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  1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I have not forgotten about my works I just decided to take a break from the character models and make a presentation room for them. In the process of something like an altar / podium / tribune. Perhaps in the future somewhere there I will place my models. This is if someone is interested...
  2. To my work there is no obvious interest on the part of so I will not lay out further too often material. In the future, the maximum - the initial stage and the final. At the moment, the head looks like this. Without painting, only with the selection of material.
  3. To make it a bit clearer I will explain - this is the occipital part. I decided to make it in a different style on purpose, since (I repeat) I want to make the model interesting from all sides. I understand that most of the small parts are likely to be unnoticed if such a model will be in the game, but still ... I believe that this is correct and if I do something, then I will do it as well as possible. Yes, the work is progressing slowly because I'm working on the project purely with inspiration, without any other incentives. The front part was slightly modified but I did not consider it meaningful to show it.
  4. I would like to completely rework the character's image as I did it with Rnino - retaining some recognizable features and forms but in a completely new guise... but so far this is only my desire. I do not know when I will be able to translate this into life and will I dare to do it at all or not.
  5. Thank you all, I'm glad that you liked it. I think nothing prevents me from doing multiple versions of the "head" in the final of which I will be able to choose the best option. In making a decision, the same feedback on the forum will probably help 🙂 This is no longer for ZBrush. My hands have not yet reached the study of subsequent processing in the same maya and etc. I'm just do not have so much time and energy.
  6. The halo itself and the bands that hold (those that go to the face) it from metal. The color on the model is only one, the differences are only in the material, after polypainting will be more noticeable and divided. The glass itself should be partially transparent. The calculation was for the lighting and for the rays of different colors that would appear passing through the stained glass window (I mean that it should not be so glowing). Maybe later I'll change the frame a bit more, making it more massive and aggressive in appearance. Thank you, but in fact not so that it is very detailed as I would like, I will still work on it.
  7. Thank you. I'm try to make the work interesting from all sides, so that people's to desire to stop and consider in more detail. In the screenshot above, the halo is made as a stained glass window. There was a version of the broken mirror, but most likely it would not work, because glare and reflections in it could interfere with the game.
  8. Why not. The truth is I would like to do this later, closer to completing the work, but if you're interested... then at this stage with the base body model (and in fact with the current prime version too) the head looks something like this.