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  1. Can we please have Gauss already instead of Grendel and Gauss being released together? We didn't even get Hildryn and Wisp at the same time couple of months ago and now doing it with the long-waited frame that is already finished? Jeez, DE You guys released Baruuk in few days or whatever after showcasing his abilities on devstream and at least do the same with Gauss since he's already finished after Devstream 129 (After his abilities got adjusted that is) Almost 3 months of waiting and idk gonna extend it more just for Grendel? DE please, just release Gauss already after the devstream 130 or something and releasing him along with Grendel is just gonna take more longer!
  2. I wonder if 3D softwares are allowed to recreate the Cinematic..? (No, it's not photoshop, literally a 3D software program and not made in Warframe's Captura) @[DE]Helen
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