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  1. I main Valkyr and I barely ever use ripline. I couldn't imagine using it with experimental controls. That sounds like cancer at first thought. All this to add a nerfed version of blink to all archwings... I get that they're trying, and I get the premise. Make the Itzal perform like some Aldnoah.Zero kataphrakt in space battles swinging around asteroids using tethers to dogfight, but for 95% of the use case of archwings, it isn't actually running dedicated archwing missions.
  2. The only one I'm seeing "getting loud and vocal" and pounding the proverbial ground like a child is the one claiming efficient players should "get over yourself". The problem isn't everyone gets blink, it's that everyone gets blink that's now nerfed, but let's just name call and insult them for pointing it out!
  3. Yes, I picked July, because following July you had 2x the drop in players compared to February/March with Fortuna, which got as much attention. Railjack will probably bring people back, and bring in more people if it comes out before Christmas. If it doesn't make it(which it won't on consoles) most media won't cover it. Again not all DOOM AND GLOOM, just saying DE probably should do something about the massive 3 month content draughts before they become a problem.
  4. Averages wouldn't really matter that much. No idea what you're referring to because you block quote. No one was saying it didn't. This is exactly why you claiming I'm fear mongering is hilarious. I'm just saying CAUTION IS ADVISED LEST THAT SITUATION CHANGE. There's not 100k+ concurrent on any known platform. Not even close. Warframe is currently sitting at #11 on Steam. Steam Charts? Did we look at the same darn chart? A -45% isn't steady. That's decline where it has no right to. Yes and those games are usually single player the get their shekels up front. F2Ps must either stay relevant and entertaining with incentives to put money into them or they die. Refer to the Old Blood bug superthread. No one is attacking them or criticising them here. That accomplishes nothing. I'm just pointing out these draughts aren't good and many of their biggest spenders are walking away. Money talks. More than anything here, it will change things for better or for worse. The immediate signs are the quality of this patch. It isn't quite up to snuff. Most aren't which is why I don't consider this a true overhaul but rather a patch job they'll spend 2 months tweaking.
  5. Literally at the bottom of Steam Charts shows the month trend. Statista mapped out the monthy high concurrent and it's... Not great. Not F2Ps. They can't afford to. Other than free entry, easy access, and it relying on a high playerbase? I'm not going to break down the intricacies of a market if you can't get why a 45% drop over 3 months should worry them a bit. You can't show the month, but you should know they have the over half the month up. A previous user said it hasn't changed. But hey don't do any leg work yourself! No, a 45% drop isn't exactly normal for F2Ps subscription? Yeah, but not F2P and not WF, but please explain to me exactly why this is normal and why even though I said "this likely isn't permanent" that I'm screaming the sky is falling. That's one way to say "no sizable content since February"... It's quite sad when your biggest fix seems to break nearly every mod it dealt with. Please just stop and think objectively before replying. It gets boring when all you're going to do is mindlessly defend DE. It's worse than talking about console wars.
  6. Average over the last 3 months puts Warframe 45.01% lower than July's average. That's also according to Steam Charts. Even if the average is current it's still down by a large margin overall. 8,000+ concurrent is nothing to scoff at.
  7. Steam Charts. That's an example. You told me before numbers couldn't be properly compared. Well if you want to get crazy the entirety of October was pretty dead for Warframe, hitting one of the lowest max concurrent player counts of any month. According to Statists the highest last month was 60k while most months have multiple days above 80k so... Feel free to ask DE for that info just to get turned down. Concurrent is what we have, and fortunately it has a strong correlation between total players or the day based on the fact that when Warframe dropped, that number did, too. Yeah, it would be. Healthy isn't averaging 45.01% lower players in 3 months. That's called unhealthy decline. Make up whatever excuses you'd like about it, but most of those "thousands of games" aren't free to play. The only 2 up there are DotA 2 and TF2, both of which beat it. Jedi Fallen Order had a cost to play. Rust had a cost to play. As I said before I don't think it's permanent, but this draught/flood crap isn't working too well. I'm not Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling, I'm just saying the darn numbers are down over the last 3 months. That's absolutely fact.
  8. No, you kept bringing up someone else's argument in reference to mine. I don't care about people praising Destiny 2. This isn't the Bungie.net forums and I'm not here to give them credit for a bad showing on Warframe's part lately. That's making up excuses to deny fairly compelling points. If on 6pm Eastern time Friday night prior to the update numbers were 30% higher than the 2 weeks following the update, an inference can be made as to what caused it. I don't need to account for the weather, holidays, or new games in that time, either. It's fairly obvious, though It seems you just don't want to get it. This is how the basics of plotting trends works and it's definitely more than a "could be". I don't tend to, no, because as my title here shows, I'm on Xbox until cross save. That being said total daily is tracked as well as top concurrent. Again, not sure if you got this, but for the 8th time now I literally couldn't care less what Destiny 2's numbers are nor are they at all relevant to Warframe's. But your opinion on "health" is clearly the golden standard here, right? Here when multiple people have shown the drop and overall loss of player engagement as content has slowed to a crawl. No one is saying it's permanent, no one here wants it to be, either. We just want a happy community and fun stuff to do.
  9. You missed the point entirely. Faring better being the other platforms, which are still without updates. That's an extra 3 weeks of nothing. I didn't mention Destiny 2, nor do I care about Destiny in anyway in relevance to this subject. That's not my argument nor will it be. Sorry but that argument of multiple platforms really doesn't take away from my only point here. If numbers are down on Steam, who already has gotten the update, how do you think consoles are faring? Just because we don't have numbers doesn't mean there wouldn't be a correlation. There's simply nothing else to explain the drop, and losing even 30% in a week should be a bit nerve-wracking if you're a F2P relying on player loyalty and goodwill. Look, if there were a good game that came out, or maybe school started back up, I could see the drop as a blip, but you have what has been a fairly consistent number plummet directly following an update/"overhaul"/nerf. Writing's on the wall. Keep strawmanning my argument with Destiny but all I'm saying is there's clear evidence for correlation here from the numbers we do have, and you have a very vocal group in this community taking it to social networks to complain.
  10. Doubt the rest are faring better. It's the big content draughts, nerfs, rebalances, and no meaningful content that's replayable. Steam lists are just the available sign that numbers are down, and DE has yet to confirm or deny whether that's consistent across all platforms, which they likely wouldn't if it is. That'd be a PR nightmare. It isn't just one thing like the lackluster prime or the grindy frame releases. Content regularity is all over the place, next to none of it was striking a high note with am otherwise exuberant community, and now Vitus sinks for dumb frames, a glitched out annoying Nemesis system, and an otherwise broken melee 3.0 update is calling into question exactly how many employees are actually working on content at this point. Either Ephyrians or whatever is a programming black hole or the rumor is right about DE not really working hard. Either way, they're testing even their most loyal fams' patience and that's not good for anyone from any perspective.
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