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  1. Is there gonna be any difference or changes in the kuva lich system wether it be killing our liches on the grinner ships or killing them on the controlled planet they are on? Also if there is gonna be any changes to the requiem murmurs as well cause it takes very long to kill a lich.
  2. I suppose there is still no changes to those grinding requiem murmurs? The grind time is really time consuming whether it be new or converted liches
  3. Is there gonna be any changes to the requiem murmurs other than adding kuva for kuva liches as a reward for all squadmates? The grind is still simply insane. Also if Kuva weapon bp trading is even possible cause converting kuva liches is also a little time consuming.
  4. I think the main problem with the kuva lich system is grinding those requiem murmurs. I rather revert back the grind part for murmurs to be shared among squadmates when helping to kill his/her kuva lich. Also i rather sell/trade my duplicates kuva weapon blueprints rather than converting my kuva lich for trading those kuva weapons that i already have because its too much time consuming and it discourages new players as a whole. If this changes can be done, i think the kuva lich system would be perfect.
  5. Not really much of an improvement. Still no improvements to grinding requiem murmurs cause its real slow. And its kinda of frustrating to get duplicates just to convert my kuva lich in order to trade for another kuva lich of the kuva weapons i want and its time consuming. I would rather trade my kuva weapon bp to trade for another kuva weapon i want if thats even possible....
  6. I cant seem to refine my relics. The refinement button is not working. Please fix this
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