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  1. Yeah, hearing about the extra modifiers has kind of taken the wind out of my sails. I was mostly interested in Steel Path for making it fun and somewhat rewarding to go back to those lower level tilesets. You know, being able to fight things on Earth or Mars without making them evaporate, and without having to deal with a Lich or something to do it. Enemies starting at level 100 made that sound really feasible and reasonably challenging for someone like me. Level 100+ with the extra modifiers... not so much. Hopefully there's a band of players between the casual players and the "nothing can or ever will be a challenge" veterans who will fit in this Goldilocks zone of challenge.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. "Operator, I have a number of pigments in storage, should you feel like redecorating. If you require inspiration, might I suggest-- GRINEER BLOOD-- ...a soothing blue?"
  4. I've stumbled into a loop. Zendesk says to report on the forums, the forum thread I found for these issues asks for ticket numbers from Zendesk which sends me to the forums which-- oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed. Back on feedback, I'm kicking myself for not mentioning the sound design. All the new sound effects are suburb, and I'm really loving the new music. It strikes a nice balance with being synthesized without being tinny or grating.
  5. First off, I love the redesign from an aesthetic viewpoint. It fits so well with the Corpus tech of the Orb Vallis and the recent Jupiter redesign. I especially love all the little touches like the open cabinets and lockers with tools and whatnot in them. Those sorts of flourishes do a lot to help the ship feel like a ship, as in place with people who live and work in it on a daily basis, rather than just a randomly generated labyrinth. Plus all the bits of tech that are busy doing their jobs while we pass by, and the workers who I occasionally find sitting on a crate taking five before they jump to their feet and try to bash my head in with a giant wrench straight out of Fortuna. That said, I do have an issue bothering me related to the crowns. Currently I want nothing more than to dissect every tile I go through looking for all the details in every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, doing so means I find imprisoned Solaris who I can't free because I have no crowns. Kind of sucks the joy out of exploration. I've started actively rushing though levels as quickly as I can without taking even a tiny detour so that I can avoid this, quite frankly, depressing situation entirely. With abilities like Desecrate not working anymore, there's no way to have enough crowns to free the (likely multiple) Solaris in each mission even after I get all the rewards I want from the void. I imagine this is less of an issue for teams since they can share coins, but it's rather demoralizing for a solo player. I'd love the option to pay a Ticker commission or, hell, trade a bunch of debt bonds or something as an alternate payment. Also, not sure where to report finding what I think is a hole in level geometry.
  6. I am confused by the Valkyr augment. What benefit is it meant to bring? Mine can already blend just about any non-open-world-boss, non-immune enemy in the game in seconds with Hysteria's slide attack. All it took to get her there was a few forma on her and her talons. I guess this mod would make the numbers bigger? Does that even matter if the enemy is dead either way? What mod would I even replace to use this one? And adding a cooldown takes away the more important utility of Hysteria which is staying alive against higher level enemies that otherwise go through her like tissue paper when you don't have Adaptation or the tanking arcanes (which I don't). The added strength won't even make me want to not use slide attacks because I'm not using them for the damage so much as the mobility since she doesn't have any ability to close the distance without using another augment, and she really can't afford the loss of a mod in my experience. Maybe someone will work out the math and present a build where this mathematically turns out to be the most effective damage output option for Valkyr, but I'd rather stay alive and do my damage a little slower than die four times and fail the mission because I couldn't use my only means of self-preservation.
  7. Note: Solo player who uses a controller. Overall, I'm enjoying the new space enemy balance as a foundation for further expansion. Cannon fodder enemies feel like cannon fodder rather than an unrelenting tide of hull-breaches without me even having the absolute best gear. I'm mostly using clan research weapons and I'm still able to hold my own in the early to mid level Veil nodes. I will note that I'm still not really feeling threatened in any significant way by hull ruptures, fires, and electrical hazards. I'm not sure if this is down to the game not clearly conveying what danger I'm in, or if the hazards genuinely aren't hazardous enough. The boost and speed changes I'm mixed on. On the one hand, I'm personally feeling a lot better about my base speed and mobility. Before I felt like I always needed to be boosting just to get around, now I'm comfortable using basic movement when I'm just rooting around in asteroids for resources or reorienting to track a target. On the other hand, the boost meter drain rate vs recharge rate feels pretty bad. I'll note that I'm using clan research engines and no speed avionics aside from conic nozzle, but the boost recharge is very sluggish. Also, it has a habit of not starting to recharge until I manually toggle boost off again. Given that empty boost charge means I'm no longer boosting, I feel this would be an acceptable time for the game to override my toggle and turn it off automatically once I'm out of juice. One positive thing I've noticed is that evading ram sleds feels a lot more practical now. Before I'd only be able to kill one of a pair and get hit by the other, but I was actually able to maneuver quickly enough to evade and take out both once. Ground enemies/boarding parties feel dramatically better and much more in line with what I'd expect for their stated level, albeit a little tankier than other Grineer, perhaps. Still, I was able to use Mag to take out a missile battery in Saturn Proxima, something I definitely couldn't do before with my very-much-not-a-veteran arsenal. I don't have to 100% rely upon using Valkyr's Hysteria invulnerability to stay alive anymore, and that's a big bonus from where I'm sitting. They still hit pretty hard so I'm probably going to be forced back to tanky frames in the Veil when I get a mission that has a ground objective, but other options seem far more plausible now. Further testing will be needed to find out for sure.
  8. I was interpreting if from the standpoint of it being protective by killing the enemies as they approach in their eternally repeating attack runs, thus taking them out of the battle and no longer damaging your ship. The same way parking in a debris field makes some of them splatter themselves on the rocks. Neither option directly makes your ship tougher more resistant to enemy fire, but it kills the enemies and lets the ship's regenerating shields take care of the rest without player input. The end result being that your ship is safer. It doesn't seem like it'd be faster or more efficient at actually getting through the enemies than actively attacking with the ram or Void Hole or something, so I was reading the issue as it being a nerf to the knock-on benefits to survival. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the purpose though.
  9. Perhaps the better thing to do would be to make a new avionic that fills that defensive niche while dedicating the ram to offense. If the use being lost is protecting your Railjack while solo and off the ship, an avionic that puts a protective barrier up, possibly with a trade-off on mobility or weapon use so that it isn't just consequence free immunity forever, could do the job. Then it becomes a choice based on how you want to play rather than "get this one avionic and use it for everything all the time".
  10. I like or am at least cautiously optimistic about most the changes listed, but this one concerns me a little. One of my disappointments with Railjack is that the mode can be played reasonably effectively as a turret. Obviously I'm just reading notes and not playing it, but I worry that this will just further leave us without incentive to actually move around the maps until everything is dead. I can see how it might make the pacing of the fights a little quicker, and with the damage tuning it hopefully won't be overwhelming. Maybe the thing I'm worried about will become a non-issue when more mission types are added down the line. I certainly hope so. I definitely support the idea of improving the foundation before expanding. I also share the common sentiment of confusion around the avionic simplification. I like the idea of less clutter in general, but I'm a little concerned about what exactly I'm going to lose, if anything, and how heavily I'll feel the loss. Also, today I learned that these forums have a dark theme. A pleasant bonus.
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