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  1. It's not really an intermission is it? 30+30 tiers is exactly the same as a full series. The top tier rewards are repeats of series 1 and the only new things are the arlo's flame and athari skin. I kinda feel a bit cheated. I get that it's good for people who missed out on the armour to have a second chance at it, but everyone who already has them get nothing for their effort. Personally, I'd have preferred 15+15->30 tiers. Get the rewards out of the way so we can earn cred. Give alternate Cred/Ducat rewards for people who already have the previous series' armour/rewards. Maybe even move previous series rewards into intermission offerings at 300(?) or so cred each. Sure, DE might need the extra time to get series 3 ready, but they've had a full series already, now 2? that's getting on for 6 months.. Honestly? I just want the kuva. I'll happily take the decoration and slots are always appreciated.. But come on DE. this doesn't feel like a reasonable interpretation of the word "Intermission"
  2. Nice. I figured this would happen, my only suggestions would be: Can we have ducat value displayed along with quantity owned, since the only info we actually need at a glance at the selection screen is what it is, the rarity, the number we own and the ducat value. anything else can be served by mouseover. And on that note, when mousing over an item (to find ducat value) the rarity bar is mostly obscured by the tooltip. It kinda feels a bit weird being underneath the item.. maybe above it aswell? not sure. I trust you guys to figure it out 🙂
  3. It almost feels like: Alerts should have stayed (maybe modified, maybe not) and their rewards ALSO added to the "Cred Offerings" rotation; The "Reward Tier" rewards should have been in "Cred Offerings" Rotation; Reward Tiers should have rewarded Cred every TIer AND unlocked something useful/interesting/unique; New capture targets should drop a few Cred each; Creds should never be stolen at the end of series 1 (especially if series 2 Cred Offerings are exactly the same); Weekly acts should be daily, rewarding slightly less standing, New Weekly acts should be difficult and reward more standing; "End of Series Countdown Timer" would be nice; Maybe Reaching Tier 30 of Series 1 should unlock Series 2 etc, rather than being replaced by it after an (as yet unknown) number of weeks.
  4. ummm... so wait.. 300 Wolf Cred per 30 Reward Tiers? + Waterymelon said: Just a quick calculation. + Auras now cost Wolf creds & Rotation = ???
  5. 4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said: - Random Alerts are going away and have been replaced with a Rotation of rewards within Nora's Cred Offerings. This forces players to plan, prioritize and wait for content for a large expenditure of time and effort, that previously relied on 'RNG' while rewarding the player instantly.
  6. If I'm understanding it reasonably accurately: 1) Is "Wolf of Saturn Six" a new syndicate [Kind of?] with perpetual standing just like other syndicates? I think the standing we get goes towards 'Tiers' which give rewards at each tier. 2) The acts provide standing. But how do I rank up with it? I assume it just rolls over without a "rank up" between tiers (could be wrong(I'm not)) 3) Does the rank go all the way to 30? Yes, then you can "prestige" back to 0 4) Does the standing reset after a little over 4 days? No, the standing and (as far as I can tell) Wolf Cred lasts until the next part of the story which will be in (unknown) number of weeks. Unless it's just the wc that gets reset and we keep the nightwave standing/tier between chapters... The daily/weekly acts are basically challenges to complete in that week, then they reset. Whether they will be different challenges or not, is impossible to know until next week OR I have absolutely no idea what's going on...
  7. This effectively punishes solo players for not playing with friends and allies. People who play with friends and allies, basically complete the same objectives as solo players, except in many cases it's probably easier to complete than for a solo player
  8. I think I'm leaning towards "bring back alerts" for starters, then probably "replace nightwave cred offerings with.... New/interesting content?".
  9. Am I misunderstanding something or.... Instead of doing a thing and receiving the associated reward immediately, I now have to do a currently uncountable number of things to get to tier 3 just to get 50 Wolf Creds, so that I can buy 1-3 something from the offerings, or do an unmentionable number of things to reach tier 6 to get another 50 WC's just to buy 1 reactor/catalyst and 25 WC worth of another thing, followed by Another 6 TIERS for my next 50 WC? I must be mistaken right? Like,from "do a thing for something" to "do a fk ton of things for a thing"...??? Please tell me I'm wrong, because I can't see any other source of WC. Also: Shouldn't "Nightwave Standing" be listed in the "Standing" Tab at the end of a mission? And the "Standing" Tab have been updated to list the standing acquired for all factions in a mission instead of a maximum of 4? Also: "3 captures in a week"="challenge"="kill 500 enemies... in.. a.. week?" Seriously?
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