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  1. But his kinetic armor isn't his passive. If I remember right its his 3rd ability. Its his 2nd or 3rd power, one takes in cold and heat, the other releases them. And while I agree that some passives could use a rework, they were designed to be a little bonus that would work in curtain scenarios while being thematic to the frames' design. While mag's passive does kind of suck, its thematic and not too bad for starting players that pick her since they wont have a sentinel for a while. And yes, the newer frames need lore. We went from gara who blew herself up fighting a massive sentient and having her parts scattered, to garuda who is found randomly in a bush. But, DE is juggling a lot at once so some things get less attention then others.
  2. So far, im really excited for gauss to come out and so far his kit seems fine. Although, I do recommend one change and idk if anyone at DE has already thought of this but, his kinetic shielding/armor ability could use a bit of a change. As stated, this ability will generate energy from physical, heat, and cold damage. While this is kind of thematic with his kit/engine theme, there is one problem...cold damage is the least encountered damage type in the game. The only times a players gets hit with cold damage is when in the freezing cold on Europa, when blowing up an Ln2 barrel, and the cold hyenas. Now, during on of the steams I remember since a grineer unit that hit excal with a cold proc, so maybe there will be more units that do cold damage. Since heat can be found easily, hybrid moas, scorches, caustic eximus, and others.
  3. Im not hating or anything on the fast guy, im just pointing out that for a mode like this and the weapons we have can be a bit of a bad mix. Im ok with him being faster then the others, but maybe make him, idk like 5-10% slower.
  4. Since everyone else did a really good job of explaining everything, im just goin to add this one thing. Since you said you played 5 years ago, and from what ive gathered from old videos, is that the reason why Saturn is the more recent you played is because it was one of the early game planets. The star chart has changed quite a bit and what I do know is that back then, earth was not the starting planet like it is now.
  5. So I guess kill stealing is now a thing.
  6. Do you have any actual traces to refine with? The 200 you are looking at my just be the cap. You get traces by doing fissure missions. And you don't need relics to do this, so don't worry about having to use what the ones you have.
  7. Firstly, I have a question about the kills bonus for dog days. Is the bonus based off of kills made as a team and is shared or is it based on how many kills the person gets? Im hoping that its shared otherwise it would make dog days a competitive game mode, more akin to conclave. Second thing, for me, I find the alert fun but with one major problem. One of the enemies, don't remember their name just that they look like the fugitives with a small hat, is way too fast. I get that they are lightly "armored" and thus would be faster then the others. But in a game mode where we are using weapons that have an arch, travel time, and reduced range when fired too much makes hitting the clone of Usain bolt a pain. Plus with him shooting at you along side the other enemies, trying to kill him is going to get the player killed more often then not. Third thing, this being a bit more minor, but would it be possible for us to get more health in the higher stages? To better compensate the fact that the enemies get more health the higher level they are but ours stay at 100.
  8. And if you have any further problems, you can ask around on region chat and such for people willing to help and answer questions. Since this community is really nice and helpful.
  9. Shouldn't it be called kubrow days? To keep in the warframe universe lore. I know they are the same thing and doesn't have as good of a ring to it, but still. Also, the one that looks like the fugitives is a little too fast. I get that they are lightly armored, but when using a squirt gun that has travel time in an arena full of enemies shooting at you, they can be rather hard to kill and can kill you or get you killed more often then not.
  10. I have had this while using a corrosive ninkondi and just smacking infested a lot. Same with wisp's 4 and when I do slams with her.
  11. A few bugs that may of already been mentioned, but....First is that sometimes the nullifier debuff during the new mode will perma lock out your powers till you die and revive. Second is that at times during the fight with the ropalolyst will bug when you fall off the edge and put you in an "out of bounds" loop, making that you cant really do anything. Usually know when it happens is that you will be in a falling loop for a few seconds, then just be perma out of bounds till evac. Third is that my yellow charger is now pink. From what I can tell, its the energy thats changed to pink but trying to change doesn't do anything. All of its original colors are the same, just that it now has the standard pink energy color that the one its description has.
  12. Everything is looking well and good, but you could of done better with that khora augment. Its literally a lesser version of hydroid's PILFERING swarm.
  13. Small but cute idea, have it curl up next to you if you are standing still long enough and are not being attacked.
  14. Becuase his cloud walker ability already makes him invisable.
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