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  1. Super massive vacuum range please. For both RJ and AW. Considering how important the regular drops are as well, its a bit of a necessity.
  2. This. We need to get our asses kicked.
  3. Just wanna throw this out because people often forget about it. During the Second Dream stuff, when the stalker is on your ship, he has your operator by the throat after impaling your warframe. Your warframe acts on its own and breaks the sword. You don't control it. Mine was Excal, but its whatever warframe you had equipped for the mission. Meaning regular ol' warframes have some sentience in there. Not sure what that means, but it did happen.
  4. Pretty sure its an 'exploit'. Not sure if its the proper terminology as its things in the game, but not really as intended so.. yeah For those that know, the stealth thing is not an intended way to gain RJ affinity. I don't really want to post more as to inform and promote 'exploit's, but I'd be wary of doing it for those who know. It'll be easy to fix from DE's side retroactively. They can see all affinity gained from a particular mission, and can reverse that. This could end up in a ban, but that is beyond our opinions and solely on DE.
  5. Nah let us valience(sp?) transfer if we get a better version.
  6. You underestimate my void beam son. I'll solo them all.
  7. Pretty sure Vor is going to make a comeback soon. We can only keep prodding around with all the void stuff before the key salesman makes an appearance. I've never thought his story was finished. I always figured there would be something more to him. Perhaps with the new war and duviri, we may see some answers. At least, I really hope that his story has more to it. He was our first date, after all...
  8. The infested are simple. They see something, they eat something. Out of everyone they're the peaceful ones imo. WHY DO YOU REJECT OUR BEAUTY
  9. Vote kick option would be awesome. I see the potential for abuse though, so may not be a good idea. I feel like DE is aware of the issue and something will be done about it. RJ is going to go through many changes. All we can do right now as players is raise our concerns and report any issues as we come across them.
  10. Rhino buff affects turret damage Nezha buff works on AW Wisp Buffs affect AW ...but Hydroid is the only acceptable captain of the ship.
  11. Bigger Vaccum Some type of loot radar Also Nekros can summon ramsleds as shadows and its wonderful.
  12. Fixed ability to yeet the Jordas Golem with Itzal’s Arch Line ability, thus breaking the mission. 😎
  13. Who needs conclave when you have this thread to battle your opponents. Wow.
  14. Love conclave. Wish it would be developed more. The only problem I can see is the influx of toxic people. It would be limited to that game mode though, but its everywhere competition is. They need more game modes. Also They need certain loadouts. I don't think every single weapon in the game could be fit into a small, competitive package. Keep the current "BYOG", but have other modes where you can only select from certain weapons, or no abilities, or everyone has the same shield/health. Bratons, aklatos, etc. (You don't own the weapon, just gain it for the match) It would make it more balanced for sure. Maybe they could reuse the thing in the intro where you select between the bow//braton and throwing knives//lato. Place pickups on the map like a sniper, run up to hit X and swap. Limited ammo and etc. There is so much that can be done here. If warframe had a good pvp, it would attract a LOT of people.
  15. I would absolutely love to have more players in game. I think it would really bump railjack to the next level.
  16. Drops from ships need to automatically be picked up preferably, if not they need to be marked. They're insanely difficult to see, especially with certain skyboxes such as Saturn's. There is no telling how much loot I've left behind because I had no idea it was there. The vacuum buff was nice, but needs to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger. Especially on AW. We need a lot of loot to upgrade things, but its severely hindered right now. We can barely see the drops, and it takes way too long to fly to them and grab them. Considering we need them to forge things, this is a bit of a bigger issue. Also the removal of hitscan on AW weapons... I can understand why it happened... Imperator and Phaedra and Velocitus would just make the others obsolete. However its super difficult to even hit the enemy now. At most we can spray and pray while trying to lead our targets, but in practice its not very effective. AW weapons need to be looked at overall. EDIT: Oh, and the cap on the magic foam, munitions, and the rest are too low. Specifically the foam. We should be able to have 1000 foam ready to go before we start the mission. Let us stockpile Also the whole 200 limit on the forge is very low. Most people are unaware of the refine feature.
  17. Honestly, just the Imperator (vandal) and the Phaedra. Spray and pray is about all we can do. The removal of hitscan really crippled AW weapons.
  18. Hopefully in the new year they'll take a priority to revisiting most of the game. Frames, game modes, etc
  19. Just wanna throw out that if liches are gonna be a more permanent thing, I'm gonna be a little upset if i get an ugly lich with doofus voice acting. :S
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