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  1. That's it - I'm uninstalling Warframe! ... for an hour
  2. Cy literally says "engage forward artillery"...
  3. yeh, ol' Bezos has to check behind the sofa for spare pennies so he told them to change it.
  4. You get ads with Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming anyway. They ditched that part of the Amazon Prime deal three years ago or so. 🙁 I have Twitch whitelisted on uBlock already so I dunno why I'm getting this purple screen of death (first time I've seen it too).
  5. You mean in the Rogue Harbour which is filled with giant horses and howling wolves all the time looking like someone's thrown up in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory whilst bringing your FPS down to 10? You DON'T enjoy that? SMH my head
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