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  1. i've noticed another oddity that might be a bug - weapons with model changing skins don't seem to gain colored particles for example,the ohma without any skins with corrosive will have the full on purple effects but having the exact same color scheme on the other tonfa skins lack this for some reason. ba'geth maruta but skins that DON'T change the model seem to keep it,such as the Ack and Brunt with it's nightwatch skin....i know a friend and myself have both been having this issue,but what about anyone else?
  2. on another note,the dera's projectiles seem....well,just a lot more dull. even hard to see or invisible at times. however i can see where they end up hitting
  3. i'd like the hoods to be reverted to be static too....with this flappy koppra hood it looks like the operator's head is just sticking out of a weird flower....euch. same dislikes toward the other bits sticking to other items that they previously didn't. and the pain of rubberbanding in the plains....eck. however i quite admire the new sounds as of current,as well as the UI additions
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