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  1. Tengo el mismo problema. Esperemos que puedan arreglar el chat hoy.
  2. The New Corpus Missions I like them. They're very rewarding, giving you lots of resources, and while getting weapon wreckage from Corpus missions seems to take a lot longer compared to weapon wreckage from Grineer skirmishes, I'd say it still feels pretty good. The one exception is probably the Railjack Defense mission, not because I dislike Defense, or even the tileset, but because it's an endless mission where the Railjack has nothing to do with the endless part. If you were to decide to play for 20 waves of Railjack Defense, it'd just be 20 waves of Defense, there's literally no Ra
  3. I got rank 10 gunnery today and quickly regretted my decision. If adding a toggle to rank 10 gunnery isn't possible, can we at least get the ability to reset intrinsics for those of us that made a mistake, like getting rank 10 in gunnery in my case? I feel like I made a terrible mistake that I cannot undo since I don't really use the snapping mechanic to begin with, and so I'm just left with all my Railjack guns being permanently downgraded. 😞
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