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  1. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    Thanks for the support. Yes, imgur did not display images, perhaps now something has changed... The project does not stand still. And I am more or less satisfied with my “progress”, as I in a very short time independently studied sculpture, working with textures and maps, and so on... given the fact that most of the teaching base in English and this is not my native language. Now I am trying to correct mistakes. Most likely the problem is in the normal map as there are several artifacts on the model, there are also some flaws in the seams, and problems with color - the color map does not respond to the alpha channel and these areas on the mask remain without color. It is also not entirely obvious how to transfer model material in to tennogen.
  2. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    The laptop has died, and I have no money for a worthy replacement. Therefore, everything is postponed for an unknown period. In the topic does not display my images. Is it only on my smartphone or for everyone?
  3. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    Most likely this is due to the fact that they are matte in that image. In the luminous version, they may look different. As another option - the ornament can be replaced by "real" rings.
  4. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    If lighting elements are necessary, they can be arranged like this (yellow parts) and at the same time may be I can add some kind of ornament to dilute the color (white parts).
  5. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    Thanks you 🙂 It remains to understand how to load the model in tennogen. Unfortunately, when trying to work with a UV map, the program either gives an error without any description, or it just hangs. Most likely the laptop is simply not able to perform the operation, not enough RAM or something... As I understand it, I need to make a texture and a breakdown by color, but without the UV map, this cannot be done...
  6. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    Thank you. I maximally simplified the inner part. And chose about this separation by color. I do not know about lighting elements ... are they needed in this model at all or not...
  7. DeRaTar

    Operator's mask.

    Mmm, the previous topic was closed... but I would still like to somehow complete this idea... most likely in vain. Anyway, I think that the mask could be completed at this stage, if do not take into account the painting and perhaps some micro-details. Well, of course need to work out the inner part of the mask that is adjacent to the face.