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  1. i will test how long the connection could take (warframe minimised and waiting) i hope it wont crash in the meantime sorry i had just now the time for watching the stream just saw that it has many problems anyway ..
  2. Hi, i tested the venus hub 8 times today on solo mode ... its not starting and only showing a black screen and i need to shut warframe down manually in order to close the application
  3. Boiler not released yet??? i found a big guy with a "club" that was swinging it at me and it wasnt a brood mother ... still no boiler points earned
  4. Yes finally someone with the same problem! the moment i go into stealth some enemies get dead aim on you the whole time ... i even had encountered moas that could shoot through their backs just to hit me while being invisible! those enemies wont stop hitting you with 100% accurancy and never stop till they are dead or you are (even while rapidly moving and/or evading like mad while in stealth mode) best to use invisibility while no one is near at the moment then rush to the next enemies to prevent this bug this even happens to ash if th eenmies are too far for the flash but to clos
  5. on a side note: anyone figured out if the new eris enemies count ??? we could max it and do eris missions during the wait for more alerts?? If that works we dont have to 100% depend on the alerts
  6. you all got problems im sitting at 1 BYTE yes 1B/second do you know how long this will take?? i dint even knew that such a slow download was possible sitting 3 hours and only 1b/second its notz even a single kb
  7. wait can you use the health leech mod on afuris too??? the only reason i use the furis is to get some health back whenever i need it... just saw that you CANT use it on any dual furis ... thrown
  8. dont know if sub-related but i would buy your snipertron vandal and the normal sniperstron ... they are the ONLY things i dont have !!! its like never getting 100% just because you were to late to join the hype i agree with the prices of 500 and 1k but i think the vandal could even outgrow that price easilie as its the "most wanted weapon" for many players out there that got everything expect the snipetron (can imagine quiet some end gamers who want to get a piece of this and who may made some plat over the years!)
  9. sometimes after killing all targets the game spawns in the missing ones in tilesets that were clean before (happens mostly if many kaders/groups are at one extermination node) maybe its a code error that spawns additionla enemeis even while you have reached maximum?
  10. same here same problem lol even the same graphic card! i juast lowered the resolution a bit and it was running fine as long no one spams phys x effectl like mad (booben im looking at you) if you have a 16:9 screen try the lower matching resolution (just one step lower to not mess up the quality)
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