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  1. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: The cambion drift's meshs/hitboxs need some fixing. Enemies, including things like the valocipods, can spawn inside of terrain, One time i had a hard time reaching the trigger to open a cashe because it was inside of a rock/cyst after i had done the bounty for it. Several times I have had protea's grenades hit thin air and just proc there right after she throws them, in a wide open area mind you. VISUAL: None at the moment. REPRODUCTION: Play as protea and lob her grenades in different locations(flat land to cave). Her main ones, the shield ones dont s
  2. I dont know if anyone has already made a post about this but as it stands the new infested weapons CANT be built, only bought with plat. Nevermind, I hadnt gotten that far into things so i was going off the market. Would be nice tho for the market to say that you get the blueprints and the parts from demios.
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