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  1. SnaleKing

    /friend Add [De]Glen

    What a bizarre engineering/technology problem to have, not being able to make a local network slow enough. I have zero trained insight on the issue, it just struck me as such a strange issue.
  2. SnaleKing

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    I get that DE can't make everyone happy. Completely impossible, even if you had infinite manpower, time and money (and you certainly don't, but do damn well with what you have) it's simply not possible to please everyone. There's always going to be a tyranny of the majority, and an extremely vocal minority. I suppose we can think of it this way. With mods, we can already tailor our warframes pretty well. The arcane helmets are basically an extra unranked corrupted mod, and they won't make any warframes go up or down on the tiers list much without them. Trin will still Bless all day every day, but now we'll see them use Meridian, which is definitely the best looking of her helmets. The upcoming Focus system may be exactly what we've been asking for. In fact, it may offer even better customization than the half-a-corrupted mod the Arcane helmets are. If DE chooses to make new features and dynamics instead of bending over backwards to shoehorn in a half-&#! holdover from the ancient past of the closed beta, we can hardly blame them, right?
  3. SnaleKing

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    Ok, I don't like being critical, but I have to admit this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. You're half-assing your half-&#! plan to address the issue of stat helmets? You're going to stop new ones from being obtained, but still let them trickle around the playerbase while increasingly enormous amounts of plat change hands? Seriously, what do you think an Aura or Vanguard helmet will be going for one year from now? This just reeks of you purposefully ignoring player feedback to make players buy plat. EVEN IF that's not what you intended, damn it sure does look like it. Neeargh... Please, DE, nobody can think of a single reason not to have a custom +15% -10% stat modifier separate from cosmetic helms.
  4. SnaleKing

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

    Official designation; Reduvi, after the genus of Assassin bugs. Common names are Hunter, Creeper, Chopper, and oh god oh god my legs Behaviour: Spawns about as often as Ancient Healers. When approaching their targets or unalerted, they never leave the ceiling or walls, either staying perfectly still to ambush their prey, or slowly, silently creeping along to move into position. They never use their attacking claws while walking, leaving them upright to avoid damaging them. Attacks: Strictly ambush predators, designed to drop on top of rushers or anyone not on their guard. With a short screech to warn players, they drop from the ceiling with a plunging, piercing attack. Due to their short rear limbs, they are too slow to actively pursue prey, instead performing wide slashing sweeps with their machete-like front talons. Environment restrictions: None. Prefer hanging on ceilings, so maybe don't spawn in open-air maps. (Optional) Art or Reference Images: Primary concept. Fuzzy sketch for scale.
  5. SnaleKing

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    1 year from now, some new Loki will be desperately confused how a Vanguard rhino prime just Usain Bolted past them. The reply will be thus: "Lol should have been here before May 6th"
  6. SnaleKing

    April 11Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Glad to hear that stance drop rates are being recognized as a concern. I want to use your new toy, DE. I promise I won't break it.
  7. SnaleKing

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #25!

    Same here. I don't really have the time to watch it now, after spending two hours killing literally thousands of lancers trying to get Iron Phoenix. *jimmies rustle*
  8. SnaleKing

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    No changes to stance drop rates? Back to grinding then... Here's hoping Derf drops it on run 53.
  9. SnaleKing

    Coming Soon: Devstream #26

    Speaking of Grineer systems, is that a countdown clock at the bottom? The first number is seven, with six more still spinning.
  10. SnaleKing

    Hotfix 12.4.5

    You can message support to change polarities.
  11. SnaleKing

    Hotfix 12.4.5

    *waits for 12.5*
  12. SnaleKing

    Pc Tethra's Doom: Results!

    I'm not in Warbros, and I secretly hope they win every event just because they have the best victory laps of anyone. Maybe other moon clans celebrate winning well too, but we wouldn't know, would we? Whether I'm with you guys or not, Warbros is certainly number one, now and forever.
  13. SnaleKing

    Pc Event: Tethra's Doom

    I don't think a one-man clan should be ranked higher than a 500 person clan, ever.
  14. SnaleKing

    Pc Event: Tethra's Doom

    This is going to sound stupid, but what is going on? Could someone explain this controversy please?
  15. SnaleKing

    Hotfix 12.4.1

    Very nice fixes, thanks a ton!