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  1. I've really got to echo these points in particular. One of the most disappointing aspects of current missions to me is that enemies all spawn right around you and home in on your position. It's quite possible to exterminate all the enemies by just rotating in place without firing your engines once; essentially playing the mode as a turret. All that map space, all those objects that we could be navigating around, all those turret emplacements, none of them matter because all the action comes to you. I'd much rather that enemy spawns were placed around the secondary objectives, or even j
  2. Ah, yes, I worded that poorly on second reading. I meant that the Tenno wouldn't have objected to the murdering that got Ordis glassed, so there's no garuntee that the Tenno would object to whatever Loid and Otak did either. Again, poor phrasing on my part. I do like "potkettling" as a term though, I might have to borrow that.
  3. From what little we know of the Entrati, they seem less consumed by the casual cruelty that the other Orokin displayed towards non-Orokin. The others we've met have been quick to try to kill (or worse) the Tenno, but the Entrati show no interest in doing so right from the start. Mother even seems to regard the other Orokin with some measure of disdain when she describes the Tenno as an "Orokin thug", as if not including herself as one of them. I'd wager that the way they scoffed at her father's research before his big breakthrough kept her resentful of them ever since. They are undoubtedly
  4. Oh, I am very much looking forward to trying these changes out. The glaive has always been my favorite melee weapon type conceptually, going right on back to when I first played Dark Sector, but it felt a little too awkward to use on a regular basis in Warframe. Especially after the last couple rounds of melee reworks. These changes look like a lot of fun and I can't wait to try them. I especially like the look of those chained throw animations. Very glad to see this workshop!
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