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  1. A bunch of bugs, a new boss does not pass, then invisible, then I fall and fall, the teams do not work! very raw update
  2. After the call the weapon archiving, the abilities do not work! After removing the weapon, not one ability does not work !!!
  3. Why did the mystical speed for mesa stop working as needed?
  4. On the relics of the abyss, in Lit the sweep on the earth is not enough reagents! Correct
  5. A bug when you hold an archwing weapon in your hands, and when you go to the ulta, you get the abilities! evaporate!
  6. The problem with the first orders on the fortune has not been fixed! the beacon does not fall into enemies to start capturing the base !!! when will they fix it ?!
  7. Corrected, corrected and a bunch of bugs left!
  8. why are friends online not showing up? do not invite not join! a bunch of fixes and zero sense!
  9. when will they correct invitations to the dojo ?! impossible to bargain with anyone !!!
  10. already 7 fix! and still "player connections" cannot be repaired! as long as possible, it is impossible to play with random loops !!!
  11. 6 hotfix already, still can not fix the search for the detachment, how much you can! and the regime for the day of the dead is a horror, a bug on the bug, the most useless gameplay
  12. 4 fixes released, and still could not fix connections to players
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