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  1. This event is fantastic! Necramechs felt limited in open world spaces, but in tilesets they're a blast to use, and I hope this event won't be a one-time thing. Although I do wish destroying the resonators would actually shrink the pulse area, as implied, so that people who want to use their frames can have a little more freedom if they focus on the objective, at least from range. Also, although it's an incredibly fun weapon, Mausolon and/or other archguns could use some balance tuning. imo other archguns should be brought to the damage potential of Mausolon, and Mausolon's ammo economy sh
  2. A break is well deserved, and while some may dread them, delays always make a game better on release. I hope the team has a good vacation and plenty of rest! <3
  3. oof they could really use a bot to help them manage the discord tbh
  4. Did you have a credit booster? As others said, running out of time while ahead on points will return your investment, and its possible that a credit booster could double those credits. Edit: I think I misunderstood this a little but now I'm also curious.
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