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  1. I'm getting close to MR 30, but I already have 129 riven mod slots. I also stay close to capacity, and want to know if I should stop buying slots because they will be wasted when I get the increase. Is the 30 mod slot reward wasted if you have already purchased near the limit or does it give you a separate increase to the limit (ie. 180 if you already purchased 150)? It seems really foolish to punish players for having purchased slots before this announcement. Many players near MR 30 would have already maxed out their riven slots.
  2. Twice in a row, I have had medallions spawn in the same spot of the map in the new-ish corpus tile set. See the image in the link. I tried to upload it from the URL but it doesn't work... apologies if imgur isn't allowed I don't know which one to use: https://imgur.com/a/iOvYg2y The medallion is visible of the map on the right side when wall-hugging.
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