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  1. They feel out of touch for me. Forced and alien to the game itself and if not for the rewards I'd likely stop playing until Empyreans drops.
  2. Clans are a good way of getting help as well as weapons later in the game. A bit of an explanation of what matters: Mods make weapons and warframes great. Buying a prime pack or Warframe won't help you much without mods. Each boss drops a warframe. Each Warframe requires chassis, systems, and neurotics, while most you can get the blueprint to put it together in the market for credits. Don't be discouraged by the market plat cost. No weapons are plat-locked. Most blueprints can be obtained for credits in the market. What can't be will likely be in the dojo of your clan. Mastery rank is very important, and is built up by leveling weapons and frames to level 30. If you forma them(adds polarity slot) it doesn't give you more towards it. You should ideally try most weapons anyway. Matching a polarity on a weap/frame will half the mod cost, effectively allowing many more mods to be installed if you like it. Primes are received through relics. Relics are received by playing missions. Wave objective missions can give you multiple per game depending on how long you stay. Oh and while it starts off slow, once you get decent mods you'll see the game open up. Sorry for the list. Hope it helps!
  3. They end up paying quite a tidy sum for support to revert many unintentional rushes. I've done it probably 3 times all unintentionally. If it had been more than 20-30 plat I would have. There certainly would be a quantifiable cost to leaving it, but at the very least certain things could be tweaked to make it more friendly. Namely making quest-specific frames not having to be finished before the next started. I got Mirage Prime before I ever got OG Mirage. Gotta say DE knows it's a big turn off to many players, and if their retention was better they'd likely make more money. Especially since DE doesn't explain where to buy weapon BPs or how MR works. A time sink and steep learning curve right away is this game's biggest flaws.
  4. Plenty more will fill their place and bring new ideas or better content. Current WF streamers and partners are getting lazy or they're seeing less ad revenue. Many are running out of ideas. I remember how the community treated Rio for "liking" Anthem right up until it bombed. I really don't care how the trash act in any community. They'll always exist and will always say trollish things regardless. It's the price of PR. I can't imagine that out of a 95% upvote video with 9/10 comments being overwhelmingly positive that any seasoned YouTuber would focus on the 1 that's uncharacteristically bad. His golden days were about done.
  5. Partners leaving is of very little concern to most. They're out to make money, and they usually cover everything. You simply put cannot easily make a career on a single PvE looter shooter. Even then YouTube has typically a 3 year golden period on content creators and most partners are close to the "decline" phase. If it were a mass exodus with no new faces it would mean more. Currently it's not. While I can imagine someone's favorite YouTuber on Warframe leaving might hurt their reason to play, I don't think many will outright quit.
  6. For me now it's either transference breaking powers or upon returning to my frame breaking my ability to attack. This also happens with exalted weapons being suddenly disabled. Worst glitch I reliably come across, and it's only gotten worse since melee 2.99999999 or whatever they're calling it.
  7. So in other words ONLY if you want to get anywhere quickly. There was a time when people were forced to use Synoid weapons for their energy proc. It wasn't a choice unless you never wanted to use your 4th. The game simply wasn't fun, but neither is forcing a particular meta. Yes, I'm very glad you're not in charge because you'd kill the game. If you don't like bullet jumping, don't use it. No one's "forcing" you to, right?
  8. I wouldn't call a method of moving faster an abused mechanic. I would counter the idea of energy cost for it with the fact that it would further compound the focus tree meta and force everyone to run Zenurik. I don't think further lopsiding the meta with gimmicks is at all a solution to a non-issue.
  9. You strike me as a newer player. Bullet jumping was added in as a parkour rework(2.0) after the majority of the community used "coptering" to move through the map faster. Coptering was annoying and somewhat restrictive, but taking cues from the community, DE implemented a more universal and convenient method of moving quickly. As bullet jumping has been such a fundamental staple of the gameplay, much of the game requires it. Hidden areas would be rendered unreachable, whole tile sets would be impassable, and the pacing of the game would be ruined. If bullet jumping was removed without an alternative sprinting builds would likely take over. Frames like Volt or Wisp would be in every game. Even if those tiles or hidden areas were reworked or removed the game wouldn't be slower for everyone. Objective missions would be a slog, and there'd be a disproportionate part of the community that would quit. Saddest part is bullet jumping doesn't make things easier. AI at high levels is deadly accurate, and at low levels wouldn't be much more threatening on foot. For most "endgame" players this would be a means of forced padding rather than much needed rebalancing.
  10. Eventually you'll have plenty. For now, being a new player very few weapons you gain now will be worth putting a potato in. Wait til you're at least MR6 and see which tend to be recommended. If you buy potatoes, buy them with a coupon. They're worth it then.
  11. You're right, Baro, you are pretty ugly, and your dialog is repetitive and boring! We need an overhaul. First off is cleaning up this dialog. Mods will be happy to oblige I'm sure.
  12. Get an Oxylus, get a tranq rifle with tags, and run around with said rifle shooting all manner of creepy creatures. Aim for the head, and do this 6 times. Viola! You've successfully survived another random nightwave challenge! Now be the umpteenth person to comment on how Nightwave makes you do arbitrary tasks for 20 minutes that you don't like. Tell me how the 10-wave single nitain alert was better.
  13. Mostly because sentinel weapons are trash. I'd be more willing to use one if I could give it a low-end gaze or something. As it stands only deconstructor prime and kavats do any significant damage, and a bullet slow effect or auto-hack is more boring than anything.
  14. Good arcane? Yeah. Overrated? Oh yeah. Worth $45 worth of plat for an R3? No. Repair works better, more reliably, and fast enough.
  15. Valkyr if you like screaming and smashing stuff with a sword and generally shrugging off any attack. My most used character, by far best girl. She needs an augment to be best used. Eternal war allows her best ability to not need recasting if you kill enemies. She's best at late game but does well with the basics. Wisp for buffs, speed, and support. She's decent at midgame if you can parkour. She requires farming for annoying resources, and relies on high-end mods for best results. She gives fire rate, HP, Regen, and crowd control buffs. But for new players? Rhino or frost. Rhino is simple, effective, and noob-friendly. Frost is best for defense and excavation. For the ones you picked, mag is underrated to put it nicely. Very good frame, and versatile. Octavia is as well though she's best with friends since no one uses her buffs. Lastly I'd suggest trying to farm for Equinox prime. She's probably the best nuke frame other than Saryn. Her prime is MUCH easier to get.
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