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  1. Dear DE, i believe you need to look again at the riven system, or at least how Kuva farming works. It is very painful to , lets say, get a riven for the rubico/ignis/etc, invest 30+ rolls into it , then have it nerfed into nothingness . At this point there is very little reason for me to want to try out rivens, because the whole point of rivens for most people is to augment and pump out more performance from weapons they like ,(and whether we like it or not- these weapons are the popular ones) to then have then nerfed into nothingness after investing hours grinding Kuva survivals for that roll im happy with Please consider making the kuva farming CONSIDERABLY easier (i.e increasing the amount of kuva we get from the kuva pods in survival as time in the survival increases, for example) , ANYTHING, because i think most people are starting to tire of the whole process of unlocking a cool riven, grinding out all the kuva for a nice roll(something completely up to rng), then having those rivens nerfed to the ground till they provide no benefit over a basic mod. At this point i think i'm completely burned out on the whole process. It feels ultimately pointless when i know a cool riven i got will probably be nerfed into the dirt over time. People will not stop using the ignis and rubico because the riven disposition was dropped, their rivens just become worthless--because they are still better than those weapons with higher riven dispositions. Instead look at these lagging weapons and maybe try to buff them Treat the people who invest hours and hours into this a little better, we deserve at least that. This is just my humble opinion. I will probably not farm any more kuva from now.
  2. Having a screen resolution problem, similar to the others reported on this page . Game appears way too zoomed in
  3. Exactly ! The point of rivens is to make "unpopular weapons more usable" . But snipers are already unpopular for "normal" gameplay. This will do nothing for how snipers are used. The numbers will remain exactly the same, and they will nerf them again, until there is no point running a riven on the Rubico or Lanka, and still they will not be dropped. And then we will just have worthless rivens and not a single change in how they are used. When was the last time you saw anything outside the Chroma/Rhino-Trin-Volt-Harrow all carrying a Vectis/Rubico/Lanka meta for a 3x3/4x3/5x3 ? Even without rivens these weapons still will excel at this task! So how will the usage numbers be affected? DE needs to look at their logic here
  4. These are my 2 cents - Sniper rivens do not need to be nerfed. They are used in a very specific scenario - killing eidolons, and they DO NOT enjoy popular use in normal game play. Barely anyone runs around exterminate missions or ESO or anything of the like with a Rubico or Lanka. Nerfing the rivens for these weapons will not do anything for the popularity of other types of weapons for Eidolon hunting - all it does is lengthen the time of eidolon hunts for those who have invested in rivens . Absolutely zero people will show up to Eidolon hunts with a Stug or Burston - they will still go with the rubico's and the lanka's. All this is serving to do is make Eidolon hunting more and more tedious; and with the low drop rate for "worth it", arcanes- inflate that part of the economy even more (1500+ plat for a full set of Energize-i bet this will now go up). There is nothing the player base gains from nerfing the sniper rivens ; it will not encourage people away from the meta, all it does is add more tedium and anger towards the Devs . I love you guys, but you must consider that maybe, the way you designed somethings like Eidolons dictates that players will only use one type of weapon, and slapping that weapon with nerfs, instead of making others better at the same task , will not encourage players to "try out new things". They will stick with what works, albeit even if it works a bit worse than before, because it's literally still the best option . I have nothing but love and respect for this game. Please consider removing the nerf to Lanka/ Rubico /Vectis rivens. It benefits absolutely no-one in terms of player experience
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