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  1. the think is you can still farm nekros prime but not the ephemera,me and more players had our warframe linked with twitch and we watched tennocon and got nothing. and we all getting the same massage in warframe support like its our fault that there was an "error" with our link.
  2. http://prntscr.com/og4jjl why support is lying to me? i just want the lotus ephemera,i dont care about the **** nekros prime... this is the answer that all the players with my problem will get,no help at all from support. feels bad and unfair.
  3. no,it means those score used exploits,thats all.
  4. thats true,i dont think players consider runs above 20k an exploit tho. i know they wasted twelve hours and even more to get to 200k or even 300k but its still an exploit.
  5. u mad? DE will be cheacking the scores,dont worry. nice jobe defending your clan.
  6. you blind? i said i dont care about me getting high score. but those players that reached such a high score would not have dont that without exploiting.
  7. do you have a proof its not an exploit? and as i said,we had score around 100k-231k that got deleted because of exploiting. and i dont want to get to a score such as 100k or more.
  8. ive told already,i dont care about getting high score. i got 14700 score with my clan members and its enough for us. i hope DE will take care of those players and delete their score.
  9. you have a proof that it was a legit run? no,you dont. most of the high score that got deleted was from quasars clan,you guys finding exploit in any event/operation.
  10. ofc youre defending your clan,idc about my score,i did enough so my clan will get the rewards. you had players from your clan with higher score like 231k that got deleted,the other players whom their score didnt get deleted are lucky. u cant reach 151k without exploiting,the enemies have minilons of hp.
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