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  1. What do you mean with „lock“ ?
  2. 1. choosing a loadout to present on our profile 2. choosing a background (maybe from your captura scenes) (maybe let us decide how bright we want the scene) 3. and choosing poses for your operator and frame
  3. LarryOtter

    Reward idea

    Also if you equip this item one of the normal arcane slots is becoming an warframe arcane slot (for arcanes like arcane guardian or grace) so you don’t triple stack arcane tempo. (even though it would be fun)
  4. LarryOtter

    Reward idea

    Maybe it could be slowly implemented like Umbra formas so DE can balance these items along the way and we don’t have it on every weapon. (also I like having prestige items like Umbra Forma with interisting Player choices)
  5. LarryOtter

    Reward idea

    An item that you can use on a weapon (like potato’s so they don’t go to lvl0) that creats a arcane Slot on that weapon only for arcanes for that weapon slot (arcane strike on meele weapons etc.). (zaws and kitguns can of course have 2 arcane slots if you use the item on them) what do you think or do you have other reward ideas?
  6. I like the idea but that would make zaws/kitguns less special and powerful... (and kitgun arcanes too) maybe let them have two arcane slots (one exclusively for kitgun/zaw arcanes).
  7. I think 20 or 25 per rank would be a good middle grond 50 would be too much and 15 is a Bit too low.
  8. 1) the simularcrum should be accessible from your ship (maybe like the Arcade where you have to buy something with rep). 2) can we have lvl 30 weapons in simulacrum to test builds ? (Or maybe infinite capacity just like on warframe builder (http://warframe-builder.com/)). (Maybe as an upgrade for the simularcrum also bought with rep). what ideas do you guys have or do you think the simularcrum is fine as it is right now ?
  9. A New version of the 1v1 room where u can build cover, traps and live/energy spawns. also maybe an option to do tdm or ffa,s like in conclave...
  10. Maybe they could bring random blizzards to change up the weather and make it more interisting...
  11. The next update the size of buried debts or Poe remastered is probably gone be gas city remastered...(probably 24.8.)
  12. Oh sorry i meant the decoration in the middle of your chill out room in your orbiter (i think it’s called Vignette)
  13. Now that plains remastered is out can we have an updated Version of the Vignette maybe with an Option for day and Night Time ?
  14. Nightwave season 1 feedback (Repost didnt post it in the Feedback Thread First) I really like the First Season of Nightwave but it could be better and maybe changed in the Next Season : Rewards : Arcane energize Why unrabked ? Maybe rank 1or 2 Howl emote without sound ? Why just one warframe Slot and 2 weapon slots ? maybe 3 weapons and 2 warframes. Challenges : I really Like the longer survival Challenge but i would like some changes if they ever bring it back First of u can do the one Hour over multiple Missions (f.e. 3x 20min) but if u do it in one Mission u get mit 5k but 7k (Same for other endless Mission types) 7-8k Tier for harder 5k Missions and more Missions they already repeate themselfes. Thanks for reading
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