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  1. So Im doing the love is in the arrow contest and I fully know what I want to do and how to do it, but getting the enemies to be where I want them to be is a big pain in the neck. I would love if you could place spawned enemies like you can with decorations. Instead of doing a dance of using ivaras sound arrow, letting them see me, clocking again, trying to get them to stay so I can get in position. I feel like im a photographer trying to take a picture of hyperactive children. I don't use captura much so if im going to use it, I want it to look nice.
  2. That's kinda the point. The operator is a CHILD that's been sleeping for god knows how long. Plus why make them tanky when the warframes are a thing. For now, the only real need for them is eidolons and the sentients, everything else can be done with frames. Tho this will most likely change when the diveri paradox comes out.
  3. Its meant to be a way to tell your team mates what to do without having to open chat and type it out. It May also be used for when AI crew gets added in. Most likely the latter.
  4. !. Just have a dry dock. Don't worry about it being bare bones since the game just uses the ship of whoever is host at the time. Its fairly buggy so just hold off on it for now. 2. Some warframes are tied to the open worlds and you need the resources from their respective areas. Fortuna/orb vallis is how you go about getting the ability to use archguns in regular missions once you have enough rep with little duck to do the heists. 5. Hildyrn is a good supportish tank (tho locked away with little duck), wisp is pretty good all around, and gauss is really fun. 6. More or less, depending on your school. And of course fighting the eidolons and sentient. 7. Hmmm, Wukong got reworked and now he is pretty good not just immortal. Be open to heat procs since they were reworked to act as a duration based armor strip and can stack for increased damage.
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