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  1. I've posted three! I hope you enjoy them:
  2. The Specter Theme: Vengeful dead, ghost, skeleton, zombie, necromancy victim, because Wisp is more of a fae then an angry ghost Passive: Has a %50 percent to ignore Puncture, Impact, and Slash damage. (I wrote this before Xaku...) Ability 1: Weight of Guilt: Skeleton hands come from the ground and hold enemies in in a circular area of 15m in place for 20 seconds. Hold button to aim. Strength slightly increases area, Duration increases duration, Range increases the area and effect range. Ability 2: Ghost Walk: Specter enters the rift (incorporeal), becomes invisible and sile
  3. The Beast of All Shapes Theme: Werewolf, druid, beast, animal, sun and moon Passive: While it is night in the Plains of Eidolon, this Warframe gains 20% melee damage. While it is day in the Plains of Eidolon, this Warframe gains 20% shot damage. While on Lua, it is always considered night. Ability 1: Regrowth: A recent corpse becomes a tree which spawns an energy orb, health orb or ammo. The tree stays for a small time providing temporary cover as trees are taller then Warframes. Only 3 trees can exist at one time. Strength slightly increases tree size, Duration increases tr
  4. The Admiral Theme: Military, Grineer, Primary, Gun, Explosives, Tank, Tactic, Artillery, Missiles, Rifle, Bazooka, Navy Passive: Significantly reduced recoil with all Primary weapons. Ability 1: My Rifle: Summons a slightly better than average assault rifle, 2 bullets cost 1 energy. An Exalted Primary! Strength increases Damage, Duration increases Fire Rate, Range increases accuracy and range. Ability 2: Bunker: Summon a quarter circle wall higher than Warframes crouching. Lasts about 30 seconds and is invincible. Hold button for placement. Can only be placed on a floor, Wa
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