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  1. I dont recall that DE directly said why new war and duviri Paradox is delayed. This reasoning that they can't release new war or duviri paradox because of covid seems maid up by Fans without DE ever confirming this. Original they announced that new war release for end of 2019 so Covid can't be the only reason for the delays. Squad Link changed to the system with Scarlet Spear, DE said that the original design of Squad link didn't work in playtest. Duviri Paradox was always a new open world this is the description from the Reveal Trailer on youtube:
  2. I don't understand why Railjack doesn't use the normal mission system where there is a vote when you want to start a new mission. Also when you want to leave as a client after a mission you have to choose abort mission and than it says you lose all your resources but actually you lose nothing. Or when you go to the dry dock from a mission as a client you can't see the drops from your last mission so you have to leave the dry dock and return to your own dojo.
  3. Loki is a Vaulted Frame so this has nothing to do with that. The last unvault of Loki was only in the Void and not also in Open Wold bountys. So the Axi L4 is pretty rare. At the moment it is easy to get the vault Axi relics from open world bounties.
  4. The PS4 Version of Warframe will work on PS5 there is a info on the Playstation Store. http://PlayStation.com/bc
  5. In the droptable the mods are under “additional item drop” and not mod drops so mod drop chance booster maybe does not work. The enemys that appears in labs are different then in other missions they have the sentient faction and not corpus.
  6. But the item isn't in his inventory why should a log show a item pick up but then not be in the inventory. That is the reason why DE needs the information for the other players to check if they got the drop.
  7. This is something different you mean that you don't capture the target when he is on the ground. There is a other timer that kicks in when you don't kill an enemy for some time i think 10 mins but im not sure about the exact time.
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