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  1. digritz

    Fortuna NPCs

    "HOW are there generations?" Nef follows the same rules as every other greedy SOB. All parts have planned obsolescence build in. And remember in another Universe the Tenno are the NPCs
  2. digritz

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.2.1

    Also, if that doesn't work, we will be moving Detroit to your side of the bridge......
  3. digritz

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.2.1

    Look DE we are really really sorry about the whole Trump thing so please fix the update...... Or you will force our hand and we will implement the "No Canadians Allowed at Put-In Bay" restrictions.
  4. digritz

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.3

    Shuffleboard at my house till the servers are fixed. You know you want to.
  5. digritz

    New Contest: Caption That Moframe!

    Dam it Nekro. If you knew your Mostache wax smelled like Kubrow poo why'd you ask me to touch it.
  6. digritz

    Update 17.4.5

    I am phaclempt over this update
  7. digritz

    Hunting Memory Leaks

    Has RAM seen a doctor? A steady leek could be a sign of a blader infection or even an STD.
  8. digritz

    A Word On De Hq Privacy.

    Look at it this way because of the mutiverse there is a Universe out there where everyone of us has spent a day with you. You should be happy it wasn't worse because there's also a Universe where we all visited on the same day and were not wearing pants.
  9. digritz

    Hotfix 15.10.2

    "Reduced enemy spawn rates in Infested Hive Missions to be more in-line with other non-endless mission types". Translation: We had too many girly girls and girly boys complaining about the Hive Missions being too hard. So we nerfed the joy right out of it. WTF!!!!!!! Not cool. I for one truly enjoyed having a non-endless mission that wasn't a gimme. A place where high lvl tenno could go for a challenge that didn't require 40 to 60 minutes before if caused lesser Tenno to run away screaming like little girls. Hive missions are......were unique and the only mission like this in the entire game and your trying to make it like all the rest Why? Why was this necessary? Look I'm all for balanced game play that all can enjoy most of the time. I am not for "all can enjoy all of the time". This mission was the only thing on the star chart that makes.......er made me think I'm going to easily fail if I drop my guard for a second. In fact I did fail the higher lvls at first more times then not. Another words no easy win. THAT'S WHAT I LIKED ABOUT IT! I ran this solo just because of that wonderful warm feeling it gave me that as soon as the mission started I was in deep doo doo. Not every mission needs to have a win/loss rate of 99/1. And no soloing T4's is not an acceptable replacement. Only the endless mission types work for a challenge and even then you have to wait 15 minutes or longer before things get tricky. Also Tower missions are all by the numbers. I mean that literally. All of there actions and reactions, spawn points, mod grouping and flow rates can be anticipated by anyone that has played the game for a long time. They do not have that sense of chaotic game play you get from infested. Plus who wants to waste their T4's. I will give DE the benefit of the doubt and pray they had a good reason for this. I will also pray that soon we will have content that's less of a gimme for high lvl players. I don't need the Holy Grail of all games "End Content". But I do want and need something I can't just waltz through for a win. It was nice to see a relay get destroyed? I thought it meant we were going to get more missions we actually had to work at to win but this nerf is a step in the wrong direction. Before anyone says just wait for the T5's.............Don't care. Having the same mission with the difficulty turned up after you have been playing this game for so long is not an acceptable replacement for something challenging.
  10. Intent:aim, intention, purpose, objective, object, goal, target Intended outcome can be a far cry from actual outcome. The gaming industry is a perfect example. How many really bad games are there? Lots. Of all those developers how many actually had the intent to create a bad game? 0 This is in no way confirmation that everything is going to be fine. It may well be fine but the above statement does not confirm that. Sorry but I'm old and most likely far more cynical then most here.
  11. digritz

    Update 12.3.0: The Grustrag Three

    Meeting Minutes: ............Yea that's a great idea lets give the Brakk out to those that don't have it........Hey your right that is a good idea. But instead of the 100 missions lets give it out on a silver plater........But guys won't that upset all those players that ground out all those missions? And what about the next "SPECIAL" event we have? We run the risk of it being ignored no matter what kind of goodie we offer..........No it'll be fine they have most likely forgotten about that aleady. It's been months since they did that...........Yea your right. Besides it's not like we're giving out that incredible Machete Wraith...........Yea lets wait another whole month before we do that. We can make it part of the daily log-in rewards........ So who's idea was this anyway? Oh it was one of Darvo's suggestions.......Ah I see well it all makes sense now......
  12. digritz

    February 14Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Just how do you re-release weapons like the brakk? Seems a bit unfair to just put them in the market and/or clan tech. The only fair way is to offer it again in a similar instance like the first. However that kind of leaves out those that already have it. The only option I can see is to offer another reward for running it again. Like duel brakks. Those that don't have the brakk will get it running 100 missions and give them duel brakks for running 200 missions. This way everyone will get the same reward for running the same number of missions. The only other issue becomes what to do with new players that missed both events. But with duel brakks I'll probably forget about them real quick. }
  13. digritz

    Hotfix 12.1.1

    And here I thought it was an update so big it wouldn't all fit in one log in. }
  14. digritz

    Hotfix 11.5.6

    Dear God (and DE), thank you for the Fusion fix. I'm old and my patients didn't last the 1/2 hour it took to finish up some mods.