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  1. I'm just showing the process for DE to see how to solve, I am told that not showing is just a way of "attacks" DE... So...
  2. And this is the most beautiful bug in which was inserted in the game togheter with the Gas City Renew... Roll Back is always welcome! Excited to see which bugs will come with RailJack beyond the Hosts Migrations
  3. Just an introduction of the ''REAL-TIME SHADO''... Ops... Optimization of the game since the last year... There are a lot, when I say a lot, it's really a lot of places with ''holes'', some of them needs of this bug with the interface, another ones needs the K-Drive and some you just need to pass through them...
  4. And how it happens (before someone tell me this post is just nothing but a trying to offend the DE): Always, and isn't only with me that happens, after you stay more than 30-40 minutes in Orb Vallis, when you back to Fortuna or even to the Orbital, the game completelly reduce the FPS. When you are in Vallis, let's say you select the max fps to 40, your fps is at 40, when you back to Fortuna or Orbital, your FPS is 11~25. Always happens. My brother have a better PC than mine and the same happens, after you take sometime in Vallis, your fps will 'break'. When we're farming toroids, we stay for 55minutes, then, suddenly, both of us got 7, 5, 4, 3 fps... With nothing happening different than before, same mobs, same skills, no different effect appeared... Then I got host migration and the load stucked at that screen and I cannot click on anything. After 5 minutes I closed the game with the task manager and that's it... The same thing happens 1 month ago with my clan. After 1hour of farm in Ophelia, the game decreased the FPS to 10 or around 12 fps and everybody had to close the game because the same loading screen appeard with the same bug.
  5. Nothing works, mouse, arrows ... Enter, Space ... Can't click on the 'OK' and ... The solution? ALT + F4 and lose all the farm of Toroids ... DE can do anything about this frustating system that they keep trying to not fix? No. They can't and seems like they don't want to... As it happens 1hour ago, 2months ago 2years ago... Same bug, same thing and they still talking about stupid things like cosmetics, cosmetics bugs, things that don't break the gameplay and not focus on fix what they really need to focus and fix ... Host migration today and tomorrow ... No matter how good your PC and internet are, you have to deal with this frustration and idelize how could the railjack and updates ahead will work with this system with bugs and malfunctions.
  6. That's it ... I'm on this screen for ... 12 minutes. And counting... I can't say and express anything... Only clapping to the game award 2018 and the new robot colors hotfixes.
  7. I exposed here what I sent in tickets one year ago to DE, and as I said, there's a lot of another post about bugs and how to recreate them. DE knows those bugs and I'm not here to say only ''hey, this isn't fixed... hurr durr...'' because a lot of another topics does that already... Your response is almost what DE does about the same bugs: exactly nothing usefull and we have ''hotfixes'' that fixes nothing for years, maybe one in five hotfixes, fixes something that is a bug that disturbed the gameplay and not the ''hotfixes'' with new colors and cosmetic skin/colors/corrections. While you still trying to say that I'm wrong by throwing at the forum my unhappiness with the game that still keeps the same bugs for two years that screws the gameplay, I'm make more prints of dozens of bugs that still happening while you're clapping the new skins and robot colors to a game that win a game awards and have the PC version fully with bugs in which they don't stream and make ''lives'' because they know, one moment or another, will crash or occurs a bug, like the arbitration with Megan and Rebb which crashed a lot of times on PC Live.
  8. To release and focus on skins and new colors, DE is quick and efficient, but to fix what they said they've fixed... OMG, never seen btw. Ok, DE, now, fix it for real this time, ok? And also the headless warframes when gets invisible or turn visible again, like Ivara, Loki, Ash and Shade Mod. 2 years and no fix yet... Kubrow dying and falling through the map, Specter becoming enemy, the black screen if the host begins another mission while you still are in the load screen, Umbra stucking the animation of the exalted blade, Mesa freezing animations and actions if she throws the Ferrox. All that you said you had fixed... But new colors to robot and warframe, wow... Faster than Barry Allen. Scan Visor Bug: Some animations bug with 2 years of life xD: Kubrow falling eternally or getting stucked below the floor: Now, what DE said "we fixed" on the last patch: (So what is the point of this patch or to say that on the patch if it's not fixed like a lot of other things?) and a bonus texture bug, maybe it's black, on my brother's PC it's white. And... This is normal? Chroma's ult left a lot of "shells"? Snipetron Bug: That's what I got on 1 month playing and I did a lot of another bug posts on this forum, and not surprisely, those bugs aren't fixed yet. and we still have p2p host migrations and hotfixes that don't fix anything at all: BUT RAILJACK IS COMING AND NEW ROBOTS COLORS! (I really don't know how they want to expand more and more a game with bugs. Racionally, you fix or make a good base for you to build a house, but I don't know if the DE thinks like that.) Love Warframe, but...
  9. I'm not surprised with Warframe having a lot of bugs to be fixed since their release and we got all the time hotfixes with no bugs corrections. This Kubrow/Kavat bug happened with me last year and still happens... The good part is: Now we can remove the Umbra Scarf and we have new skins Tekelu... WOW! Now it's a real game! A new game! Warframe was nothing without these additions. New colors for robots!...OMG! And we got the same bugs happening for year after year... I really hope some day, DE turn his attention at what really matter to the players. Hope they fix this soon.
  10. AnimaFox

    Sort List Bug

    I don't even play with Mirage but she is first than my primary warframe, Nidus. Not even the sort by Level are working properly, only the alphabetical.
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