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  1. Thank you for the info, I had no idea either.
  2. Nekros and endless missions perhaps.
  3. If it wasn't 100p, I would already be at capacity for my orbiter.
  4. Lotus is in the helmet. There is a reason we still have it... front and center in our personal quarters... Wally keeps touching it...
  5. You can ride them in missions. I had an entire team on it. Finally, true endgame material.
  6. Teshin would be a better guide. Also somewhat related, the youtube dude who makes the lore videos... Starlord, he should be a cephalon.
  7. I think this is important. Natah is aware of and acknowledges Wally. The Lotus seemed to shrug it off... Like willingly disregard it as fiction. If that is true, there are some implications.
  8. My transference keeps getting blocked. 😕 Also related, Alad is infested in some of his popup messages. In other ones he isn't. Is this a bug(oversight?) or what?
  9. I want a force cannon. Just a gun that super launches whatever you point it at.
  10. Hi I'm from the future and this man becomes warframe president. Please show respect.
  11. Not gonna happen my dude. DE saying it is just as effective as you saying it. Even if you could, hooking a mouse and keyboard up to a switch kind of defeats the purpose. Consoles have wanted mouse/keyboard compatibility for ages now. Aside from the unfair advantage you'd have over those with controllers, there are a multitude of issues that would happen.
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