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  1. Imagine feeling that saying that people should not be murdered based on race is toxic. Or political for matter. Just..... wow. Also, they have talked about other issues before, have done many charity streams and events for other things like cancer, providing food to the poverty stricen, the wildfires in Australia ect.
  2. As a PS4 Clan Warlord and alliance co-founder, I will not beat around the bush. You will end up with toxic jerks. The important part, IMO (and what has worked for me) is having rules and sticking to them. The 'no rules' clans tend to be jerk/troll mecha. When in recruit chat, don't expect people to read your clan requirements. They usually don't. So once you get talking to someone, make sure you ask them if they meet your requirements and give them the rules of your clan right up front. Make sure they know the expectations before they even join. Don't get discouraged if people try to tell you that having simple rules like respect are stupid. If they think that, you don't want them anyway. Do not be afraid to kick trouble makers. Find and an alliance that can give you advice and help you along. I wanted to keep that real, so I do hope it helps. GL Tenno.
  3. In this very thread, Dani let us know that this is not hotfixable error. So unfortunately, we are going to have to wait till deadlock update for a fix.
  4. Rivenmarket is not affiliated with DE, so you would need to contact their support directly.
  5. If you are talking about the website warframe.market, it is not affiliated with DE, so you would have to contect there support page directly if you are having issues with the site.
  6. Sounds like a relic farm. Nothing against ToS about it. Hella dedication to set that all up, but if that is all they do in the game, they could do well in TC. Seems a pretty boring way to play the game to me, and I am an avid relic runner, LOL. But, that is up to them, and strange as it is to only do that, there is nothing I can think of that is no allowed to be done.
  7. There is no one answer for this question. Each person will have a different set up that they like.
  8. I am having the same issue with invites, says everyone is offline. I was inviting people to my dojo fine this morning. Not I can't inv anyone and no one can inv me. When i try to inv i get the ' (insert name) apears to be offline' error and when i try to accept their inv i get 'host not found". I to restarted everything, nothing fixes it on my end.
  9. Unfortunately its the same on all platforms that I know of. I have region chat turned off for a reason, LOL.
  10. Like I said bro, I don't disagree with you. I was just saying I think he has gotten laughed at enough for such a dumb decision. No need to kick a dead horse and all that. But hey, you do you. Was just IMO.
  11. Poor new guys has had enough toxicity for the day. I don't disagree with what you mean, but he could be young and just not know better.
  12. Unfortunetly, as it says in game when you go to Maroo's for trading, DE does not enforce trades for Promises, and coupons are consitered promises. Therefor there is nothing that can be done. You can try contacting supoort, but again, in says right in game not to trade for non-items. Also, it is against forum rules to name other players, so you might want to edit your post.
  13. Never listen to a troll in chat. I am sorry that you ran into your first toxic player. You will not get plat, and your ban will be anywhere from 3 to 7 days more then most likely. You have learned a valuable lession unfortunetly. I hope the rest of your expirences in the game are better in the future. Also, bans cannot be helped here, you would have to contact support. Fair warning, they most likely will not lift the ban.
  14. Using a Ludoplex that is in your Dojo also counts, so this does not need to be locked out for anyone. I checked this morning for my low level members in our dojo and it works.
  15. Well, on her stream yesterday, she said that where as they are looking for another solution, we will most likely have to wait for the next cert build. At least we know.
  16. I might be mistaken then, i believe it was like that in the beginning. Perhaps they changed it and I didn't know about it.
  17. Ya, it does suck, but at least they were up front about it.
  18. In the home Devstream two Fridays ago. I don't have a timestamp for the comment though.
  19. You have to confirm any in game plat use, so it is you wasting your on plat by not paying attention to what you are doing. If you didn't have a slot open for the frame you were trying to rush, then it would ask you to buy a slow first. Next time make sure you have a slot open before rushing. That being said, we have all done it. Unless support is willing to reverse the transaction, you are out. Consider it a learning experience. As suggested above, if you do write support, being so salty will not get you very far.
  20. DE has said that migrations will not happen again. DE Steve on *i believe* the last dev stream also said that they are aware that cross-save would be great, but the tech is not there to do it effectively with this game. Unfortunately, it's just not possible at this time. The main issue seems to be that PC gets updates before console, and they get way more Tennogen then we do do to having to the tennogen from the creators to put it on console platforms. There is no way to do cross save like that. So they are not taking their time, they looked into it and it is not possible at this time.
  21. Hey Dani, any update on getting a fit though cert, or will we have to wait for the next console update? Since the next console update is a ways off, I hope that is not the case. Any info you have would be most welcome. TY
  22. You have to go into the Leverian with a level 30 (maxed) ash or ash prime in order for the card to show up. Same as the rest of the cards.
  23. I have also notices that its energy color brightens when you are moving so you know when it's actually dealing damage. Quite handy
  24. God of bugs? You CLEARLY have never played a Bethesda RPG.
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