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  1. When you enter an Orphix Venom mission, during rotations A, B and C, you can randomly get parts of the Lavos Warframe, his signature weapon, and some Necramech mods, this would normally make, at least potentially, for a very tedious farm, if you're planning on getting everything, depending on how lucky you happen to be. Father's shop also sells all parts of Lavos, his weapon, and all Necramech mods previously mentioned, which solves the issue of potentially endless farming due to bad luck by creating a "ceiling" to the amount of time you must spend repeating the mission for random rewards
  2. The "No Warframes Allowed" idea comes from the missions where you need to use the mech because somebody farted a big one and now Warframes are basically toasters. I'm absolutely positive that the only reason Warframes can enter the missions at all is because the entire event is a regular, copy-pasted Warframe mission where they expect you to use Necramechs exclusively, so you have to switch to your Necramech manually using the tool wheel because that's literally easier to code than making an actual, Necramech-exclusive mission. The fact that Warframes can enter a mission where Warfra
  3. I wish they took us out of our comfort zones more often, but this ain't it. You're just gonna get in a Necramech, blast everything to hell instantly and call it a day. The problem with forcing the usage of Necramechs in this manner is that it'll make it so that the minigame has to be balanced around the Necramech and vice versa rather than the Necramech around the game at large.
  4. Have they actually confirmed that the Warframe-disabling fart doesn't actually disable Warframes and using Necramechs or renting Necramechs is more of a suggestion rather than a must? It didn't sound like a mere suggestion to me, but maybe I was wrong all along?
  5. Okay, I like the mechs too, doesn't mean I'm sold on forcing its usage because the balance around the necramechs may become too similar to that of operators. If it's usable in the event where we force its usage, it's fine, anything outside of that, eh. I want gameplay features, not more minigames in their own little bubbles. I'm particularly less fond of anti-Warframe fart bubbles.
  6. I know my post is long, but you could at least read it before making such a comment. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Allowing players to play with Necramechs in regular missions on top of open world areas? I have but one thing to say about that: Great idea. even if Necramechs aren't great in some situations or whatever, if you give me more options, I just have to say it again: GREAT idea. Forcing players to play with Necramechs whether they like it or not, and not allowing anything else with no good reason? Terrible idea. Now, before anyone lets me know about things I already know, lemme just say it myself: "It's just an event, you don't have to play it" or "Just suffer th
  8. I can confirm that this is indeed an issue, exactly as reported in the description. It's basically a massive waste of time depending on cloud walker's duration if you happen to hit a ledge while activating cloud walker, because it just teleports you back to that ledge, regardless of where you ended up being by the end of the cloud walker duration. This has been an issue for a while, hopefully this doesn't mean that we're in the "abandoned" stage of bug fixing. It's also unrelated to Bonewidow, I know. Maybe see if you can get some time during one of the many "Bonewidow fix" patc
  9. Yes, I know you can make punches go from 1 damage to 2 damage with these mods, literally nobody goes on a necramech to punch anything, and before some newbie shows up in here saying "But Ironbride though" Those 2 mods DON'T EVEN WORK ON IRONBRIDE LOL On a more serious note, if the title and previous joke of a paragraph didn't make it clear enough, Necramech Fury (Melee Attack Speed) and Necramech Pressure Point (Melee Damage) do not work on Bonewidow's Ironbride because it's technically an "Archmelee" weapon, which means they only work on those little necramech punches, so equipping these
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