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  1. Then report them. If somehow players don't want to use an in game option around PUGs (random teammates, random results) then honestly I can't side with them on this issue
  2. Along time ago, in a recruit chat far, far away.....
  3. Warframe has been dying for years, according to some people. If we ever do get a Zombie apocalypse, I'm heading to DE studios to ride it out.
  4. Acceltra Absurd high crit, fast RoF, AoE splash damage and quick reload. I'd say low ammo is justified.
  5. We're holding his cosmetics hostage until his abilities get another look from DE
  6. Years of dealing with armor should have taught you there are many other ways of either stripping it or going straight through it. Your elitism is white belt.
  7. Is that what YouTube told you?
  8. Almost everything is good for everything. That's the appeal of Warframe.
  9. You want a defense team that can go far? Frost Banshee Trinity Mesa
  10. …..meanwhile, deep in the dark lair of recruit chat, an evil laughter can be heard out of the depths.....
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