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  1. Titania's Dex Pixia can take on lvl 600+ mobs down easily and is very useful for speedruns in capture and void sabotage missions, also against bosses like hemocytes from plague star. Also the helminth empower ability makes her Dex Pixia even more powerful. She can also deal good dps on demolysts and nuke enemies that you see right front of you if aiming good. Also her Dex Pixia can head-shot, something that Mesa's 4 couldn't do.
  2. It's about time that they're fixing the frame drops and i can get wings for my Titania and other warframes. also ty
  3. I saw a giant warframe that is behind me while driving the railjack and found out that was Titania herself and the moa became a ghost when your Titania is giant. Imagine there's an augment mod for Titania to be this size,
  4. I even experienced FPS drops in endless missions after awhile, even in void tilesets.
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