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  1. all that needs to be done to please everybody is bring back quick melee, allow people to manually block, and you're golden. people who for some reason love the more restrictive new system can have it, and people who have grown used to the old system can have what they have been using for years and come to love. a massive amount of people loved this game for its melee combat, and you knew this, DE. why would you gut a system that people love? many of these issues could be avoided by moving away from releasing updates in "phases"; release updates when they're ready to be released instead of releasing things that aren't even half finished. i believe i speak for the vast majority of the community when i say that people would prefer to wait a few more months for the finished update to be released as opposed to having a unfinished mess shoved down our throats.
  2. "how does this make any difference?"... by making the riven less powerful? that was a silly question
  3. Most of these changes make no sense: buffing amazing weapons and nerfing awful ones. Sometimes I wonder if DE plays their own game.
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