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  1. I think this hotfix broke power donation. It's not subtracting power str and seems to have no effect
  2. Can we make the tranq rifle silent? It breaks Ivara's prowl ability. Also, can we change the footprints while hunting? Either make them brighter or change the color to something other than white - the same color as the snow everywhere.
  3. Can we please make the tranq rifle silent? It breaks ivaras prowl. :(
  4. I can understand not wanting to announce it prior due to market manipulation, however, you all have to understand how much plat was invested into these rivens. People grind for these, and it more of an endgame thing. The changes don't really affect bad weapons. So they got a little buff? This won't necessarily cause people to use them. This did 'ruin' a lot of weapons for a lot of people. If anything make new rivens take on these properties, but don't make it a retroactive change. I feel so bad for the people who dropped 1k plat on a riven, only to have it nerfed. I haven't read every post on this thread, but the majority I've seen all view this change as negative.
  5. +1 for being able to kill the drones with abilities I would love to use excal, but I have to turn off his 4 to kill the drones.
  6. On the warframe launcher, have you tried clicking the gear icon at the top right? Verify and such. If your computer did not have a problem prior to updating, but did afterwards, its most likely the update. You can reasonably rule out drivers and such unless you changed something major.
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