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  1. Mood. Grendel needs a way to generate energy even for just holding 5-ish enemies at time though, I wish we would immediately get some energy when consuming enemies for energy buffs, or see his whole system reworked, if not just alot of cost decreases.
  2. Oh, the storm palette would be nice, but I wish the actual percentages were listed if it's going to be annoyingly RNG based.
  3. Regarding forma on the Plexus and the aura slot, will aura forma be applicable to the plexus? I hope so.
  4. I'd love to see more Entrati weapons from the orokin lab. I love those hard hitting life leechers.
  5. Really, #3 sounds like the best option. Give players a blueprint, and most of the resources, then direct them to where they may be able to get the rest of what they need.
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