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  1. Revenant s+++ probably the best/most OP warframe right now.
  2. Why does his redline buff Holster Speed ? i mean anything could have been more usefull for example movement speed (would have also had an effect on his mach rush) or some sort of survivability buff. I mean personally I never thought „oh man my Holster Speed is to low !“
  3. Why is this thread still going after six years ?
  4. I mean I just meant that we could choose which open world we want to progress but mining in normal missions sounds interisting too...
  5. Could DE change the Nightwave challenges so we can mine/hunt/fish it in Cetus or fortuna (and all upcoming open worlds) ? Thanks 🙂
  6. Maybe we could get melee amps that can do finishers (maybe with plains of duviri)... would be a cool reward to expand the operator gameplay.
  7. Weapons aren’t content frames on the other hand are in my view : you grind for them, level them, find Interisting and fun combos and create a build for them...
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