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  1. I've spent the past few weeks raging my &#! off about this update, but this... well this reminds me why your my favorite gaming company. Unlike the terrible Dota 2 patches from the unresponsive Volvo, you guys not only listen, but you apologize. Good job everyone, you've restored my faith.

  2. Not good enough. Hotfixes are appreciated but U10 is still behind a paywall and that's not okay.


    This! ^ Why are Void Keys free but I have to grind to get to Golem? You guys worked so hard to redo Golem, but he's turning out to be the most hated and least played boss simply because of these greedy keys. I love you DE, but this is not okay.

  3. So this is a little ARG to unlock the next update I presume? This is something I can get behind.

    Going on the "Saving" idea, each of those lines is unique, which probably means each is a letter. The lengths are diffrent, and the the ones that are the same length seem to have a mark to make it unique from the others.


    We made it
    This is the best you ever tasted. Orokin potato soup is incredible. The boiling was a success. The Hyena cooked it.  There are million liters prepared. Should we lunch? The traitorous Lotus will eventually find the recipe.
    Please taste it,
    Chef-master Apacus



    10/10, You've won the entire thread.

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