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  1. Abilities that deal damage, excluding exalted weapons can bypass their DR but not invulnerability phase, but also can make it go away if done enough damage.
  2. I find them easy to spot when they shoot a homing projectile at me. Also Titania's razorflies hunted them down.
  3. It happened to me as well, it must be a soft lock or something. I had no choice but to exit the game by force.
  4. Volt can do this as well with his speed spam. Even the Necramechs can do that by spamming dodge roll then, jump, and then slam then dodge roll, repeat.
  5. I thought heading to extraction would let me out of the necramech but it doesn't force me out of the mech because I wasn't able to exit the mech by trying to go operator mode or transfer into the warframe and wouldn't let me use any necramech ability at all even outside of the extraction point. I had no choice but to abort mission, due to the bug or glitch. This needs to be addressed and to be fixed.
  6. Titania with her dex pixia, corrosive, or viral, and heat build with headshots can still easily kill mobs even heavy or super-heavy units. She can also strip armor with her melee weapon, by having shattering impact in the build.
  7. Necramechs don't have shield-gating and they should have their energy regen like archwings do, since they don't benefit from energizing dash.
  8. yeah when in a squad, the game freezes and then host migration.
  9. I was unable to use archwing after using the Necramech and i tried to use the k-drive to fix the bug, but fell under the map and I also tried unstuck twice but still didn't work and also the other bug or glitch causes me to phase through walls, unable to pickup loot, and stand on the ground as well, but I somehow fixed it maybe the enemy Necramechs fixed it then tried the second unstuck and able to walk on the map again and fixed the phase through wall glitch. I think this issue needs to be addressed and should be taken seriously
  10. Also had a problem for a Necramech unable to pickup energy orbs.
  11. It seems Volt's shields can block the Jugulus's glaves that they spit out home at you and return to the Jugulus and other projectiles it's shoots at you.
  12. Necramechs that we use is kind of fun to terrorize our enemies with, even fighting free roam bosses like the eidolons or orbs. Also they can move at a decent speed if you spam short dash and slam attack that you are moving at. I caught up with the coildrives by doing that. Also the Mausolon is a slower but more accurate imperator with a charge attack when you kill enough enemies to use it. But the bad thing about it, is it's not color customizable by not having the appearance menu. the beam colors seem to be affected by the operator's energy color.
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