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  1. ash looks like hes wearing yoga pants cover him whats the next frame you working on
  2. when is the next tennogen round happening
  3. how long till we get our first katana tennogen ever for consoles and the cuul skins for excal rhino
  4. harrow empty cosmetics 1st can we get A harrow deluxe and prime cuz hes dry as a desert living off only one tennogen skin and one default skin its been almost 2 years since harrow came now next part is CLANS Warframe Clan update look below long list with WHYS at the end -------------------------------------------- - Can we have a new feature to swap same rooms with each other on the map i.e if i have a grand hall upstairs and down stairs i want to be able to switch these grand halls between each other why cuz i dont want lose the decorations i made in the hall. and re edit the dojo layout ---------------------------------------- - Can we have a Colour change for the Clan Flag in our dojo why cuz i dont like the colour blue i want it to be red/black or both making it mutli colours -------------------------------------------- i.e colour change of these objects from Gold to silver or black or red or blue etc - can we have the feature to change the objects colour i.e red corpus objects or Black grineer Objects why cuz i dont like the default colour of the sofa i want a blue sofa or i dont like the blue corpus pillars i want it to be red] --------------------------------------------------- - can we reduce the room destruction time from 2 hours to 30mins why why not ---------------------------------- -Can we have a feature to take our own photos and then put those custom made photos in our dojo or ship why Cuz it will make the dojos even more unique, and i want to display my fashion frame and pets in the dojo. put their screen shots on the walls -------------------------------------------------------------------- -can we have clan war trophy, where we fight other clans and the winner gets a trophy to be in the dojo as a decoration why so Ppl can know why this clan is so cool p.s share these ideas to the DE Clan upgrade list
  5. you havent made a VOLT SKIN yet u thinking of trying it info from console
  6. Survival For War frames future improving the PVP Framefighter PVP Conclave my suggestion Hire New Experts on PVP AND Take PvP Ideas from Other Games can you guys hire a group of people that are brilliant at PVP if destiny+ Division 2 can do it for their shooting pvp if injustice+mortal combat,Sol Calibur 6 teams can do it for their 2D fighting pvp you can do it too Why PVP is another aspect and part of Warframe that needs to be looked not left to die if Pvp gets good then lot of us would be occupied with it. This would buy time for the Devs to improve PVE content How PVP Conclave I made a thread long for lowering the over all speed for Bullet Jumping L1+X,Bullet Rolling L1,Double Jump X,X Cutting Distance in half for Bullet Rolling L1 Bullet Jumping L+X (These PVE stuff must be toned down in pvp when your fighting another warframe who does the same as you, lot of the players dont realise that in PVE the grineer are easy to hit since they dont have warframe abilities of mobility,Many grinner and Corpus stand still and therefore easy to hit ) Taking away knock down ability on Melee stances which cause knock down at the end Weapon reworks based on a formula like head shots do more damage,then body shots,then leg and arm shots are weakest. Adding Bigger Stages with lower and underground access and boxes and vents to climb and take cover behind Adding light and Dark areas in Stages for concealing presence Adding Feature Wall hugging and shooting behind cover, Wall Hugging and Moving while taking cover ---=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- PVP Frame fighter you need to copy S calibur 6 / Injustice /mortal combat teams in this you can create a martial art type and put into a MOD which has a certain fighting style (kung fu,Boxing,kick boxing,Karate,jeet kundi, Mua thai,) that way Frames can change their fighting style with these mods and you dont need to work on individual warframes. so hard giving over 30 warframes unique combos. Loot There should be New Skins and New items each Season to keep content fresh like Destiny does for its players
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