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  1. 1. Are you aware of and going to fix the terrible lag inside the orbiter that was introduced into the game from the last update? 2. Sort of a joke question, but not really, are you going to steer Warframe back to being about Space Ninjas or are you are you going to double down on this terrible space-combat mode?
  2. I've tried turning vsync off/on and changing other settings and nothing gets rid of it. It comes and goes like every 30-60 seconds and when it hits my frames drop below 60fps.
  3. I'm MR 28, I don't build much of anything these days, maybe a forma here and there. This lag is a recent addition, it must have been introduced within the last couple patches because I've never noticed it before a few weeks ago.
  4. I don't know what changed with the last couple updates, but the performance of the game has tanked considerably. Inside my Orbiter I regularly experience frame rate drops, freezes and stuttering. When using menus there is noticeable input lag with the cursor to a point where I'm constantly clicking on the wrong menu item. I don't know how it's possible, but the game seems to run worse inside my Orbiter then out in a mission.
  5. Ever try to join a Railjack mission? More often then not, you will find there is no group available. Which means most people are either playing with pre-formed groups, playing alone or just not playing the mission at all. I think people just aren't playing this game mode much. Stacked on top of this disinterest, are the absurd levels of grind and RNG, making it even more unappealing. When you finally finish your Railjack quests and everything is forged, you are greeted with the most tedious missions, where your Railjack is ineffective and you're forced to use your Archwing in order to make the starting experience some what bearable. All of this has turned many players away and most choose to not even bother with Railjack at all. I come from a tightly knit clan, we have a handful of members, we run Nightwave every week, do Sorties daily and choose to experience all the new content when it drops as a clan, with one exception... Railjack. My clanmates would rather play entirely different games then invest time into Railjack. My clan went from being very active on a daily basis, to practically dead in a matter of days after Railjack released. I suspect this might be the case for many "end-game" players and clans as well. This has been my experience and supported by my opinions, but surely with all of DE's tracking data they can see the trends and I hope they turn this around.
  6. Public isn't toxic because people are yelling 'stab yours i need mind to spawn". Public has become toxic because people aren't killing their Lich and it screws over everyone else in the group. If you don't want to raise the Lich level and just want to farm murmurs, do the mission solo. Not killing your Lich in a public match is a d!ck move.
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