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  1. You got me at Profit-Taker Articula *w*
  2. Aw, why you had to nerf the Revenant hunting animals method... Orb Vallis is a lagfest for me, there's no other way to farm for standing there...
  3. Aw, all the Operator hairs are so girly :C
  4. Mine so far (for science): Credits: 35 Grand finale: 8 Meso: 1 Axi: 1 Neo: 3 WIsp: 1 Display: 3
  5. I'm really glad for the Operator clothes overhaul, they look so much better; but I think you really overdid the seams on the Zariman suit. It supposed to a be a space-suit kind of thing right? But now it just looks like some cosplay pieces thrown on with gigantic seams.
  6. My "Overkill Oberon" loadout, spam 2 everywhere and watch everything die 😄
  7. O boy, thanks! I though it was an Orbiter part like the Foundry or the Doggo incubator
  8. Am I stupid or what? I bought the game thingie from Simaris but have no idea where to start playing it?
  9. I'm so happy it lasts til 14th, I leave tomorrow and won't have internet until 12th TwT
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