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  1. Yes, that doesn't mean it can't change. DE changes their mind about things on a daily basis.
  2. DE, we don't need augment slots. I think a simpler solution would be to just classify all Augments as Exilus mods. The current Exilus mods are such a small upgrade to stats compared to resources needed to unlock the slot, I would love to be able to just plug an Augment mod in the Exilus slot instead. Using Augment mods is rarely an upgrade because of the loss of one of our main mod slots, allow us to use Augments in the Exilus slot and you would solve many problems with one relatively simply solution.
  3. The relic rewards screen is worse now then it ever was. Forget the aesthetics, if it looks pretty, but can't convey the proper information then it's a failure of a design. The actual rewards take up about 10% of the total screen space and then you expect us to discern a tiny little shimmering line of color for rarity? Make the rewards larger, make the rarity obvious, stop trying to be pretty and give us something functional. thx.
  4. Using my Balla Dagger Zaw this mod doesn't work. Is this intended? Does this only apply to Dual Daggers or Single Daggers or both? I'd really love for this to work with my Zaw Dagger as the rest of the daggers in game are terrible. No offense.
  5. Thanks to the inability to log in due to the screen resolution being out of whack(and no im not downgrading my resolution or playing in windowed mode... im not a neanderthal), I've discovered some new games, thanks DE.😝
  6. Has there been an official reply to the resolution bug yet? Out of all the bugs present with this update you think players not being able to log in or view the game at the correct resolution would be on the top of the 'to do list'.
  7. Cant log in. Can only see the upper left 1/4 of the log in screen. Please fix.
  8. I have a few suggestions. 1. Add 3 difficulty levels, sorta like we have in the index. 50, 75, 100 starting level maybe. Player choice is always welcome. 2. Increase the rewards quantity AND quality according to difficulty level. 3. Introduce the AI from the Index enemies into Arbitrations. Index enemies seem to try to avoid direct conflict more then normal, choosing to find cover. (maybe this is just my imagination, anyone know for sure the AI is different in Index? sure seems like it to me.) 4. More enemy diversity, include more of the rarer enemy spawns from each faction. 5. Remove the 'rez' your teammate function, just give us a limited amount of rez's, maybe 3 lives total. 6. Remove Endo from the rewards list, replace with Kuva. Endo is not an endgame material/currency, Kuva is. 7. Reduce waves/rounds from 10 to 5.
  9. You can still manually block if you are standing on the ground while using melee and not get switched to your primary. All they need to do is apply this to aim gliding with melee and problem fixed. *** Ok, so apparently manual blocking has been removed entirely. I did not notice then until I was playing Valkyr in ESO and accidentally clicked RMB and was taken out of Hysteria, which resulted in my death. Tried to aim glide with Hysteria active and also was taken out of Hysteria and died again. This has got to change. Not being able to aim glide with a melee weapon active is ruining our exalted frames!
  10. Weapon Swapping Changes Broke Melee Aim Gliding: I'm not sure if this was mentioned already, as reading through this huge thread would take forever. I love the melee changes so far, but I have one and only one problem... When my melee weapon is equipped and I aim glide to slow my decent or block incoming fire, my primary or secondary is immediately equipped, taking away any damage mitigation I was getting from parry. Please fix this. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a few suggestions for Hildryn. 1. During Aegis Storm the only weapon we can use is Balefire. Please make Balefire automatically activate when Aegis Storm is activated. Having to activate Aegis Storm then also activate Balefire feels awkward and clunky. 2. Give Hildryn the ability to pick up downed players when Aegis Storm is activate. 3. I love the fact that her roll-dodge is a dash, however Aegis Storm is very slow, please allow her to use her dash when Aegis Storm is active, this will give her a little bit of maneuverability while in flight and make Aegis Storm more fun and action packed. 4. When exiting Aegis Storm, Hildryn is automatically equipped with her secondary weapon instead of whichever weapon she had active before Aegis Storm. Please fix. Other then these things mentioned, I think she is a great frame. Thanks DE.
  12. I love Nightwave, but please let us go to six-pen or some other site/map and fight the wolf and inmates. I think a final mission/dungeon would be a wonderful capstone to this chapter. I love the curated content, love the lore, love the rewards, keep impressing me. thx
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