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  1. I think I'm looking at the Nightwave "prestige levels" rewards a bit opposite to their design too. However, that's the conclusion of my interpretation. Which then leaves the subjective question of whether it's a good or bad design, overall. Those mentions of "acknowledgement" holds no value to me, which leads to my scepticism. I look at plenty of events, which I don't do. Because it's not worth it to me. Which, again, emphasizes my subjective point. Refraining from doing them doesn't exclude pondering, though. I wholeheartedly agree with your description of psychology within the gaming industry. But the generality, with which you apply your perspectives doesn't encompass all of us. Just look at yourself 😉
  2. 1. But if there's no incentive, why do it? I guess you mean that the recognition would then serve as incentive? And the SOMETHING you then get can't really net you anything. I don't doubt that the Nightwave event is great at helping players back to the game but I do doubt that it's the perpetual mechanic which serves that purpose. 2. Couldn't agree more, which is why I never suggested, nor imagined, anything big or unique being rewarded. I do also believe that there's ample room to play with, between the current "perpetual" reward and the big and unique ones, to perhaps come up with something else. 3. As I stated in the OP, I was looking at it as an isolated reward. The Nightwave event schedule presented me with some tasks and rewards, and this is the result. I would actually assume people to like doing some of the stuff, I do so myself. I just don't see how I would even consider the guidelines of the tasks for the recognition of 45 credits. 4. That analogy is a bit of a caricature, in my opinion. I believe we're all conditioned by subjective stimuli, so at least we agree on that 🙂 And just for the record, I'm nowhere near a Thorndyke-inspired-puzzle-box-player myself... 5. Well, the "catch-up" feature is awesome, no debating there 🙂
  3. Because I don't presume to know exactly what is intended, by subjective interpretation alone?
  4. Presumably the mechanic was implemented to serve as motivation to keep doing the weekly Nightwave missions, even though one has already "completed" it. So, I tried looking at the event as an isolated reward and had to scratch my head for bit. I highly doubt that a lot of players, who has already gotten all of the "standard" rewards, will digest the following list of tasks to earn 45 additional credits: - 30 minutes of Kuva survival - Win 3 Index wagers without letting the enemy score. - Unlock 4 Derelict Vaults - 10 Syndicate missions - 3x Mobile Defense missions - Complete 3 K-Drive races - Catch 6 rare fish in PoE If "replayability" is the sole origin of that measure, there may have been made a mistake somewhere along the way.
  5. Shwaak prism seems to have lost its innate punch-through feature. Therefore, upon the people who deemed this update worthy of deployment, I place a resounding "Shwaak you." (And come again.)
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