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  1. Amen. Just quoting this wholesale so DE gets the message. I don't wanna have to wait four more years just to hope for another rework.
  2. So I've playtested Titania. Does the rework department have a return policy? And like... can I just return or exchange parts of the rework? Like y'all can have the three extra lanterns back, as well as the changes to-... you know what, just take the whole Tribute, just the whole thing, gimme a warframe without a 2, and I'll just take a single lantern that doesn't go anywhere when it's shot at. I'm keeping the energy buff and razorwing vacuum, though. Would that work for you? Edit the lantern is also still stupidly inconsistent and half the time doesn't do what it says on the tin and enemies still shoot at me, reach the lantern, decide it's not worth their time, and go back to shooting me. Edit2 y'all had 4 years and 4 months of feedback and this is all you got for us? Did anyone think to even show Pablo a picture of Titania?
  3. Bro settle down. Dex Pixia alone is plenty of power for Titania. Sure it'd be nice to have more, but I can already rip through a level 300 heavy bombard without a thought. Not every frame needs to fit an established role, they just need to feel good and be viable in Sorties, and Titania already is if you know how to build her. She does need some buffs and her tribute reworked, but there's no reason to shoehorn her into some stupid category so long as we're having fun with her. Also, see my earlier reply about how Titania can create one hell of a killbox in survival. CC effects don't directly kill, but they're the only thing that never falls off no matter how high enemy levels get. If you know how to use it, a good CC kit can take an endless team stupid far.
  4. Not every frame has to be amazing on every node. I can lantern and drop a zenistar and make a damn good killbox in survival. By your logic, in order for every frame to be equally viable, they'd all have to be either Saryn, Volt, or Banshee. I mean, they have the best AoE damage and can kill the most stuff at once, so we gotta make sure every warframe can do the same or they all suck. But seriously, just look at Lifeof Rio, the Zarr is low-viable tier and it's practically his signiature weapon that carries him through six- to eight-hour survivals. And he also mains scaling tank/CC/buff frames, and his main issue with Titania is the fact that her lanterns can't be fixed in place, because being able to make enemies cease shooting and gather in one place to be blown up with AoE weapons is a MASSIVE benefit in Survival. Just because you want Titania to function a specific way in your favorite content doesn't mean she should have her entire playstyle torn down and rebuilt into an entirely different role. Edit: making her Dex Pixia deal damage to nullifier drones and bubbles in arbitrations instead of "LOL IT'S A WARFRAME ABILITY GUESS YOU GOTTA GIVE UP YOUR SURVIVABILITY TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING" would be pretty fantastic, tho
  5. I get that people want to give Titania some more power but this would remove her CC. Stop. The pixie, the pixie guns, and the fact that she's a CC monster are the things I, and many others, love about her. All we need is for her lantern to be able to be firmly rooted in place somehow, her Tribute to be worth using (as it stands now, throw the whole thing away, just take it out of her kit and make her 2 do nothing and that'd be better than what it is now because at least I won't run the risk of using it by accident), and her Razorflies to have some survivability themselves without having to leave Razorwing. Have Pablo take a look at her for some synergies beyond that.
  6. it's literally part of the very first post in this thread
  7. Her Dex Pixia, when modded properly for crit/status with corrosive, absolutely rips things apart in long survivals. She just needs her Tribute to be worth anything at those levels (for god's sake stop making me go in and pick up the damn thing first of all) and a way for her Lantern to just stay exactly where it is. This tether keeping it from going too high off the ground is a step in the right direction, go. And I don't care if her razorfly damage falls off, but for god's sake give the things a better way to survive and let me replenish them without leaving Razorwing.
  9. We do need massive changes to Tribute and Diwata, but what I've seen on the dev stream tells me Titania is already on the right path to really being a contender. No lanterns going to the stratosphere (though keeping them in one place still needs to be an option, DE) means that the physics engine won't completely rob her of damage from them, enabling her to get far more use out of them and making her even more of a CC monster. Top that off with her Dex Pixia being obscenely powerful and finding out she's getting a 225 base energy pool from the dev stream, I think I'm gonna enjoy the kit.
  10. okay so you enjoy comboing your abilities together and finding depth in your warframe's kit. I don't see anything about how that's an actual refute of my statement of a single ability, on its own, being singularly capable of more things than most warframes' entire kits are capable of, falls out of scope. Ultimately, everyone keeps saying "IT'S THE SAME THING" but Spellbind is a much more consistent, reliable, and quick CC while Lantern is less reliable in emergencies but better for planned attack. I get that a lot of people want Titania's kit to be more varied and have more synergy to add depth to it, and that's why you should push for Pablo to take a look at her. But honestly, I'd much rather her 1 and 3 not be merged because they actually feel strategic to use. If I want to just halt a bunch of close-knit enemies right now, I've got Spellbind. If enemies are too spread out and I want them to group up under my zenistar, I'll use my range-boosted Lantern. And again, merging them into a 'press for Spellbind, hold for Lantern' setup would create a single ability with more options and utility than most warframes get in their entire kit. If you disagree, don't try to rebut me by talking about how you can use X skill and Y skill in tandem to do cool stuff because that's just proving my point about synergy being better than a single ability having the full utility of an entire warframe kit.
  11. Well, here's the thing. Game Design has this concept called 'scope'. When you design an ability system in your game, you set a 'scope' of the number of things an ability should typically do, and you allow the occasional outlier for necessity. For instance, Ivara's quiver is four abilities on one button, but each ability is designed to serve a unique purpose and does exactly one thing. There are other warframes with abilities that synergize, such as Nezha's burning chakram and spears causing the chakram to split and go after several enemies at once. Most abilities in Warframe are designed to do one or two things at once, or do three or four things when used in conjunction with other abilities. What I described is an ability with more functions in one ability than most Warframes get in their entire kit. This is WAY beyond the typical scope of a single warframe ability, and can easily set a precedent for the playerbase demanding individual abilities that are practically entire kits all on their own. I'm all for synergy, and that's why I want Pablo to take a look at Titania. But merging Titania's 1 and 3 into a single ability is something that must fundamentally change all of the involved effects in order to remain within scope.
  12. Aiming at it to detonate it could work as well. I just feel like if you have this ability that does multiple things, DE would probably balk at: 1. you can press it to stun things 2. you can press it to make allies immune to debuffs 3. you can hold it to make a lantern 4. you can hold it on something affected by the lantern to detonate it 5. you can cast four of them 6. you can cast the stun on a cluster of things affected by the lantern to hold them in place even longer that's an ability that does six things now, and while that last thing is just kind of a handy self-synergy, that's a hell of a lot of things for a single ability to do.
  13. They never said you get all the buffs. If you're coming from Lifeof Rio's video, he got a lot wrong when talking about the Titania changes. They said that when you pick up the tribute, you get the max power of that specific tribute buff, not that you get all four tribute buffs. I could be wrong about this, though. The wording is weird and unclear. Also us Titania mains still use our 1, we'll probably use our 3 a lot more once it doesn't fly everywhere, and despite these changes, titania players in high-level content will continue to not use her 2 except by accident because its buffs are hot potato garbage.
  14. Perhaps I shouldn't have posted right before bed. The other difference between the two, that I forgot before, isn't just how you use them, but the situations they can suit. Spellbind is an easy-to-use "OH CRAP" CC because of its snappy cast time (at least with natural talent) and instant effect. While Lantern takes time to cast, it holds out for much longer and grabs up new enemies that inter its radius, making it much more useful as an area denial or camp control. That said, though, I wouldn't be opposed to "press button for Spellbind, hold button for Lantern." Though this would take away from what they're doing now, if we at least have the damn thing tethered on the ground with the attract radius it has now, I'd be happy to give up the other three lanterns. I never said only one person works on things. I said that when Pablo gets involved with a major rework/overhaul, it tends to be good.
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