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  1. First I'd like to state that this isn't a rant towards DE or an attack against specific people of the community. This veterans are rightfully frustrated about Waframe but are, in my opinion, wrong on the reasons of it. For more than a year now, veterans players became more and more vocal about their frustration towards Warframe (underwhelming updates, content droughts etc..) and mostly blame the game and DE for it, where I believe the issue in their case isn't necessarily the game but themselves. But to understand where I'm going with this statement, we first have to understand what made them stick to Warframe in the first place. Warframe is a repetitive rpg looter shooter. That's it, and games like that go out everyday on the market. Only to survive in this industry you need an audience, people to play your game, something that others don't have. Phase 1: Turn the "rpg/shooter" into something unique What personally instantly hooked me into Warframe is the gameplay and the modding section (and I believe I'm not the only one). In no other game can you jump around, run on walls, shoot enemies or slice them down in such a perfectly smooth and swift epic powerful way. But this feeling rapidly fade away if there's no purpose of doin' it. Phase 2: Bring purpose to the "looter" The entire looting aspect of Warframe follow this one rule: Everything you do or collect will turn out useful in your progression sooner or later. Nothing is actually useless in the game, and it helps giving the player a sense of accomplishment even tho he might not even know what he is grinding towards at the moment. You end up doing and collecting everything because you have the certainty you're not waisting your time whatever you're doing or will wanna achieve later. Except grinding has an inevitable limitation which is itself, you cannot farm more than what there is to be farm. Phase 3: Draw attention away from the grind to break the "repetitive" loop In Warframe it consist of the quests, the lore, the fashion-frame, decorations, mini-games, events etc etc.. The only goal of these things (except the narrative for the quests) is to make you forget how boring and repetitive this 500th extermination mission of yours will be, bringing only more longevity and not a solution to the grind. Phase 4: The veteran dilemma At some point the magic trick of phase 3 will stop working on you because there's literally nothing left for you to grind. Which only leaves you having to feed yourself upon the faded satisfaction of the core gameplay of Waframe, what made you like the game in the first place. The more you try to enjoy the game, the more painful it become. To the point, if you keep trying again and again, you'll find yourself hating the game. Phase 5: The solution STOP !! Stop playing Warframe (at least for some amount of time). Playing a game countless of hours every day isn't sustainable unless unlimited amount of content (spoiler: it's impossible). And by how DE are extremely ambitious, you can only expect the updates to be bigger and bigger but also more and more scarce in time. Updates will never be more than a temporary bandage to your problem. Therefore either learn how to manage yourself or go discover another game and get your gaming dose there. It's perfectly normal to lose interest in something you liked, but don't blame the game for it (or yourself for that matter). No one is in the wrong here. Peace & Love NB: Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic
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