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  1. You guys and your nukes....and you wonder why we dislike Saryn/Mesa/Equinox so much....
  2. And yet you blame nightwave as a whole, insinuating that some how alerts are better, or am I mistaken?
  3. Your strawman is white belt. You base your entire argument off one particular mission in which you have the option to avoid it?
  4. You call playing the game a chore. OK. Please enlighten us as to how waiting on a random reward at a random time of day is better than the equivalent of the token system we have now. Please explain how RNG was so much better for us than actually giving us choices in what we wanted as opposed the odd 3000 credits here, or the random 300 oxium there.
  5. Being able to kill anything besides time would be a huge upside
  6. This is the most detailed and accurate post on the AH subject I have seen to date. Copy pasta this on every AH thread from here on out. Well said.
  7. While I disagree that we need or should even have an AH, the idea that it would lead to P2W is laughable at best.
  8. Here we go again folks.....
  9. I agree, they're trolls. How dare anyone disconnect on a P2P system in 2019 after spending close to an hour in the same lobby? Oh, the scandal!
  10. No, I'm usually the guy saying "random teammates, random results", but this time I just cut to the chase. Your intentions are good, but realistically you're just wishfully thinking.
  11. I'm with you. I travel a LOT for my job and I was able to do it with no problem. Time management ftw.
  12. You guys are really out to break records for the most threads on a single topic in a 7 day span. Admirable.
  13. This is definitely false. Yes, but having them stand out would make them much easier to prioritize and deal with in what could be a desperate situation.
  14. I agree. Leeches are only the PITA they appear to be because you can't tell when they appear.
  15. Not buying it Inaros has none of the weakness that Nidus possess, and in fact more EHP overall. Someone also ventured off the foundation mentioning CC, damage, etc Nidus has great CC and damage, sure. However, Inaros can CC AN ENTIRE ROOM without sacrificing for damage, and still cause lethal damage himself with just a Covert Lethality dagger. In the end it simply boils down to preference. We all know Limbo has 100% damage mitigation anyway, so there
  16. I for one am not opposed to the idea. Especially if you receive a gag gift like a nerfed Kraken in your inbox
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