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  1. No, I'm not. No. We disagree on who is responsible on a fundamental level. You think it's the riven mafia that are responsible. I say, that DE are responsible and the existence of the riven mafia is somehting natural due to the current riven system in place. I've seen such things in other video games, so it doesn't surprise me. Nope. What is laughable is you claiming, that 2K rivens for Rubico are sufficient for the entire playerbase of this game, which is likely millions of players. The mental gymnastics you're tyring to pull off in your state of denial are on a whole next level.. What sort of mechanics? Take rivens out of players inventories and place them on a riven site for the prices you personally decide?! If anyone here doesn't have a clue -- it's clearly you! Rivens are pretty much luxury goods. You don't need them in order to be able to play the game! You are not entitled to having someone else's riven! Stop crying over an item in a videogame! You are clearly not one of them 😛
  2. That's the thing. It isn't rocket science! Yet many people still fail to understand it. Sometimes, the lack of understanding must be pointed out. And as is the case with your reply to my post, the situation is not much different. Allow me to explain. Uhm... feel free to go to the local grocery store and argue, that meat should be as cheap as a bread. Guess what, it's not going to happen. So yes, real life principles have everything to do with how the economy in Warframe plays out. And when it comes to rivens, I would compare them to something like luxury goods at this point in time. You don't need a godly Rubico Riven to take down the Eidolons. Abundance (or lack of such) has everything to do with the prices of rivens for popular weapons. And what's the number of active players this game has? I would assume waaay more than two thousand. Sorry to play devil's advocate here, but is that against the rules? If that's what makes them enjoy the game -- then let them. They can spend thousands and thousands of platinum in order to stock dozens of rivens to try and play the market. The platinum is purchased from DE. It means more money for the DE. However, if DE were to introduce a way for players to be able to target and craft rivens for specific weapons, that would indeed lower the prices, as people would be able to craft them themselves and not have to resort to trading, but that would lead to less money for DE and more power creep. Uhm... nope. That's what I said at the end of my post. If I get a Rubico Riven, I'll keep it for myself and give my Vulkar riven to a friend. If I get a 2nd Rubico Riven, I'll give it to my friend, he can then pass the Vulkar riven to someone else and so on. I love trading, but not everything needs to be traded for plat and handed to the so called riven mafia. You want to make them fail, simply don't trade with them. It's literally that easy. Also, I don't know if you realize, but what DE did with the unvaulting of frames like Loki Prime, Ember Prime and so on was awesome. Prior to that, these frames had reached ridiculous prices like 700plat+. After DE did the unvaultings, the prices normalized. So yes, making something more abundant does allow common players, honest people to obtain that something without the need to resort to trading. That does meet the demand of those players and it does indeed bring prices down. Something similar can be done for rivens and it's up to DE as to whether they wanna do it or not.
  3. Unfortunately, many people don't understand trading and how it works. Then they focus on mere symptoms. The real reason for the existence of said Riven mafia and Simlor trying to combat it is the extreme rarity of good rivens for what are popular weapons. It's a direct result of how DE made the system. Combine that with the fact, that the game is like 6 years old (despite the game supposedly still being in beta) and other factors I'll mention below, and it's perfectly natural, that there are players, who have ammassed sufficient capital in order to corner the riven market. Then people call for regulation, without understanding how it can effectively be done and how trading and auction houses in other games actually work and the differences between different implementation. With the current system in place, noone is gonna sell godly rivens for 200p. It's a pipe dream! Howl all you want, it wont bring the prices down. 1. If you want the prices to go down, good rivens for popular weapons must become more abundant. Simple as that. Be it through them dropping more often from sorties, increased amounts of kuva from kuva survival, or giving players the ability to craft rivens for specific weapons. Things like that. 2. If you don't want prices to reach 5K in the first place, what you need to do is limit trading through an Auction House and implement a listing fee in platinum and a time limit on each item listed. The listing fee must be of sufficient amount, so that the player would put a reasonable price, so that the item sells the first time he lists it, or he would have to list it multiple times and lose more plat in the process. And even if DE were to implement what I mentioned above, if rivens were to become more abundant, that would only bring more power creep and make everything even easier to obtain... at a time, where DE are complainign about Arcane Velocity working with Mesa's Regulators... "So far we have been kicking the can down the road, accepting power creep and its consequences on the game" or in other words, the game becoming even easier and less real money will be spent on plat purchases... I guess we'll have to wait and see what DE are going to do about this. Meanwhile, what you yourself can do is simple -- if you find a godly riven -- don't sell it! Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend. I love trading, but you don't have to resort to trading for everything.
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