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  1. Wait what? Why? This change kind of hurts the Shedu, a lot. This may be a better 'bug turned feature' thing. Unless is has something to do with the new war and had to be fixed? Godsend. Thank you so much.
  2. Just remove the build timer, or permit us to craft more than one at a time.
  3. I didn't receive my umbral forma bp, anyone else?
  4. Her 4 should be a toggle. Push 4 to make bubble, push 4 to explode bubble.
  5. Ambassador Alt Fire is still bugged. No AOE upon hit with an enemy. AOE applies normally when colliding with geometry.
  6. I know you all are working hard to fix it. Thank you and no pressure :P
  7. Could we use helminth to boost some of our base stats on warframes? Trade resources for more sprint speed, dodge speed, armor, etc. Not strength/range/etc.
  8. If the abilities do cold damage, can we make them apply cold procs? If the aqua blades are supposed to clear anything within melee range, the damage should be comparable to a melee weapon.
  9. Could we move augments into the Helminth system? Sit in the chair to tweak your abilities, and not have to sacrifice a mod slot to do so.
  10. 100% agree that the mods should be more accessible prior to starting Steel Path. I don't think this change hits the mark. Arbitrations require a completed star chart, as does steel path. They're both unlocked at essentially the same time, and have similar difficulty. Moving the mods to arbitrations means you have to farm that instead of steel path. You all wanted to encourage more steel path, but this change works against that idea. It's playing a different game mode entirely, and removing the 'good stuff' from Steel Path. The new mods are cool, but totally not required to do steel path. Arguably it would be less taxing for newer players as the base mods (that preform just as well) cost less endo. If we move the new mods to arbitrations, then what do we have to look forward to in SP aside from arcanes? I'm not sure this is a good change, but I am 100% sure the mods are not a requirement to do SP. They should be left in SP as the reward for doing SP. You want the good stuff, gotta earn it. Not sure if you'll see this as I know you're busy. You all get a lot of flak from the community, but I think you all are doing a great job. Thanks. PS- Make Catapult part of Grendel's base ability pls ty pls pls PS+- Could we move augments into the Helminth system? Sit in chair, tweak ability, doesn't require a mod slot.
  11. Uncommon forma is clearly superior to regular forma.
  12. Waypoint the ground, companion holds that position down. Waypoint an enemy, companion attacks that enemy. Requires no extra buttons, which is good as controller real estate is a bit limited. Companion AI is pretty terrible so this may help.
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