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  1. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    This is one of the reasons why I did not detail the hands, I also weave some details of the mask right in them (the same filters). Perhaps the addition of new parts will also be a little distracting.
  2. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    I had such plans. At the moment I'm thinking how to ease the whole design so it does not seem massive. Later, when I have the strength after the illness, I will start to create.
  3. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    Perhaps instead of air filters it is necessary to make hoses that leaving somewhere to the behind the back? And there to make a small cylinder, apparatus or something else?
  4. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    If I understood correctly then only accessories for the face. UPD: And not now, only going to add.
  5. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    It is quite predictable that now everything that has palm of the hand at model will be compared with it 🙂 Yes, maybe I'll have to move a little fingers but this can only be said by using the operator's head model with the proper location and size of the eyes. I have already done a similar mask a couple of years ago as a gift to a friend... in real life with my own hands - I made a master model and later used form for casting with reinforced plastic. Similar - with the same elements in the form of palms but the mask itself was in a fantasy style. Even earlier I also made a variant for airsoft, where the palms besides the mouth covered most of the place near the eyes and covered the head from above. Unfortunately photos of these masks I didn't have, I just did not take much photographs of my work (especially those I created as a gifts).
  6. DeRaTar

    "Affinity". Operator's mask.

    I had a workpiece that I would like to show you before but I fall out of life for 4 days with a temperature of 39°C... now I'm more or less recovered so I see no reason to postpone longer.
  7. If I heard correctly - DE will have to add options for the operator, so I decided to try.
  8. Many thanks. I did not expect such kind words in relation to my work... I really tried to create this project but I also perfectly understand that all that I did another more experienced artist and sculptor could do faster and most likely many processes would be simplified. I do not know all aspects of the program, all its capabilities, but in the future I think I will be able to close these gaps and I will be able to create something better by spending less effort and time on it. In fact, I draw since childhood, but in the future I did not get a special profile education (if do not take into account that I'm a certified restorer and decorator, at that time in most cases I did not study the picture but I just reproduced what I already know since I already had this knowledges). At some time, computers began to appear in the world and later I independently studied 2D graphics, technologies gradually evolved, phones and tablets appeared on which I also managed to learn about graphic programs, after this I discovered for myself 3D sculpting. Most of my abilities and skills I acquired on my own... as about which I mentioned related to computer graphics and about which I have kept silent but which I own in real life. For me, self-development... is an important thing.
  9. That's all for now. There were some errors in processing, such as changing the material and texture on some parts (open parts of the body, especially - skin / vertebra), and somehow the straps "flew away" from the fingers on the gauntlet ... I'll fix it later.
  10. Thank you for the tips. I understand that on the lower levels of the polygon work is more comfortable and easier. Simply, I am learning the program in the process of creating this model (which in fact can be considered as the first) and I find out something too late so that I could just correct the mistakes. And of course I understand that I still have a lot to learn, but I'm happy about it, I like sculpting. I think in subsequent works I can avoid most of the mistakes made and simplify the process.
  11. I decided to create a second version of the head.
  12. Thanks. In fact, yes, I'm working with the basic model, but there are some changes (most often not very noticeable because of the armor on top) like the feet or the open part of the spine on the back, want change his hands too, but there are doubts... How about weapons? Maybe later I'll make a sword or mace for the kit to the shield or for one-handed/double-handed use.
  13. The first post was updated.
  14. "Near" to the end. Very uncomfortable without a graphic tablet and stylus... all the work is done with the mouse + keyboard... The first post was updated. This is not the final version. The small details that are on the model on the image are lost but the overall concept is visible. I hope you will enjoy.
  15. Maybe I'm too carried away with the details. Details that will eventually not be visible ... Update in the first post: changed the right hand, created a glove; working with belt.