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  1. Want to solve things with space ninja magic? Take Excalibur Umbra, a full build, Chromatic Blade Augment, and a properly built Exalted Umbra Blade with Condition Overload. Guaranteed to kill anything that isn’t weak point dependent. Rather than you know, guns.
  2. It’s a corpse that despawns when you walk over it and drops ammo, but the loot marker is never removed.
  3. Are you confusing Grineer regulators messing with your map with a bug?
  4. And he's sharing his mind on other people sharing their minds. Look at all this forma I just found! Flux Rifle, Amprex, Glaxion Vandal, all Corpus weapons, all highly effective against Corpus with the right builds. Huh. Sucks to the people who refuse to play with their Operator then. Unlike some things in this game that explicitly force certain frames, Operators are always present. Insert a picture of Excalibur Umbra with woke eyes, 100 forma, and Chromatic Umbra Blade augment screen cap here.
  5. You get Red Veil standing from the sigil you're wearing for Red Veil. The sigil that generates Syndicate standing in relation to the affinity you get on a mission. The affinity you get from having killed a Red Veil operative. Everyone wins!
  6. The Vectis and it’s Prime can reach 100% status chance per shot before multishot with 4 60/60 status mods. If that’s something that sounds ideal, you can go ahead and build for that. Or you can just flat out kill enemies rather than give them status effects with any of the above builds with good aiming.
  7. Unless you’re highly skilled with Umbra and make a dedicated ESO build, he dies too quickly for my taste in ESO (I do not have the Umbra mods maxed), requires Life Strike to remain alive or spamming Radial Blind (both of which cost energy), and the energy getting reset to the default 100 means you need 175% efficiency in order to make it last the 170 something seconds per zone, in addition to the regular casting cost of EB, any other ability use, and the RNG nature of energy orbs in ESO means either extremely skilled energy management, or playing a dangerous game of Rage/Hunter Adrenaline and Life Strike. Personally I just take Trin Prime, spam Blessing and Energy Vampire, and hope a Nuke Frame kills everything for me.
  8. Kuva Missions? Never played a Kuva Flood or Survival with Excalibur, but he works well enough on siphons (because really all you need is to know how to use your Operator). From the fact he survives well in Sorties, I'd wager that he works well in Floods. With the proper amount of power. World Bosses? Well, there was one video of a guy taking on Profit-Taker with both Excal and Umbra. I don't think he's ideal for it though. He also sucks against Eidolons. Just don't. Don't. Sorties? I take Excal to literally anything except enemy enhancement mobile defense or assassinates. Even regular defense. But he's good for literally anything but those. Elemental enhancement? Take off Chromatic Blade. Physical enhancement? Put on Chromatic Blade. Enhancement mobile defense or Assassinate that involves specific weakpoints (Ruhk)? I take Gara. Because the mobile defense console dies after I do. High levels? He works in Sorties. Beyond? Not very good in ESO.
  9. I sunk 6 forma into one and 7 forma into two because I put on the wrong polarity. I wouldn't say that 20 formas worth of use isn't indicative of a lack of experience. I run Vitality and Steel Fiber on nearly all my frames except sometimes that doesn't even work. Sometimes I can't use both those mods and my Kubrow suffers for the fact I didn't want to use the same frame all day. I use my melee to prevent my Kubrows from going down, but they get two shot.
  10. It's not a matter of play style, it's a matter of wanting the dog to do more than just stand around, get shot by a Corrupted Crewman, and then instantly go into bleed out.
  11. It should have a line of sight requirement. If you don't want to run it you don't have to, your game. Just have fun with Excalibur's third ability being an entirely useless, weaker, shorter ranged version of Radial Blind.
  12. It’s 10% per enemy hit by one of twelve javelin’s. In addition, the damage bonus is added after everything else. Base Damage * Base Damage Mods * Elemental Damage * 1.1x (10%) to 2.2x (120%) more damage * crit (if applicable) * CO multi (if applicable). It’s deceptively powerful, but not the strongest thing since sliced bread. I run it if I’m feeling like using my melee over my gun.
  13. If you build for strength range efficiency Slash Dash and manage to slot in the Slash Dash augment, you’ll be increasing your combo counter for every slash dash hit by 5 or 6 depending on strength. Combine with a properly built melee (max damage + combo duration) and the fact the combo counter affects slash dash, it makes a fun meme build, but does lose effectiveness over time. Radial Javelin’s “Furious Javelin” augment makes it so that every Javelin that hits an enemy Excalibur’s melee gains a damage bonus. Used to bs 5%, now it’s 10%. While Radial Javelin is useless, even with a build dedicated entirely around it, Furious Javelin is fun. Building it for range is the most important thing, as having half the Javelins hit an enemy results in a 60% damage increase. Now that’s not a flat damage increase, that damage increase is applied to everything else. Let’s say you have a melee that does 100 damage, and has a 3.5x crit multi. With 60% from Furious Javelin that damage goes up to 160, then affected by the crit. Primary problem is that you have roughly 10 seconds to use the damage bonus after gaining it before it disappears without building for duration, it requires enemies to be in range to grant the buff, and strength mods don’t improve it by that much. However, ten seconds of jacking up melee damage in a game where melees already have a stupid amount of damage is fun for going on rampages when a group of heavy enemies or a swarm comes into view.
  14. I don't think you have any hostility, just passion for something you enjoy about Warframe. And I liked the points you brought up and wanted to give my opinion on them. But them giving a detailed, concrete announcement and say making sure to state "this is going to come piece by piece" and in addition whenever we get significant pet changes mark them as "part of Pets 2.0" it would be far better than current, where the only source on "Pets 2.0" being a thing is individual memory of how things used to be and the updates that fixed them.
  15. Perfect. I disagree on the max stat thing. I find it interesting that the living companions in the game, compared to the robotic moas and questionably organic sentinels, degrade without things to maintain their vital functions. It makes them feel more alive to me. But, I do respect there is valid arguments for health bonus and loyalty being completely worthless in terms of gameplay. I especially favor the removal of the loyalty mechanic myself, but I like DNA degradation. As for stasis, I believe that it's common wisdom that eventually we should be able to switch around companions as we please without any issues due to some choice developer comments, but I have nothing definitive to show for that. I hope that it will come true, but considering that DE manages to break completely unrelated things with every Hotfix and break basic things in every update (Some people have 90 loadout slots after today because you can keep buying them as long as you have plat), I would prefer DE to take their time with the removal of the stasis mechanic rather than make it, not test it, drop it, and break it. So yes, I want it gone, but I want it's removal to not break companions. I can't argue against your logic of one big update vs piece meal showing a favoritism towards revenue. I believe you are correct in that regard. But, in my opinion, as long as we get a significant update that works every few months or so and progress is being made, I'm content. However, I'm an individual who solely uses Kavats and beefier frames, and mostly lower level content. So I can ignore most of the issues that pets have because they don't become as glaringly obvious in low level content and with good health and armor links. I can understand someone who does say Arbitrations as most of their play time and being sick of the issues that pets have.
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