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  1. Titania with mach rush and speed with razorwing blitz. Talk about fairy fast, if they allow those abilities come to play.
  2. I've played some games that have netcodes like for example: Trove but that's with dedicated servers. No matter how good or fast your internet is, they'll always be flaws and they're not always been flawless with netcoding, dedicated servers or not. But back then, their matchmaking worked much better before the railjack update, but still not perfect but decent enough.
  3. They should let people extract separately, not just endless missions also normal missions. Like when people are in the extraction bubble, it gives them a message like "Do you to extract from the mission? ". It will be 2 options to click yes or no. Well if they want to extract together, they add in a vote if all players vote yes they'll extract together, but if the person voted yes and the other voted no, they'll separately extract. or have leave squad but stay in mission.
  4. They should have a stealth capture interaction with them when capture targets haven't detect you yet.
  5. I didn't have time to record the video of this issue but, I'm not encountering this right now, but I'll let you know if I encounted this issue again.
  6. An augment slot for both normal and primed variants without capacity cost probably will let us use our warframes at their fullest potential. But both of the variants should be equal when it comes to abilities and exalted weapons, but primed have better stats like health, shields, armor, energy, or sprint speed.
  7. I would like to play as a Moa and also have a Moa army or play as a sentient battalyst flying and shooting enemies. If you are in corpus or any enemy faction, we could have Tenno become like assassin field bosses if we get a death mark, like killing a cetus or Fortuna Npc but the death mark should be like a wanted level. The higher the wanted level the angrier and stronger the Tenno are. Also killing Tenno would increase wanted level but much bigger increase. The max wanted level would make Tenno use railjacks on you in free roam tile sets and send in primed warframes with explosive weapons after you. Also would have other factions to have the same wanted level system like the Tenno, if you have killed them. for example; killing a grineer grunt from out of nowhere, some grineer guy would send a message to you and probably blame you for what you did. Also have a Alliance system in Which faction you want to support, like the more help them, the Alliance level will go up. Also when the Alliance level increases, the more they support you as well.
  8. The nullifier capture target is a little too bullet spongy when it activates his nullifier bubble even getting swarmed by other bullet sponges, even with corrupted ancients cost me the mission as Titania. But the other capture targets are fine as it is. Well if you have a weapon that has toxin damage in it, then it shouldn't be a problem taking down the nullifier capture target.
  9. At the very start of the mission It was at a smooth frame rate and then when I use my razorwing and then blinked into the death orb, the frame rate massively drops down and stays constant until i get out of razorwing for a few seconds. The frame rate goes back to normal. The rest of the content is normal frame rate, but not when I use titania's razorwing to blink into the death orb for energy.
  10. I'm also getting network not responding message every time I log in despite having good internet connection and speeds. But I'm not having any problem with the launcher, also my matchmaking works as normal as well. Well they'll be also other people having this problem as well and should send a ticket on WF support if they encountered this problem.
  11. Maybe they should tone down the fan grenade effects, so it would not look like an artificial sun.
  12. I managed to solo SP sedna hijack with her even I had the match making in public, thx for letting me know.
  13. I was in hydron mission, I was throw fan grenades to kill the mobs quickly and protect the objective. Then some Khora guy starting throw a fit over Protea even a Vauban guy was too. Did only 5 waves and found out i did the most damage and the most kills. I also tested Protea out in Elite sanctuary Onslaught and she performed very well, but I know Protea doesn't perform better than Saryn or Mirage but rivals them. Like how people get mad over a defense mission without a Frost or Limbo in the squad, they're making excuses and left the squad hoping they screw them. But protea seems to struggle in steel path unfortunately but if I underestimated her, let me know.
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