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  1. I'm, what? Unless you have every drop from the Stalker you still have reason to fight him. And even then his purpose is to drop reward blueprint dupes so you can rebuild his unique gear if you sell it for whatever reason. There's no real reason to believe we'll have a chance to actually kill the Stalker for good. Plus his defeat in Second Dream seems to be his "final" defeat, at least that's how I read it, and his appearances afterwards are a gameplay thing. Plus, you know if you don't kill bosses you don't regain death marks from him, right?
  2. Hiercon on Pluto, Infested Dark Sector Excavation. 20K credits or something for one excavator.
  3. Deimos bounties have plenty. Uranus Infested Disruption has a chance of spawning extra-tanky Juggernauts. That said any Infested mission outside of Defense and Interception I think should spawn them.
  4. Well, I define upgraded gear as 1. Maxed Simaris scanner 2. An easy, spammable stun for Kavats 3. A melee capable of one-shotting Infested in Steel Path and 4. Booster abuse. If you have both resource boosters on Steel Path, it's 100% chance for 2 Kavat Codes, which can double from the Simaris scanner. The 4-6 Kavats that spawn then translate to 1 Kavat per mission, roughly, with maximum booster abuse. Without the boosters though, code rate decreases terribly.
  5. Smoking Body Ephemera isn't there, and War and his Armor and Syndana are in "Hunhow's Gift." Also why even have Broken War purchasable? Let me guess, OP sold his?
  6. The initial grind's pretty bad, yeah. But then if one combines the scanner improvements and boosters, it becomes a 50% chance for 2 to 4 codes from a Kavat, and there's around 4-6 Kavats per exterminate mission. Paying money leads to having more codes than one knows what to do with, but not paying money leads to abysmal grind. It's, questionable, and I don't really know what to say considering how easily codes can be acquired in late game but so annoying early game.
  7. Acquire every mod yet? Fully rank every mod yet? Complete the Codex yet?
  8. Most enemies on Deimos resist 75% of radiation damage and 25% of Impact damage, the two biggest damage types innate to the Tombfinger. Those that have rad weak armor are still 25% resistant to rad damage overall, so there's also that. Try using it on Heavy Gunners or the Plains of Eidolon.
  9. Are you certain all your Warframe’s had the right regalia? And have you done any Syndicate missions for Syndicates opposed to Hexis?
  10. Did you craft the Paracesis? If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, just asking the obvious question first.
  11. And yet it only applies to the listed melee weapon types. Excalibur’s passive does not work on individual weapons, it works on categories of melee weapons. So despite the wording, the wiki is still correct in how far the passive applies.
  12. The wiki's up to date on his passive. There is no error there. It is just the listed types. Archmelees don't count, neither does heavy blades despite the Paracesis being something to replace Skaijati for Sentient murderizing.
  13. Reminds me of what Steel_Rook said. Had DE just given the first Necramech a placeholder melee weapon instead of adding on 4 additional mod slots, it'd make it easier for future mechs. Low and behold a melee Necramech.
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