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  1. amprex staticor mios bad op for pvp they catach opponents even if the opponent rolls away
  2. who are you do you play warframe are you a pc player are you ps4 player are you a xbox player are you my friend who are you
  3. what limits what aesthetic what would look weird what are you on about
  4. my homie wants helmets to be shared between warframes thats a possibility see as the stalkers group frost,excal,obern all share the same looking stalker helmet
  5. they can share helmets if the rigging between frames are identical but skin na mesh are to different
  6. ash looks like hes wearing yoga pants cover him whats the next frame you working on
  7. new and different armour attachments each nightwave i dont want to see a reskin version of that wolf of sat armour that would be a big game killer and motivation for doing nightwaves
  8. more like its cuz they are slow and easy to hit why its fun
  9. nice in theory not in practice hasnt that been the case since conclave came out for years all this lovely poetry about "betterment" "tenno vs each other" "greatest enemy themselves" "mobility is a warframes true skill" hasnt done anything to help conclave
  10. these three ideas will revolutionise fashion frame and warframe cosmetics 1. Waist Syandannas This syandanna goes to the waist and stays there We can move our heavy blades up and down using the X Y feature this should also be possible to move syandannas up and down using the X Y feature Also be able to resize the width and length of the waist syandanna 2. Tennogen made attachments - As its name suggests tennogen makers can reskin the attachments already in game and change them completely - maybe even allow tennogen makers to resize the attachments to enlarge or shrink them 3. Separate attachment slot for waist attachments i want to equip Syrinx leg plates (goes on waist) and riv elite-guard leg (goes on shin) both at the same time DE listen
  11. the bodys okay but the helemt looks like embers
  12. can these syandannasbe accepted it will be like a gift for nintendo players This Tennogen round can you DE accept more items cuz the way things are going it will take at least 5 years to get the stuff that most steam players want in game. And can you avpoid warframes that have many skins already ingame like sayn,mesa
  13. im talking abt pvp not pve when you say game you make it sound like im talking about changing pve. when thats not true
  14. Mobility Makes it hit and Miss Problem Lot of the Frustration comes from dealing with the warframe mobilty, (bullet jump,Bullet roll (L1, L1+X) Air glide (L2) when trying to shoot them. lot of the ammo is used up trying to hit the target Why not make the mobility of warframes like the corpus/griner units ( Pve shows their lack of mobility makes them easy to hit and its fun) Solution Why Corpus and griner mobility is still awesome for Warframes to have in PVP they can climb crates/objects they can jump small distances they crouch and cover fire from behind objects they wall hug (stick their back to the wall and shoot/use it as a cover) Wall Hug/Crouch cover fire behind object example Use PVE Maps Better bigger bigger maps with lot of places to hide and stalk opponents (maps huge ones with crates, ladders,stair cases)
  15. your talking gibberish mate, you read my last reply of course it wont make sense you need to combine all my replies to understand what im talking abt (get the full context) you clever wannabe
  16. you wont make as much as your supposed to for the item
  17. i already told you the item price will keep going down
  18. i say there will be competition i played ffxiv they have the auction style market and its bad once a person puts 500 everyone else puts 200 another guy puts 150 so on to 100 the price keeps getting lower for the item as sellers start competing with each other to get a buyer. ( the buyer benefits the most and sellers doesnt get anything good out of it)
  19. i disagree if you had this auction house nonsense ppl would be competing with each other to sell the rivens i.e lowering becuz everyone else is doing the same just to be able to a chance to sell it. instead trade chat shouold be available in open world so you can sell stuff while out and about
  20. let players do what they want they aint breaking rules. your fixation of riven stats doesnt mean much when a riven for a certain wep is sold at 600/500 (regardless if the stats are trash) let a poor man change his situation you riven hungry individual
  21. when is the next tennogen round happening
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