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  1. is 'shoot a bullet sponge, its adds and defend a thing' not original enough for you? 😉 tsk. you can solo it. the squad link thing is fake/not needed.
  2. i just played solo (not by choice - nobody joined) for 10 mins and got like 60 points. is this... an early (*checks redshirt*) april fool's joke?
  3. Mod Drop Chance booster affects them - only available as a sortie reward or sometimes from Baro. I've got my 2nd one running now from a sortie and tbh I wouldn't waste ducats on one.
  4. Hate to break it to you but there's reports of it going back to 2018. (And yeh it just happened to me again. Fortunately not in a game-breaking mission this time)
  5. Mission type: Interception (Arbitration), solo. Map: Io Expected result: Enemies should try to capture all points. Observed result: They forgot one. At some point early in the mission, point A started flashing red, as if the enemy was capturing it. But they weren't capturing it. Perhaps as a result of the enemies thinking one or two of their pals were capturing the point, at no point in the mission did any enemies try to capture point A. Several times in the mission (I stayed til round 20 until I got bored), every enemy on the map was clumped around A, doing... not much. See map overlay. Here I am watching them in void mode, trying to see what's going on without aggroing them: https://youtu.be/DwmFA0MsKes Here I am in full sight of them, still wondering what the hek they're doing, for over a minute (with Celestial Twin occassionally Bramma-ing them): https://youtu.be/mRQCND3_BLo It made a pretty trivial game mode even more trivial. Also, early in the match I experienced the 'friendly Ratels' bug again (reported by many people many times elsewhere), but it is the first time I've seen it happen in solo mode.
  6. Maybe you should... get some playtesters? Relying on your PC playerbase to test the game just causes disillusionment. The changes to Magus Lockdown (where you more than doubled the amount of arcanes needed AND BUFFED IT) and Rakta Dark Dagger should've been made before the last update. As it happens, I spent yesterday potatoing and formaing said dagger. How has my time been 'respected' exactly? I expect changes to the game over time but things like this really need to be nipped in the bud a lot sooner and before crucial updates. Re. parazon finishers - the animation needs to be at least 100% faster. Blood For Energy buffed to 100% to keep it in line with Blood For Ammo and Blood For Life. Remove the animation cutscene to keep it in flow with the rest of the game so we can still see the action around us (like someone else said - if you're gonna rip off glory kills, do it right). And stop having enemies target your sentinel while you're doing the finisher - these things already explode way too quickly and are in need of a bit of love.
  7. Speaking of the Ivara farm... I was levelling a weapon in T3 Spy yesterday cos I'm so bored of ESO/Hydron. I thought "a few people I've traded with have been asking me recently if I have copies Scorch/Thermite Rounds, so I can level this gun and maybe get a few mods to sell for a bit of plat while I'm at it". I finished my runs with something like six copies each of Ivara blueprints and neuroptics. Ofc when I was originally farming Ivara I got so many copies of those mods I could've sold them all and just bought Ivara. I think the spaghetti code has become sentient.
  8. 15 waves of defense is not an 'hour'. I can imagine it being dark as heck on a Switch. Enemy Radar/Enemy Sense/Animal Instinct are your friends if you don't have a nuke frame.
  9. Well, it often is a learning experience. I'm OK with it as long as it's because I dun goofed. Last railjack failure was because I was too in the zone shooting the baddies I didn't pay attention to the 'CATASTROPHIC FAILURE' (the best kind of failure) warning. Hmm, maybe I should pay more attention to that. Time before that, sentients in a lich mission one-shotting the mobile defense objective with their lasers. Raised eyebrow, "you gotta be kidding me", followed with "maybe I should've gone into a different room when I knew the sentients were coming". People straight up aborting your defense mission? Not much you can do in the heat of the moment other than try your best. Everyone leaving at wave 10 and you don't think you can handle it on your own? Leave with them. Future defense missions? Bring a defensive frame to help combat these situations.
  10. This is still an issue. I've been unable to reliably recreate the bug. Sometimes they don't work and suddenly they'll start working again within the same mission, between entering crewships/POI and the railjack. (edit) Mine was Magus Elevate. I think it's probably all Magus arcanes which are affected.
  11. The new onboarding costs seem fine an' all but if this is aimed at newer players, can they be expected to be able to deal with the EHP of the ground troops? Even those Earth Proxima ones are big, beefy boys.
  12. So is it time for a Handspring/Pain Threshold combo mod? (yay, more band aids)
  13. Mind Sprint in Naramon increases void dash speed ie. the distance, so radius implies the area of effect round the operator. I'm thinking it'll most likely effect the area of Executing Dash, Protective Dash etc.
  14. On the plus side, I now want to play Dishonored again for like the 20th time.
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