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  1. As stated in the title, the passives for Pennant (Soul Swarm) and Tatsu (Speed buff) only work when playing as the host, which started around update 27.2. This really kills the fun of these swords sometimes. Other threads on this for proof and details:
  2. I've been having the same issue. Soul swarm dosn't build charges when playing as client anymore. It only works properly when hosting or playing singleplayer. This started around the time update 27.2 launched.
  3. Same issue here, tatsu's passive only works as host/in singleplayer missions. This started around the time of update 27.2.
  4. The reduced costs are a welcome change, but I'd like to see component/weapon wreckage repair costs reduced as well, for consistency. Randomized stats compound the problem even further, and I'm always anxious about working on my railjack because of the massive costs of repairing even one component that might be replaceable by the next mission.
  5. I'd love to see liches be more naturally and organically integrated into the game, and become more unique individually. Maybe add a rare chance for liches to spawn like death squads coming after you in normal missions, allow larvlings to spawn in more places and become liches more naturally in some cases, and let multiple liches be active at once, even if just in the background. Of course, alot of this won't be very interesting until more than two sets of voice lines/personality and more than a hand full of ability sets are added. Right now, none of the liches feel very unique after the first few, and it adds to the high monotony of lich hunting, running completely counter to the idea of kuva liches being personal, unique villains for us. For the idea of liches being long lasting foes, eventually getting powerful enough to command ships in railjack, I'd like to see the ability to kill liches and take their weapon as normal, but have them come back again at level 6+ with a more powerful weapon and better gear, and become as powerful as what was teased for the system initially. Perhaps at level 10 or higher, they can become a clan objective to take down, and everyone who takes part in the hunt at that point can then claim kuva/a weapon/a unique railjack avionic or weapon at the crimson branch, once the super-lich commander has been defeated.
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