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  1. With me that typically happens before a host migration. Are you experiencing host migrations before this happens to you?
  2. You could just rebuild them, would most likely take less time
  3. I got this from way to much time in trade chat. Sure you can sell them higher, and you might even find buyers here and there. But on average that's the price I see that gets the most hits and is listed most in WTS.
  4. Not on PS4. Lots of people sell sculptures, but at best if you had an Anasa you can get 5 or 6p filled. All the other ones will run around 3 to 4p.
  5. Also, there are websites like rivenmarket.com where you can look up rivens for sale, and get an idea of where prices are for the stats that most closely resemble what you have on your riven. DE also now provided riven sales stats to give you a general idea of what is being traded currently. I am by no means a riven selling expert, but that's is what I know about it. HOpe it helps.
  6. Ok, using Kuva, you can re-roll the stats on a riven to (hopefully) get better ones. Each time you roll a riven the cost in kuva to roll it again goes up to a certain cap (3k kuva a roll I think, don't quote me there).
  7. Sooner or later your going to want to join a clan, what clan depends on how you like to play. The benefits are the BP that you can only get in a dojo, but also people to play with, get to know ext. If you a more solo player, clan mates can help guide you and answer questions. There are casual clans and really serious clans, and clans in between. Just check out recruitment chat, there are always clans looking for members.
  8. Zarr is pretty popular on PS4. If you sell it as a zero roll with the current stats you might get around 50P ish. Rivens are really hard to price. If you roll and get better stats you could get more, but if you roll it to many times without getting good stats the value drops. So to roll or not to roll is up to you.
  9. My issue with Arbitrations is that they are not great for solo players. I usually play solo, and I don't mind the 1 death (though if I could bank the revive beacons in solo play that would be great), but the length does stink for solo play. Especially if the enemies are going to scale faster. I see that making the time investment more fun for groups, but it will make things much harder for solo play. I want a challenge, but not a Dark Souls level challenge. I also like the suggestions I have seen above to make the drones buff the enemies, but not make then invincible. I have had issues with the drones clipping into the environment and therefor I get surrounded by invincible enemies. That's not challenge, that's a death trap.
  10. OMG this made my day, I love both games and Atlas really does need a neck.
  11. This is indeed a step in the right direction, but I would love to see some sort of 'shop' ability in game. I have been thinking for a while that perhaps Dojo's could get a market room where all the members could post what they have for sale with set plat values, and people could search the system, and just go buy the item they want from whatever dojo shop they want. I'm not to keen on a bidding system, but an ingame warframe market essentially. I find it rather tedious to have to sit on warframe market or in trade chat for hours on end to sell items or to buy items I am looking for. I think would fix the issues with the trade chat system by making trade chat itself unnecessary. Would also fix the "Riven Mafia" as it would become very apparent very quickly if one group of people or one clan was holding all the grolls and charging insane amounts. They the community itself could act and police itself and its prices to an extent by who they choose to buy from. Anywho, TY again DE for addressing the issue and trying to find solutions. I hope my idea above or something similar can happen someday. TY also for making your premium currency obtainable for people that would have no financial way to get it otherwise. Its a great thing for that system to be in place at all, and I hope to see it improve.
  12. Here is my entry, just finished the painting up today. First time doing an entirely hand painting poster, it was a fun challenge. Based off of the general layout of the original Hellraiser poster. Good luck to everyone. -BlightDragon89 on PS4
  13. Well I'm ready to throw my horns in the ring, so to speak. Clan Name: Clan Elder Dragon Clan Tier: Mountian Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Role: ChaosDragon (Founding Warlord) Dojo was designed by myself and built with the help on the clan. There is more in progress but here is what we have finished thus far. Good luck to all the other dojo's, your work is amazing! Going to start the tour in our spawn room Elder Dragon Hall This is our Water Garden This is our clan pet and mascot, the Grenier MechDragon On the lower level is The Den, newly remade into an ice cave This is our lovely maple garden And last but not least, our Tenno one percent room, a homage to the Orokin treasures we have found.
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