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  1. There are no 'codes' for plat. If you want plat on PS4, you either have to buy it from the PSN store, or farm prime sets and trade them for plat in Trade Chat. I have been playing on PS4 for over a year and I assure you that if anyone you don't know offers to give you free plat, its a scam. People asking for free plat get scammed all the time, so I don't suggest doing so. You can, however, so as you wish, this is just some advice.

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    • Clan Name: Clan Elder Dragon
    • Clan tier: Mountain
    • Clan platform: PS4
    • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord and builder. Photo credits goes to clanmate Renition
    • https://imgur.com/0PEhKCo0PEhKCo.jpg



    This is the Solaris United Rec Center and Arcade. Every hard worker need a place to relax.RbinlaS.jpg

    This is the Astroglade, a place of battle. View the epic dragon battle from the central viewing tower.



    The Black Queen's garden. A quite place of mystery. Counterpoint to next garden.


    The Red Queen's Garden, will you make it thru with your head still attached?



    Elder Dragon Hall, our central hub.


    The Cetus Fishing Camp, spend a night under the starts warning yourself by the fire and cooking your catch after a long day fishing. (Which was indeed better then a good day working)


    The Frozen Hideaway. Getting to hot in the Origin system tenno?, cool off here. You might even find some new friends hiding out here as well.


    Meet The Mechanist, The Broken Dragon. He had been in this underwater cavern for quite a long time and has seen better days. Some of his scales are missing, but he is an imposing figure never the less.


    A Dragons Oath, even the rules of the clan need to look their best.



    The Observatory. Power surges due to the ongoing battle outside in the Astroglade.



    Octorok, The Guardian of the Swamp. My little Legend of Zelda tribute with a decidedly mechanical spin. He found a home here guarding his swamp from all who dare enter.


    Raising A God. What does it take to raise a God?, look deeper to find out (see below)


    Well, it seems to take quite a collection of animals. Now we know what they are getting up to after conservation.



    The Tenno One Percent, it's where our high rolling traders come to hang out and experience an Orokin Hall rebuilt, and a small museum of Orokin relics brought back from our many travels.


    Throne of the Chaos Dragon. Where I go to calm myself after a long day of clan business and farming.


    The Trophy Room, one of the oldest rooms in the Dojo. Here resides a collection of artifacts from every corner of the Origin system from many members of the clan. (More details below)


    Our noggle collection and other such trophies.


    Our collection of Fortuna memories.


    The entrance to the Trophy Room


    Dragon Vault. Our mighty Grenier inspired dragon guards our vault. He might have other secrets he is guarding as well. Keep an eye out.


    The Dark Woods. Do you like long walks thru the forest? You might not after this experience. Dark shapes linger in every corner, glowing eyes watch you from every angle. Strange lights dance among the dead trees. Can you solve this rooms' mysteries?



    This is Alice's garden. I decided to put expectation on their head with this room.


    Cryostorage, I don't like to leave any room alone for to long. Getting our snowman army back behind the glass was tricky at first, but I found a way >;).


    And our tour ends with Frosty, the frost dragon. What dragon themed dojo would be complete without a great ice dragon with his horde.




  2. I am trying to finish up my clans pigments, and set up memoriam purple to be the pigment to collect. I farmed the vallis for about 30min and received 0 pigment drops with both resource bosters activated. (this is on PS4 btw).

    So I restared my game as I have noticed someone the right pigment wont drop until I restart. Went out framing for about another hr, I know I killed the right enemies, and still 0 drops. My clanmates reported the same thing happening to them.

    I have since switch the color we are researching to one that drops on the regular star map, Orange to be exact, and we are getting pigment drops with no issue. 

    I hope you can check on the pigment drops in the Orb Vallis on PS4, as I think there is a bug there some where. I have seen on the forums that others are having the same issue with other Fortuna colors. TY for taking a look.

  3. I have had this issue with the purple Fortuna pigment. Most of my clanmates did as well. I think Fortuna pigment drops are bugged. I had the right pigment set up in my dojo, restarted the game, all the usual stuff and the pigment just would not drop. *this reminds me I have to put in a support ticket about this, LOL*

  4. My issue with Arbitrations is that they are not great for solo players. I usually play solo, and I don't mind the 1 death (though if I could bank the revive beacons in solo play that would be great), but the length does stink for solo play. Especially if the enemies are going to scale faster. I see that making the time investment more fun for groups, but it will make things much harder for solo play. I want a challenge, but not a Dark Souls level challenge.

    I also like the suggestions I have seen above to make the drones buff the enemies, but not make then invincible. I have had issues with the drones clipping into the environment and therefor I get surrounded by invincible enemies. That's not challenge, that's a death trap.

  5. This is indeed a step in the right direction, but I would love to see some sort of 'shop' ability in game. I have been thinking for a while that perhaps Dojo's could get a market room where all the members could post what they have for sale with set plat values, and people could search the system, and just go buy the item they want from whatever dojo shop they want. I'm not to keen on a bidding system, but an ingame warframe market essentially. I find it rather tedious to have to sit on warframe market or in trade chat for hours on end to sell items or to buy items I am looking for.

    I think would fix the issues with the trade chat system by making trade chat itself unnecessary. Would also fix the "Riven Mafia" as it would become very apparent very quickly if one group of people or one clan was holding all the grolls and charging insane amounts. They the community itself could act and police itself and its prices to an extent by who they choose to buy from.


    Anywho, TY again DE for addressing the issue and trying to find solutions. I hope my idea above or something similar can happen someday. TY also for making your premium currency obtainable for people that would have no financial way to get it otherwise. Its a great thing for that system to be in place at all, and I hope to see it improve.

  6. Well I'm ready to throw my horns in the ring, so to speak.

    Clan Name: Clan Elder Dragon

    Clan Tier: Mountian

    Clan Platform: PS4

    Clan Role: ChaosDragon (Founding Warlord)


    Dojo was designed by myself and built with the help on the clan. There is more in progress but here is what we have finished thus far.

    Good luck to all the other dojo's, your work is amazing!


    Going to start the tour in our spawn room Elder Dragon Hall


    This is our Water Garden47gV6ac.jpgcAp9lYj.jpg

    This is our clan pet and mascot, the Grenier MechDragonXKEFl8l.jpg

    On the lower level is The Den, newly remade into an ice caveYCE6ydr.jpgt2T4KBN.jpg

    This is our lovely maple gardenqh5woKw.jpgWpPBqPc.jpg

    And last but not least, our Tenno one percent room, a homage to the Orokin treasures we have found.RgRrUKD.jpgeOpE5AM.jpg


  7. Loving onslaught, but I am noticing the same issues everyone above is. Trying to get Khora parts just don't seem to exsist, efficientcy seem to drop off way to fast (not in a challenging way, in an unbalanced way) starting around round 6. At higher rounds enemy's don't come fast enough are are not worth enough efficiency to keep Simaris happy. Running it solo is darn near impossable. I have not even tried elite yet. This is all based on normal onslaught. Again, love the mode, hope to see some more balance come to it to make it even better. Thanks for all you do DE team.

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