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  1. Foxyboi95

    Garuda colors

    So, I recently got garuda. And as one might do, I wanted my weapons to match her. But....when I clicked "copy warframe colors" all it did was change every setting to gray with a white energy color. I am pretty sure there is suppose to be atleast some red in there, but nope. Idk if its a bug with her or if I just dont have the palette(s) with the right colors. So now I have to eyeball the colors myself.
  2. Found a few bugs, mostly visual ones. Such as some of the effects of removing the orb mothers parts, flames/electricity, stays behind for a bit. And depending on how is positioned, like on in incline, the little cutscene makes her invisible or in the wrong place. A personal bug that happened is that a hildryn part didnt drop for me. Everyone else in my squad got it but me. and I got every other drop but the part.
  3. When ever someone fires the staticor's charged shot near or onto a person, or at least me, the frame rate drops. But, if I fire it at my feet, its fine.
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