't really make sense outside of game mechanics anyway. One might as well say final fantasy characters don't feel pain, since their health is measured in numbers as well. But yeah, the humanity of Tenno is debatable.
  12. That looks fine, Exo. Go ahead and hop in.
  13. Location: Ara cargo tower A minute passed while the codes were processed, then the voice crackled over the transmission again. "Identification codes check out. Tower requests the dangerous items listed on your transport visa be double-checked for security before any other board-issued craft dock." --- Location: Low orbit Character: Stork Cephalon Raasu let off a sharp ping to notify Stork of a new transmission, and she quickly opened the channel, though made sure to mute the other one before speaking. "This is Lotus operative Stork, I hear you loud and clear, Elorrick. Miss
  14. Go ahead and post a character profile and intended location here, Exo. And yeah, Corpus are human.
  15. Hey Core, how did Evangeline come across this Corpus cargo ship?
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