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  1. After further testing, I've learned a few things. It does indeed drop you after a fixed time but unless you're a very tanky frame/invincible due to an ability (Hysteria, for example), you will most likely not last that long. I've also tested using transference to escape with mixed results. When using a controller, transference is disabled entirely while held for reasons unknown. I suspect that since abilities are disabled while grabbed, it's disabling the right bumper entirely (which is a prerequisite for activating transference and warframe abilities), but that's just a guess. When using mouse/keyboard, it seems to work intermittently; sometimes it will work, other times I'm stuck in the frame. I cannot be sure if that inconsistent behavior with the keyboard is something inherent to being grabbed or if it's the same random power disabling that happens in the entire fight. And, as mentioned in another post, the Ropalolyst keeps holding your warframe in the meantime anyway. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind being grabbed if something interesting happened but you just get held until you die or the game decides you're allowed to play again. Or decides that transference will work for a few seconds.
  2. Really? How odd. I tried doing the controller equivalent several times and it didn't work. I'll check again next time I fight it.
  3. Wait, so this change was intentional? Her helmet is supposed to use her ability energy colors instead of the emissive colors? What's the point of having separate colors for abilities and cosmetics if they're not going to stay in their own areas? I rather liked being able to have a blue helmet while keeping the default green tinge of her abilities. I thought that was the whole point of adding the new color channels. This has actually taken away customization options especially since, and believe me on this, that default green really does not look good on that helmet. The rest of the skin barely even has any visible energy to take advantage of the dual colors. Effectively, this change reduces the helmet to having three color channels instead of four. My fashionframe game may be rather basic compared to what I've seen other players make but I enjoy what little I do and this really kills that helmet for me. It was the thing that made me download a steam version of the game to buy Tennogen, too. I'm regretting my purchase now.
  4. I'll echo what others are saying about one hit kills being rather cheap. Especially combined with the constant threat of falling, being unable to move for a second while resetting, and getting vaporized. This isn't helped by the fact that Transference doesn't work reliably and I can't tell what is making the difference between being able to use it and not being able. I'm abruptly, and without warning, unable to void dash in one of the few situations in the game where it would really be useful to void dash. Also, the being grabbed thing? Not a fan. I generally dislike mechanics where the game decides "okay, you lose now" and, unless I'm using an ability that makes me invulnerable, that's what being grabbed is at the moment: an automatic loss of a life. In a boss where every other hit is already instantly lethal, having a slow-but-one-hundred-percent-certainly-lethal attack just comes across as spiteful. What's the point? Just shoot me instead, it's faster and the end result of "I lose a life now" is exactly the same. Either that, or let me actually have the ability to fight back while grabbed. Also, the lore is nice, but no lore is still going to be interesting once I've run this mission twenty times trying to get the last Wisp part to drop. I'm kinda surprised to see that design choice still being made. It's definitely a "familiarity breeds contempt" sort of situation. Especially since the ones talking aren't even directly involved in the fight. Perhaps consider merging it into hint transmissions? Something like toggling hint transmissions off muting all the rambling dialogue after the first time you successfully complete an assassination mission. You can still get that first time impact and if someone wants to play through again to get the same experience they have the option, or they can just have an irritant-free run for another drop without the lore losing its magic.
  5. It also seems to use the ability energy color instead of the emissives energy color, which really kind of defeats the purpose of having an emissives option. The default green of her energy looks a lot less appealing on her helmet than it does on her abilities. Hideously so.
  6. They need to decide which direction they want to take K-Drives because right now they're at war with themselves. If they're just meant to be good old fashioned fun then why do they take so long to level up? Why does it take so long to earn the Vent Kids standing for what is essentially a joke vanity item? Why do they have mastery associated with them if they're not meant to be a serious part of the game? Right now it's the utility of a joke item with the grind of a useful tool which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I actually like the idea of K-Drives but right now they're in an awkward place where I feel like I should use them for mastery but they're just so impractical. They feel like an obligation instead of a fun way to mess around. Until these sorts of questions are answered I'm not sure K-Drives should really be referenced in the context of Archwing balance.
  7. Conceptually she seems to be pulled in two conflicting directions. Her passive encourages mobility since the only way to get airborne is to be jumping around aimgliding, and whatnot. Her decoy also somewhat enforces mobility by way of teleporting and redirecting the enemy's attention and providing a stun when teleporting. Her fourth ability also allows movement and has a focused field of fire compared to something like Revenant's or Ember's. I'd expect these three abilities to be on a Warframe that's something of a glass cannon. She has a powerful attack but she needs to keep moving and distract the enemy because if she gets pinned down then she's toast. But then we have her other abilities. Her first ability spawns stationary objects that provide buffs. To get the maximum effect, multiple casts and collections are needed to stockpile the little wisps and distribute to the team (if present). Her third ability further leverages these spawned stationary buff platforms by setting off AOE attacks around them. I'd expect these two abilities to be on a Warframe that's intended to fill a defensive support role. She can provide valuable buffs and can provide point defense for a stationary target, but she needs time to set up and probably can't deliver a knockout punch on her own. So, Wisp is a defensive support glass cannon with a significant stationary set-up time who benefits from being constantly on the move while defending a single area with remotely triggered stationary AOE and periodically blasting enemies into oblivion with point blank solar annihilation as a mobile death ray. It's a touch... confused as a theme. Looking at her, I don't know how I'm supposed to play her. Is she supposed to hold her ground or be constantly on the move? Is she support or damage? Is she built to take the punishment that comes with holding her ground? Perhaps she's meant to be a jack of all trades, master of none. That could work if it was tied together by a more aesthetic or conceptual theme rather than a practical theme. The stated theme is portals and summoning, but she only has one ability that summons and one that opens a portal. Her passive and two other powers don't really relate to portals or summoning at all. Her second ability could if it had some portal-like visual effect to go with it but as it stands it's just a teleport. To be honest, she seems like two different frames got blended together. Now this could all prove moot when I actually get my hands on her and take her for a spin myself. It might turn out to work really well as a jack of all trades. Based on my past experience with Titania, though, I fear that I'll just end up using her fourth ability and ignoring the deployable buffs because they just don't feel good to use. I expect I'd also use the decoy ability too for the blind and stun. Warframe as a game encourages movement so when half her kit says "move" the other half is probably going to lose out, at least for me. I look forward to trying her out, regardless. Visually speaking she's a beautiful piece of work and I'm sure her four will be just plain fun to use.
  8. The time investment wouldn't be so bad if there was any sort of reward for it other than the overarching event rewards. My reward for going out and sealing four fissures is a small amount of diluted thermia and whatever extremely common mods and light dusting of credits the enemies happen to drop. Compare this to the ghouls which have bounty rewards or Plague Star with the reputation store, both of which provide rewards for doing the event at a much steadier pace to keep the player engaged. I felt a lot better about doing Plague Star because I could set myself a clear, attainable goal and focus on earning the reputation I needed to get it rather than having this long term goal of a weapon I may not even end up liking. I'm at 54 fractures sealed and I seriously question if I want to keep going. I'm certainly not having much fun doing it. As things stand I'm not certain this proposed solution really does all that much to alleviate the feeling of it being a slog. It just takes some of the time from standing at the fissure and erasing anything that moves with Peacemaker, and moves it to zigzagging back and forth across the map to stockpile coolant canisters. Unless adding extra canisters radically accelerates the process my fear is that this extra busywork of handling more coolant will actually make the process take even longer. Only now it will be spent flying in circles instead of fighting enemies, which honestly doesn't sound like an upgrade to me. Maybe it'd pay to do something like Plague Star where you can mix in an extra ingredient to increase the potency of the coolant the same way you improve the thrax toxin. That'd provide a way to get the same increase in challenge without having to waste time going back and forth for coolant.
  9. It's too early for me to have a solid opinion about most of the melee rework so far. At this early stage I will suggest making some kind of more obvious audio/visual feedback about your exalted weapon still being active when you swap out to a gun. I've burned through all my energy a couple of times by not realizing it was still going. In terms of visual effects... was it really necessary to make radiation hot pink? I get that it's a common joke to put all your colors to variously garish shades of pink but it's pretty unpleasant to look at, at least in my opinion.
  10. Overall, I like the idea of Nightwave. Having a rotating crop of challenges that let me not bother for a day or two without missing my shot is a big upgrade to alerts in terms of convenience. However, I do have a few thoughts. I'll echo a lot of what others have been saying about hour long missions being over the top and the friend requirements being irritating for dedicated solo players. I also agree with some of the sentiments about it being a little too aimed at more experienced players to the detriment of newer ones. For that last issue I suggest a redistribution of the standing between challenge tiers. Currently we have one daily at a time while the rest are "regular" or elite challenges. It might be better to get rid of some of the mid tier challenges and add an equivalent standing amount of daily challenges in their place. For example, one 3,000 reputation challenge becomes three 1,000 reputation challenges that are something that anyone at any experience level can sink their teeth into. Oh, and a small quality of life change, maybe adjust Nora's voice lines to be a bit more appropriate to the scale of the task accomplished. Save the big dramatic ones for the elite challenges, that sort of thing. I like Nora but she doesn't have quite enough voice lines to stop from getting repetitive pretty quickly.
  11. Perhaps have the Moa flinch and turn its head as if it heard something, after which it turns and takes a half step to investigate. Before it quite touches the floor with its foot, it pauses, looks to see its master hasn't moved, and, a little reluctantly with another glance or two towards the "noise", settles back into place to wait.
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