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  1. it's fun on tracer and sticking a bomb on a human enemy then rewinding back. obvs wf got that completely wrong.
  2. Am I being gaslit? That was literally your tactic. Yet somehow not 'cheesing'. I think we both have different definitions of cheesing so I'm just going to bow out now. I honestly don't care how these chumps are killed as long as they're dead. 🙃
  3. no cos i either a) shoot them or b) go invisible. i mean, it's not hard...
  4. Harrow, Nidus, Limbo.... Also from this thread you'll tell who all the solo players are. pog.
  5. ???? LOL I wasn't the one claiming it could. You were the one who brought up decoy and the mech focussing it and how that isn't 'cheesing' somehow but OK!
  6. twice as long as an isolation vault.
  7. Just do it at your own pace. There is no race. It's not a time-limited league. And there's nothing rn to be gained from reaching max rank, unless you really really like fishing trophies.
  8. I just tried the MR19 test with Excal and an unmodded Skana. I had every enemy radar mod possible on Excal. I did it on my 3rd attempt. I think I did this test the first time round with a Glaive (can't remember the frame but it doesn't really matter), so some kind of throwing weapon like that is probably a better option. It's really quite stupidly stressful and that's coming from someone who loves stealth games (Dishonored fangirling intensifies). Took me about 6 minutes and one of those mins was watching the last enemy to make sure I wouldn't feck it up for the 3rd time...
  9. Sybaris Prime (a fave since I first got it), Baza (+ Prime) and Tiberon Prime are all in my top 10 most used primaries. You also can't go wrong with a Braton (prime). Seriously. Good old boringass reliable pewpewpew weapon. I was also surprised at how much I like the Kuva Hind, and regret melting a Hind r*ven mod. Oops.
  10. Were you solo? Solo players are treated like babies.
  11. I figured. But given how (relatively) plentiful they are on the new node, getting them as a cache reward in one of the least favored tilesets made me raise my eyebrow to new extended heights.
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