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  1. Did you see frames like Nova, Trinity, Hildryn (she is the better Inaros, without abilitys) And bye the way. The best tank in the game are a group of 4 Trinitys.
  2. It seems you didnt understand my point. They are good in low and midlevel. I say, If you go high (Lowhighlevel: 200-300) you have problems with this weapons. If you go higher then that, you can say good bye.
  3. Isnt that good. In low and midlevel okay but not good in bit higher levels.
  4. Puhh dont know the date but I think it was after the last event.
  5. Nope they fixed it. Everything goes up to 9999.
  6. WaRfRaMe iS tOo dIfFiCuLt. No, stop, let the vets do their things in Highlevel and don´t steal the reason from lot of people to play this game.
  7. There are so much better tanks outside from Inaros so, I'm not very suprised.
  8. Yes DE giv us more useless things that people use 10min and then forget about it!
  9. Yes it takes some time, but its on a good way like this. Not broken, not bad.
  10. You say he would need work to kill high level enemys. But, thats wrong. Thats the point. 🙂
  11. What? Yesterday I did a 3h Mot Surv an onhitet everything with my Revenant. (lv1200) With his 1+3+2 combo he is one of the best Highlevel frames we currently have.
  12. And? My point was that Banshee have a Buff ability. I didn't discribe it in all points. It was a just saying thing. You are instantly triggerd if someone don't put all Infos in a sentence? Simply, you talked trash and didn't understand my point.
  13. I say that you can reach a 16x Multiplier. This is the ability screen. I said nothing about the augment.
  14. Revenant is a special Frame, he has his useability in Highlevels trough his 1+3 combo and his 2. For normal Content he is, okay. For endless runs he is amazing.
  15. Thanks for give me this information that I already know.
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