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  1. amprex staticor mios bad op for pvp they catach opponents even if the opponent rolls away
  2. who are you do you play warframe are you a pc player are you ps4 player are you a xbox player are you my friend who are you
  3. what limits what aesthetic what would look weird what are you on about
  4. we were told that tennogen would selected a little differently and would arrive in small batches (few selected items at a time) so far my experience has been - longer waiting time - for less tennogen items so far im not impressed by this new "tennogen idea DE came with"
  5. my homie wants helmets to be shared between warframes thats a possibility see as the stalkers group frost,excal,obern all share the same looking stalker helmet
  6. they can share helmets if the rigging between frames are identical but skin na mesh are to different
  7. what wolf credits offer arent anything special the mods or the alt helmets if you dont have them already,
  8. they dont like the name "cloak" change its name to "tenno sheets" something generic @yatus i saw a volt skin because the tennogen maker used the word "Sentient" they got triggered and told the tennogen person their work wont be accepted so that person had to change the name. this syandanna is better looking than all other cape type syandannas in game DE if ugly lantern syandannas can get accepted why is yatus going through so much work to help you get sales by re changing this syandanna multiple times
  9. thats not cocky its called confidence the other player kept getting triggered like you by my words and " saying noob" no thats what being cocky is
  10. ash looks like hes wearing yoga pants cover him whats the next frame you working on
  11. the content cut of tennogen on console is like playing jigzaw were the pieces a missing old tennogen in 2030 might arrive soon
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